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  1. -There is no list of of other standard equipment in vehicles: Auspex? Locke-Pattern long-range auspex from Into the Storm. MIU Interface? I assume the vehicles have MIU interfaces, since the operator has the implant. But wouldn't that imply some kind of sensors as well? What about comms in general? do we need to know their range? What vehicles have them? If a vehicle has comms, does the squad have some sort of comm system too when they're outside? These things might seem to be too small details, but these vehicles are likely to play a big role in any game where the squad has one
  2. Hunter-Killer and Recon Regiments while it makes sense that the regiments hanging out inside a tank wouldn't get better armour or weapons, with the hunter-killer and recon regiment types, you're often going to have most of the squad walking beside the vehicle (except in the case of recon regiments in a Chimera). Shouldn't they get some kind of better armour and better standard weapon? And how is the rest of the squad supposed to keep up with the vehicle in the hunter-killer regiment, anyways. I assume they're going to be going fast for those hunter-killer missions?
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