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    CMtheGM got a reaction from Cantriped in Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration   
    Dark Matter is a bit more space opera, but it definitely touches some of the themes. 
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    CMtheGM reacted to Jimmifett in Scrying Magic   
    Good questions. The original topic on discord was how to do scrying MAGIC. Genesys has an amazing magic system already in place, and just using perception, designed for hearing or seeing things within your immediate range, takes away from 1) the magic aspect, and 2) the investment into skills such as arcane and divine.
    So, since we already have an excellent magic system, I wanted to embrace and extend it. The first things were basic casting and distance. Then I thought, why not make it more broadly applicable? So I added in past sensing and future sensing as a function of range bands up to GM discretion. Once I had the concept of picking up an item and seeing it's past, I came up with the default scrying sensation being residual emotions, with auditory and visual capabilities as addons. This tracks well with lots of fiction and lore.
    Then I decided, well, if i'm remote viewing another place or time, how much can I actually sense? Thus I added the options to expand the field of awareness around the subject as range bands.
    So, I can either focus on one thing like Eleven in stranger things, or I can broaden my senses around the target and find out what the russians are doing instead of just one russian.
    Next, of course, was scry defense. Somethings just want to be kept secret from prying mages/telepaths/whatever. Originally it was different, but after some thought, I decided it would act as melee/ranged defense and add setbank to scrying checks. This also made for varying degrees of protection and allows the player to achieve a higher victory for overcoming the enemy's protective spells.
    Finally for the core addons, I thought, well, if I can see and hear, what if I want to read the thoughts of the subject from distance, so I added detect thoughts at +DD difficulty, so it's doable, but tough.
    Now, I knew i had a system that like the other magic rules, would add up difficulty quickly and implements would help mitigate that. A crystal ball, long a staple of remote viewing in fiction, seemed logical, but one could just as easy use a cauldron.
    A ward totem seemed like an excellent fit to help aid against scrying. Something a shaman or druid of a monstrous race might carry.
    Then, because Dresden is a great inspiration for magical effects, I wanted having a piece of something able to make it easier to scry on the subject.
    Finally came the talents. The pathfinder iconic cleric Kyra with glazed over eyes as she casts divination spells inspired Farseeing, making it easier to view long distances. Clairvoyant was then an obvious choice for view chronological distances. I then wanted a talent to show ability in defeating scry blocks, so piercing inner eye came to be. And naturally, I wanted to make it possible to be easier to block scrying as well, and since I love the Dune novels, I borrowed the Siona Atreides gene and No-field concepts to allow that to happen.
    So, there you go, the thought process in a nutshell of creating an additional magic set that uses all the existing design concepts.
    Narratively, you aren't always using your own senses. The target could be in a sound proffed room, in an unknown dungeon under a mountain holding the stolen maguffin, or even on another plane. It's implementation could be HP style extendable ears, an arcane eye, looking through the eyes of your pet eagle (see Beastmaster) or any other number of creative ideas.
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    CMtheGM reacted to TCArknight in Psionics as Magic   
    I wanted to get everyone's opinion on my latest, Psionics as Magic.
    GMBinder - Psionics As Magic
    Any and all feedback welcome.
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    CMtheGM reacted to c__beck in The Fan Setting Splatbook   
    You mean like this? Or this? lol
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    CMtheGM reacted to jan-michael-vincent in The Fan Setting Splatbook   
    Hello FFG Staff and my fellow Genesys fans,
    I have an idea, one that I believe will be a tribute to the fanbase and define Genesys as a community driven game. My proposal would be for FFG to work with us to develop a Splatbook (or larger) that collects settings created by us, fans of Genesys. In the book each setting gets a set number of pages to fill with lore, themes, equipment, adversaries, allies, as well as a short starter adventure.
    Now there are lots of question. page limits, setting structure, copyright considerations (No existing IPs of course), publishing formats, and of course how settings are selected. But I am sure our community and FFG can work it out.
    If you think this is a good idea please post your support, if you have ideas of comments please add them. 
    Thank you for your time,
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    CMtheGM reacted to HorusArisen in Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration   
    Some of the elements around the Two character especially. And the corporations behaviour.
    Dark Matter has a great filming style, very underrated show.
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    CMtheGM got a reaction from Watercolour Dragon in Storytelling through random cards: On an idea I had...   
    The boardgame mysterium has some very atmospheric cards. They'd be great for this.
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    CMtheGM got a reaction from SavageBob in Modifying the dice system   
    I don't get it. Why use a tool that doesn't suit the task.
    The game can do it. But it won't do it as well as a tool designed for it.  It's like using a knife to eat soup...it can work..but a spoon will do it better and you'll make less of a mess.
    Remove the dice and switch to a different task resolution mechanic. Hack the rest of the game til it fits. I guess.
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    CMtheGM got a reaction from c__beck in Modifying the dice system   
    I don't get it. Why use a tool that doesn't suit the task.
    The game can do it. But it won't do it as well as a tool designed for it.  It's like using a knife to eat soup...it can work..but a spoon will do it better and you'll make less of a mess.
    Remove the dice and switch to a different task resolution mechanic. Hack the rest of the game til it fits. I guess.
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    CMtheGM got a reaction from Samuel Richard in PC vehicle ideas   
    I'm currently building some for my soon to happen space opera game.
    I'm going to give the party a choice of a light frigate (smaller combat type vessel) or
    a fast courier ship with minimal combat ability or
    a large freighter with virtually zero combat ability, but massive storage capacity, lots of hardpoints (future upgrades), and lots of hull and system strain.
    For inspiration: star trek, anime(not my thing, but there's some scifi stuff), mass effect, firefly, guardians of the galaxy, you name it. There's lots of stuff out there to a variety of tastes. I'm pulling inspiration heavily from the last 3 for my game.
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    CMtheGM got a reaction from Flobio in Strikeforce: Morituri - How to manage the Morituri Effect   
    Maybe a houseruled saving throw. After either particularly intense power use (not before or during -the PCs should get their moment of glory) or taking X damage...roll y dice...if they roll one despair(or more if that's too low a threshold)....kablooom.
    Variable and tied to the power in someway.
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    CMtheGM reacted to Justindoodler in Perception Checks and Ambushes   
    So I see this quiet a lot on actual play.
    "Ok, you are walking through the wood. Make a Perception check. Ok with that fail, you are completely surprised." 
    Now I understand why people may do this - after all thats  pretty much  like any other game I have run. But I think people are doing this wrong. According to the skills section (p63) Perception is specifically used for looking for hidden things or studying a scene, but not for this- thats Vigilance. And even then, its not how things are done. 
    According  to page 95, anytime anyone wishes to launch an ambush, that simply triggers an initiative roll. Anyone making the ambush makes a Cool roll, while unsuspecting targets make a Vigilance roll. Anyone acting before an ambusher spotted them. 
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    CMtheGM reacted to Bellyon in Vehicles in Genesys - a player resource   
    Oh, as soon as possible someone will shere here some average informations about some ships, don't worry about this.
    For wagons, would be good to check a slow and big vehicle to have a base.
    Checking my book I'd say that a wagon should be something like...
    Silhouette: 3
    Speed: 1 or 2 (maybe based on the number of horses?)
    Handling: -2
    Shield: 0 - - 0
    Armor: 0
    HP: 8 to 10
    SS: 4 to 8
    Encumbrance: 60 to 180
    Passenger Cap: 15-25
    Cost/Rarity: 2,000 to 10,000/2
    Hard Points: 3
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    CMtheGM reacted to Bibbles in The Cards Rant?? Sorry   
    Sorry all. I'm not trying to be a troll...?

