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  1. The nice part about these dice are that it is easy to allocate difficulties. Things harder? Just put down some more bad extra dice Got a gadget that gives you a bonus? add a dice. It is quite elegant and easy to use. My problem is whith advantages and disadvantages. Normally all you want to know is did I succeed or not, having to figure out what advantages/disadvantages do is an extra complication that I find distracting. Of course foir combat situations they give some good options what to do with them. Things like critical hits, a small bonus to hit for a friend or finding some cover that makes you a little harder to hit. But outside combat?
  2. This game differs from the old Star Wars versions that you need armor. Dodging, or diving behind cover etcetera only makes it a little harder to defeat you. Though, actually killing you is real hard since that requires a fatal critical hit. In our games, I brought this up that almost nobody in the movies wore armor and those who did, died in hordes. But the heavy clothes armor has a lot of leeway. One could say that Lukes uniform, Han Solo's leather jacket and Bens brown robe is heavy clothing. Yes, i was not convinced either but we used that rule of thumb. Happy to say that my Twilek smugler became a little more sturdier. But, the emphasis on armor is imo the wrong move for a Star Wars game.
  3. I like the fact that the Ogryn is significant stronger then the normal grunt but not in an overpowering way. Yes, they may be Ogryn lite compared to the tabletop system but you should not want to try to emulate the Tabletop game to close when it means sacrificing playability. The Ogryn Heavy as supposed here is just to unbalancing to be included in a team. You don't want them to outshine the more humble fitghters by that much. Let the Ogryn stay as is written right now.
  4. I find the notion to do an online Beta test an intriguing one. But it will give us an even better book in the end since the more eyes see errors, rules that prove broken and such the better. Think of it as the before errata print
  5. Well the sergeant and the Commisioner for example have very different jobs to do. The Sergeant is very good at making his troops fight more effectively, while the Commisar is a superb warrior with some methods to enforce discipline. But, there is a big range in powerlevels, a wise gm guides the procves to build a balanced party.
  6. I like this idea, even if you can change parts of your standard issue gear already. Though, to be honest, a lasgun does not make that much of a difference since a lot of people will use something else as their specialisation dictates. So if you downgrade to say the flintlock, it would not make that much of a difference.
  7. Don't forget that they can have broadside batteries. When you fire them with somebody with a decent BS, they can tear up most small ships horrible. Bormal batteries only give you a max of 3 hits rendering it useless against shielded vessels. The broadside is a different matter.
  8. I really doubt that a lot of players would chose to play vanilla grunt with lasgun instead of a specialist. So I guess that you can play a grunt with that lasgun but some special job besides just that. But no vanilla IG.
  9. But in OW you dont have space marines. Sure the Ogryn is tough but he is not as tough as a CSM so as far as I can see, there is no need to include Horde rules in OW. Sure you can tell narratively how the bolter mows down a row of enemies but in the end, you don't need fancy rules for that. Because if you start there you would need rules for grand scale warfare and we already have those, it is called WH40k
  10. Somehow the idea of using horde rules sounds of for me for an IG rpg. You needed a mechanism for Deahwatch to represent Space marines mowing down dozens of opponents but IG it is about soldiering on a a on 1 base. If I try to imagine what happens to some poor guard who is getting shot by even a small side horde, I would imagine them to go through fp's by the dozens as well.
  11. No Horde rules in the Demo. The standard rules seems to differ quite a lot from DH (not sure if the same thing is true for BC). For one thing they changed how Scatter works. A change I find preferable to trhe old DH rules.
  12. Having more then one ship is handy, but you don't need a fleet to deal with most Endeavers. So if I were you, I would restrict them to their flagship, perhaps one or two escorts/transports to tag along and a few escort class vessels and transports to keep all those juicy trade lines open and running.It is what i am planning to do as my pc's now get their third vessel. No less then a light cruiser they had salvaged from the processional of the damned.
  13. I assume that Political Mariages are the most common form for RT Dynasties.It binds Dynasties together by family bonds. Political Marriagess are also a lot more stable then Romantic Mariages since you don't have to like each other to profit from them and there are always illicit affairs for the romantic part if needed. I used one, where a promissing young captain was maying into a Dynasty to get his warrant of trade and he holds it as long as he remains married or the succession of the Dynasty is assured by enough legit offspring. Howerver, I doubt that the heads of Dynasties will mary each other, depending very much on the stipulation of the Warrant I suppose it could mean that a warrant is anulled in such cases. If not, then a mariage would probably not offer much to both parties escept additional vessels and resources. After all, if you have a warrant to operate in the Koronos Expanse already with as many ships as you can afford, what need do you have to have two of those warrants? Except for getting competitors out of the way.
  14. A lot of critical skills are about using Fellowship. Mass combats? You use Command. Dealing with authorities and dignitaries? All Fellowship based skills. Having a chance to make that Aqyuisition roll? Fellowship helps a lot. It is absolutely critical for RT, Seneshall and Missionary. Though admitedly an 80 is overdoing it. Don't forget that you can add bonusses from all sorts of other sources, such as the peer talent and having a high skill.
  15. I was surprised with the flamer and pistol shotgun when I got this booklet in my hand. Though, the pistol shotgun would be rather useful in close quarters combat and it gives the combat specialist an effective means of fighting the orcs. Of course, the heavy flamer is likely to be more effective then the heavy bolter with the BC rules for automatic weaponry in effect. Mind you, they toned down the Orcs as used in Deathwatch for example as well, not Unnatural Toughness (4) but (2) which makes them more manageable. I also noted that the combat knives got upgraded to d10 instead of d5 which makes melee combat with the Orks workable.
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