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  1. Hello all, It seems I've always played Runebound the wrong way. For some reasons, which made perfect sense to me, I thought a Hero might ATTACK during all the phases. That means that he can ATTACK during: 1. Ranged Phase 2. Melee Phase 3. Magic Phase But now someone told me that a Hero can attack only during ONE of these three phases and that he must defend in the other two phases. Is this correct? Seems pretty pointless to me though...
  2. Ahahahahahahaha, priceless, Dam, thank you! I've just got the Dungeon expansion, so I am still figuring the little things out. Another little thing are the Adventure Cards. I am confused. When I am supposed to draw one of the 10 Adventure Cards? Why I am not adding them to the Dungeon Cards deck? Hmm, I know the answer must be easy but it eludes me completely.
  3. Hello all, I am sorry that I have to open a new topic to only ask one question but I could not find the answer anywhere. Talisman: The Dungeon - when you land on the Guard, it says you can either bribe him with 2 Gold or you can try fight him. Well, I could not pay him the 2 Gold so I've tried going Barbarian on him. I've failed. He took me one life, as usual. Now, on my next turn am I allowed to move forward or do I have to fight the Guard once again? It seems reasonable to fight him again since you neither paid his Gold nor defeated him in fight. Thank you!
  4. Thank you for the kind words, Nephilim! It feels awesome to be an Arkham Horror newbie. I have more fun being a newbie to a game than a veteran. Difficult to explain. Speaking of fun, here is another noob fun I had last night. There were 4 open Gates on the boards. Jim Culver, the Jazz man extraordinaire, jumped, on purpose, through one of the 4 Gates. Other World Encounter. Pass a Speed - 2 and return back to Arkham. So Jim returns to Arkham at the end of his first Other World Encounter. Since he had a lot of clue tokens, he is trying to seal the Gate. Gulp - he fails. So he remains on the Gate and he will try to seal it next turn. Next - Mythos Card Phase. Oh gosh, a monster surge. To keep things easier to explain, a monster appears on the Gate where Jim Culver is. What exactly happens now? Jim will try to seal once again the Gate next round. He fails once again. Will he now deal with the Monster on the Gate? Or he must deal with the Monster before trying to seal the Gate once again? When Jim returned in Arkham after his Other World Encounter, there were no Monster on the Gate. The Monster appeared because of a Mythos Card and its monster surge text.
  5. Thank you Avi, your advices are priceless. On a second note, I was just made aware of another mistake I have been doing. The monsters in the Dunwich board does not count toward the Monster limit? Oh myyyyyyy....!!!!!!!
  6. Ouch, Deek! First of all, much obliged for your messages. Secondly, well, I am not that newbie to Arkham Horror in order to go and fetch some flow charts. Actually, if I am to be honest, the flow charts I've studied only confused the things for me. The help I've received here on FFG was ten times better than any flow chart. I think I've played about 35 hours of Arkham Horror so far. Yes, I am doing some mistakes, or let's call them shabby house rules, but still, I am enjoying the game as it is. Even with the mistakes I am making, I don't feel the game being either easier or harder. The only mistakes I am doing are: 1) allowing monsters to move AND attack (if possible), while the Mythos Phase card and 2) having only two encounters in Other Worlds, instead of three. The whole delayed investigator thing is too much of a killjoy for me. If I was playing the game with four other real persons, then yes, maybe it makes sense, but for a solo game, nah, I don't see the reason for which my investigator should have three encounters in Other Worlds. Two are enough. Also, maybe I'm missing something, most probably, but if an investigator returns from an Other World and on the Gate in Arkham there is a monster, why should he wait to deal with it next round? Why not deal with him immediately? Try to close / seal the gate then evade/fight the monster on the gate in the same turn. A thing I was not aware of, Deek: combat ends movement. Hmm, thanks. But I guess that if I fight a monster and I kill him, I can then move forward, if I still have movement points. Thanks to all and sorry for my language, English is not my first.
  7. Gentlemen, Thank you all for putting up with me. The Gods would be pleased to hear. Avi, it is obvious you care a lot about your Ancient Ones, but this: "Movement is not "attacking." Monsters only attack during *investigators* movement phases when they're on the same spots and not evaded. is simply nuts!!! Outrageous, on my word! Oh ****, what have I done?! My monsters attack immediately they are allowed to move, within the Mythos Phase not on Investigators movement phase. I am tormenting my brains here now: does it make any difference? Actually, I think Avi's version, which seems to be the official game's version, is kinda softer to the investigators than my shabby house rule. I think I will stick with it. The monsters move AND are allowed to attack investigators during the Mythos Phase, after you have drawn a Mythos card. You know, after I just said that I don't care too much about the Terror Track, the next game I've played with a Terror Track. It makes all the difference, me thinks. I like using it now. A question: is an Investigator allowed to fight two monsters during his movement phase? I was trying to move poor Patrice Hathaway from the Historical Society to St. Mary Hospital. On Uptown there were two Gugs. Patrice evaded the first but to continue her movement she had to evade/fight the second monster as well. So is she allowed to fight / evade two monsters in a row? ---- Later edit: Another thing I am doing it wrongly on purpose - there are no delays for the investigators in an Other World. In a solo game, this rule makes no sense to me. So, if an investigator is in the Abyss, he moves to the first part - have an Encounter - next round he moves to the second part - have the Second Encounter and then he can return immediately to Arkham.