    The cards are neat, but I have no idea why Fantasy Flight would start with cards and not provide a starter adventure?? I stare at my genesys books (X2) and dice sets (X2) collecting dust not because it didn't have enough cards but because there was no way to ease myself the GM or players in. There is one high level convention adventure but nothing else? I've been GM'ing for 27 years. Always start with an adventure instead of a gimmick. I really hope something is coming soon cuz I'm losing interest fast.

     After the first adventure most teams can find their way on their own. I still own the EVERWAY RPG. Its a dead game now. It had tons and tons of cards and no adventures. HOL dead now had no adventures but was awesome even without cards.  Even Tunnels and Trolls came with Buffalo Castle. Sorry guys I think you are missing the boat on this one. It doesn't have to be great, just have one scene for each basic mechanic and a few plot hooks that people can take off on. Its about learning how to play before trying to use it to create on the fly. Murphy's world also had no adventures, neat game and neat idea. I've got tons of em. They sit on shelves in my cabinet with the others, while not as cool better supported games have the spines worn out of them by excited players. My friends were going to order their books. I told them to hold off and wait. We are waiting and hoping. It looks neat.  

    Ive got a heck of a big *** collection and the longest lasting ones all have adventures. The weird fringe stuff that dies off and sits in this nerd's tickle trunk all have the lack of adventures in common. This is not the only thing they have in common but it is a major one. SJ's Bunnies and Burrows was a gas. Some great ones like Ghostbusters RPG die even with adventures so its not a for sure deal but it sure helps. 

