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  1. CMtheGM

    Scrying Magic

    I can appreciate the effort...and don't mean to be rude, but...why? Why not just do a perception roll. Add difficulty for secret info, or distance. Upgrade to red dice for time periods other than current. Throw a strain for each purple and 2 for each red due to the enormity of the task. Done. Tying some knickknacks to it is a nice touch though. Like that idea. Magically amplifying regular skills to exceed their normal limits is a huge boon and keeps other skills relevant. Might make it require a level 1-3 talent.
  2. CMtheGM

    Psionics as Magic

    Looks good. It appears to just be a straight forward substitution which I appreciate. Good formatting. You covered all the bases I think. I'm not a huge fan of magic/psychic powers in my sci fi, but if the players insist on having them I'll probably use this.
  3. CMtheGM

    Shadow of the Beanstalk TV/Book inspiration

    Dark Matter is a bit more space opera, but it definitely touches some of the themes.
  4. CMtheGM

    Storytelling through random cards: On an idea I had...

    The boardgame mysterium has some very atmospheric cards. They'd be great for this.
  5. CMtheGM

    Modifying the dice system

    I don't get it. Why use a tool that doesn't suit the task. The game can do it. But it won't do it as well as a tool designed for it. It's like using a knife to eat soup...it can work..but a spoon will do it better and you'll make less of a mess. Remove the dice and switch to a different task resolution mechanic. Hack the rest of the game til it fits. I guess.
  6. Maybe a houseruled saving throw. After either particularly intense power use (not before or during -the PCs should get their moment of glory) or taking X damage...roll y dice...if they roll one despair(or more if that's too low a threshold)....kablooom. Variable and tied to the power in someway.
  7. CMtheGM

    PC vehicle ideas

    I'm currently building some for my soon to happen space opera game. I'm going to give the party a choice of a light frigate (smaller combat type vessel) or a fast courier ship with minimal combat ability or a large freighter with virtually zero combat ability, but massive storage capacity, lots of hardpoints (future upgrades), and lots of hull and system strain. For inspiration: star trek, anime(not my thing, but there's some scifi stuff), mass effect, firefly, guardians of the galaxy, you name it. There's lots of stuff out there to a variety of tastes. I'm pulling inspiration heavily from the last 3 for my game.
  8. CMtheGM

    Perception Checks and Ambushes

    I missed that in my read through. Which is a relatively elegant way of doing it. An ambusher has probably stacked a few advantages (dark, above the victims, etc.) And got a few blue dice. This really allows that to shine. Nice post thanks.
  9. CMtheGM

    Vehicles in Genesys - a player resource

    Weirdly I don't want to buy another book for this. I guess I have to guess what's balanced and make my own.
  10. CMtheGM

    Titanfall and building a RPG

    PCs generally always want to do the coolest possible thing in the setting. In this case, piloting giant kickass robots. If you want some diversity, you might require multiple people (the exact party size...weird) to successfully pilot a robot. Someone does weapons, legs, coordinates tactics and so on. Make each of these roles require different skills. **** the robo sword might use knowledge or engineering to attack with. Since the party will then have diverse skills (and presumably a robot), they will be easily able to engage with the other elements of the setting you want to use/introduce.
  11. CMtheGM

    Vehicles in Genesys - a player resource

  12. CMtheGM

    Where to buy?

    I live in a large city (Edmonton, Alberta). I have been to 8 different games stores this weekend and no one has it. I was hoping to get it in my hands without resorting to ordering online (support the local shops you know). Anyone know where it might be found?
  13. CMtheGM

    How easy is the game to GM.

    I've run it's ancestor (WFRP 3e). Are there prebuilt stat blocks for npcs/foes or will I have to generate myself? I prefer running my own settings regardless....but is there a good intro adventure to show off the system and improve the GM and player's understanding? What sort of time commitment is prepping sessions or how does it compare to other games (specifically Fate and especially d&d as that's sadly what the group plays mostly).
  14. CMtheGM

    So it's WFRP 3e?

    That's not an insult...I loved WFRP 3e. I'm just hearing about genesys now. It sounds similar but more rules light? The page isn't giving me enough of a run down....so tell me a bit about it?
  15. CMtheGM

    How much primer to buy?

    I use Vallejo brush on primer. Works great. One mid size bottle (8$ or so CAD) has lasted me for hundreds of miniatures. It takes maybe 1 or 2 minutes per mini to apply and is way less messy than spray. Can't recommend it enough. Just remember that 1 thin semi-translucent coat (I use the light grey primer) is enough.