  8. Dear all, I am having the time of my life playing Arkham Horror solo! However, there are still some thorny questions: 1) After I close or seal a gate, do I also take a doom token from the doom track? Or closing / sealing a gate means nothing to the doom track? The doom tokens on the doom track remains in their place? 2) A Mythos Card is drawn. A Gate open, as usual. I also draw one Monster. The Hound of Tindalos. I place the Hound on the Gate. Then I read the text on the Mythos card: "All Dark Young and Hounds of Tindalos are returned to the cup". Does that means I'll return Tindalos to the cup immediately? Without allowing it to take any action on the board? 3) Despite the special movement of Hound of Tindalos, it moves only when its symbol appears on a Mythos card. Is that right? Or does it move no matter of the movement symbol on the Mythos Card, since he has special movement? 4) Also, can a Hound of Tindalos attack two Investigators in the same turn? Even if the Investigators are quite at a distance one from another. 5) When a Mythos Card says "2 monsters are released into the Soutshide streets", are these monsters staying permanently on the board or only until the next Mythos Card is drawn? 6) What happens with the Monster placed on a Gate once an Investigator returns from an Other World? Let's say one of my investigators is returning back to Arkham from the Abyss. He has enough clue tokens to seal the gate. Does he have to fight the Monster which is on the Gate or can he try to close and seal the gate, ignoring the Monster on the gate? If he successfully close / seal the gate, what happens with the Monster? Is it returned back to the cup? This is how I've played so far. 7) When I go Insane, which are the items I have to discard? Do I also discard Allies, Blessings / Curse (that would be a good idea, to be able to discard a Curse if I go insane!) and Skills? Or only Spells, Common Items and Unique Items? 8) Is it possible to win the game by closing gates only? It seems pretty impossible for me. That's why I am always trying to seal the gates. I wonder if I am doing something wrong here. Thank you all! - Thank you kindly, Julia!
  9. No way, I am very glad I keep distance from the computer games. I still play Warhammer Online from time to time but that's all. Boardgames or nothing for me!
  10. Thank you Dam, well, that looks simple enough So the Riots Mythos Card remains in play until it fails or not? What happens then with the Mythos Card Phase? Do I draw any more Mythos Cards, as normal? And also keep the Riots card in play?
  11. Thanks for the fast and illuminating response, Tibs! It seems I was playing the Hound correctly after all. Last night I had to stop playing the game - after three hours! - because of two Mythos cards. Very confusing cards, to say the least. The first Mythos card: Strange Waves Subside! Headline. It reads: The first player chooses one open gate and closes it, returning its gate token to the gate token pile. OK, sounds simple enough but: what if on that gate there is a monster? In my case, there was a Tcho-Tcho. Do I also return the Monster to the Monster cup or only the Gate? And so the Tcho-Tcho remains on its place. The second Mythos card was a hard one. http://www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Riots It says: When this card enters play, place 3 Stamina tokens per player on it. Any player may pay Stamina while in the Northside streets during the Arkham Encounters Phase to remove Stamina tokens from this card on a 1-for-1 basis. Ongoing Effect: Place 1 Stamina token per player on this card at the end of every Mythos Phase (beginning the turn after it entered play). Hmmm... what? Do I place the 3 Stamina tokens from the current stamina tokens of MY investigators or stamina from the Stamina tokens cup? Because if I am to put 3 Stamina on this card from my own investigator's stamina, then both of my investigators will go insane immediately. Game over, with sure. This Riots - Rumor card is one of the most confusing I have ever met in the whole deck. I don't understand a thing it says. Most probably I will never use it in my future games.
  12. Hello all, After playing some rounds with the basic game I thought it would be interesting to see how the Dunwich Horror mechanics work. I understand that many of the Arkham Horror acolytes liked a lot the Injury / Madness cards. I loath them. But that's not the issue I wanted to speak with you. The subject is the Green border Monsters. Let's imagine a Hound of Tindalos spawns in Cold Spring Glen, together with a Gate. Currently, there are no investigator in the Dunwich zone, but there is one investigator at Independence Square. Does the Hound teleports on the main board or does it has to "take the train" to pass between a map and another map? I would also be interested to hear if there are any of you who are not playing with the Terror Track. To my shame, I totally ignore it. Thank you all.
  13. Aahhh, I am blind! THE LIGHT!!!! Tibs, you are grand! Thanks a lot! You've answered my questions. Well, I still do not understand why I must have TWO encounters in the Other World but I will do as you say. Thanks once again.
  14. One more thing regarding McGlenn and his first Other World experience. What happened is like this: Arkham Encounter: A gate opens and a monster appears! The Gate: The City of the Great Race The Monster: Warlock (Yellow, Stationary) While in the Other World, McGlen draw one card. I passed its Fight (-1) check. Next turn McGlen moves to the second part of the Other World and then back in Arkham Horror. He do not have enough clue tokens to close the Gate marker. And remember, a monster (Warlock) is there too. So what is he doing once he returns back to Arkham. There are no other open Gates so he must return to The City of the Great Race Gate marker. He can not close it yet. And there is a monster on it. Do I place an Explored Marker on the Gate Marker once McGlen return to Arkham? And also: does he NOW fight the monster, the Warlock? I say yes, but I am not sure.
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