    GMs are what make an RPG popular not players and not gimmicks. We do the work and we hold the events and we plan late in the night. Give us the tools we need and ask for. Please release a decent starter.
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    CMtheGM reacted to TheBoulder in Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth   
    To the OP. So this is my take on it. Fair warning, I don't like it. This is the first time I've been disappointed by a FFG roleplaying product. I regret buying the book.
    I think the fluff is so generic and bland as to be useless. I could have just thought of this world on my own by thinking the words "generic fantasy." The jamming in of arabian, viking, undead land, and South American lizard people continent is jarring and cringeworthy. But at least we get a stereotypical European middle Kingdom and all that entails for world view, etc.
    There is little to no inspiration for making a campaign or adventure, unless you didn't already have "kill kobolds" in your back pocket. 
    And of all the races, there is only one "half" race... And it's half cat person.
    Because out of the choices of green human, short human, human with pointy ears, apparently we just want to have sex with animals.
    Fluffwise, everything is so jammed in that none of it has any meaningful impact to the world.
    I'm still looking at the crunch stuff. But I've been disappointed or feel neutral on it so far. The races seem particularly bad to me and I'm not sure why players wouldn't just run orcs for the 100xp, allowing you to have two 3s and a 4. That's not an option for everyone else (except half cat people). Elves with a divine career skill and free rank... But with a 1 in willpower. It just all seems designed to disappoint the players.
    Weapons are fine but not enough. Same with armour (although I recognize you can only have so many iterations of +1 or 2 soak). Gear is what, two pages? And they wasted space on a pole? Yeesh, just.. more, there needs to be more. 
    Anyway, that's just my feelings at the moment and I'm upset, so take it all with a grain of salt. 
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    CMtheGM reacted to Zetan in Suddenly, players!   
    Just got a huge influx of new players here in Durham, NC. Even with a couple of our usual players not able to make it, we ended up with a 7-person tournament yesterday: http://warscore.net/event/514/view.html
    We're going to increase our order for the Q4 kit; I'm hoping the one Q3 kit is still enough for everyone in our October tournament, but we'll definitely need more for November.
    Anyone else seeing an uptick? I think part of it is regional (we have a big local X-Wing crowd, so once a couple of them started playing, a bunch more wanted to try it out, and it snowballed from there) but I think the diversity of the factions might be a factor as well. Definitely can't wait for Uthuk; there's a number of people I want to teach, but have been waiting until there's four factions so they have more choice when they jump in.
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    CMtheGM reacted to Darthain in Darthain's adventures in not space ships   
    Getting somewhere on the cat riders

    Had to mulligan the cats, they were tough, in that the features are VERY deep on the cats, meaning if you highlight a bit harshly, it looks like them skin of musculoskeleton displays.  Again, expedience is key (don't want to paint up 6-10 trays of these guys with hard detail), so I once again used my least favourite tool for the armour, dry brushing.  Do I ever hate dry brushing. 
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    CMtheGM reacted to BenitoBurrito in My autumn Latari Armee   
    Hi I will paint my Latari Armee in autumn colours.
    First model is the awesome Scions model.
    Latari Aymhelin Scions
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    CMtheGM reacted to Thornoo1 in My autumn Latari Armee   
    Nicely done.
    Imgur will allow you to post the images directly here into the forum.
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    CMtheGM reacted to Hepitude in Painting The Forces of Hepitude   
    Here's the next two terrain pieces I have completed. I only have three left, but I'm not sure I'll be able to finish them before the 5th. The trees look pretty good in the picture, but I purchased the flock and the leaves separately online (sight unseen) and the greens contrast a little too much in my opinion. One nice thing about wire trees is that they're easy to magnetize. I added about six magnets for each large tree before there was enough attraction to keep them attached to the board when I carry it around. I still can't quite flip the board upside down, but it's close. I made sure each of the trees had a root system large enough to be free standing in case I wanted to use them on the table for decoration.
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    CMtheGM got a reaction from Budgernaut in How much primer to buy?   
    I use Vallejo brush on primer. Works great. One mid size bottle  (8$ or so CAD) has lasted me for hundreds of miniatures.
    It takes maybe 1 or 2 minutes per mini to apply and is way less messy than spray. Can't recommend it enough.
    Just remember that 1 thin semi-translucent coat (I use the light grey primer) is enough.
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    CMtheGM reacted to KrisWall in Realistic maximum trays of units   
    Yeah...  I'm historically a Warhammer Fantasy/40k guy.  This game is essentially free in comparison.  My friend and I both pre-ordered a core box from our local gaming store for 20% off.  With good old Pennsylvania sales tax, that works out to $84.76 each.  We then swapped the faction models, him with the Daqan and me with Waiqar.  A week later, I split another box with a different friend to get another half core of the Waiqar models.  That's another $42.40.
    So, for ~$127, I got...
    3x Ardus Ix'Erebus (one glued into his scenic base, one as a unit upgrade and on as conversion fodder) 3x Carrion Lancers 6x trays of Reanimate Archers 12x trays of Reanimates I can build a variety of "full" 200 point lists out of this selection.  $127 in a Games Workshop store doesn't get you anywhere close to a full army.
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    CMtheGM reacted to Holmelund in A preview of my undead army   
    So far it consists of 2xCore and the rest should be done within 2 weeks.
    After that the plan is to have at least 1 of each expansion added and painted to match the rest.
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    CMtheGM reacted to Tvayumat in One Spearmen sculpt fits trays worse? (Update: Base system = Poor Design)   
    I mostly leave them untouched. Any paint that winds up there will probably wear off, and they're basically never seen, so... meh.
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    CMtheGM reacted to Budgernaut in Comparisons?   
    One thing to remember about the lore of Runewars is that it was intentionally made to be generic because gaming was a priority over story. The more you lock down the lore, the more likely you are to see game interactions and game occurrences that clash with the established lore. For example, we don't have a map of the world during the Runewars. Part of that was because the first part of every game of Runewars boardgame was building the map. The relative position of home realms was meant to be different in every single game. To avoid the feeling that your game was clashing with the lore, they put out less lore. It was a chance for players to take this somewhat generic fantasy world and tell their stories without feeling like they were "breaking the story."
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