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  1. ArturiStellare said: DarkElf you are right !!! the abilities do NOT RESOLVE starting with the attacker , all the abilities are like "put on the stack" and then they all resolve simultaneously. as Magic The Gathering...the stack !!! right ! Ok, the question I have is that if there is a "stack" like in magic, what happens when ther Berserker attacks the Pegasus Rider, and both draw special orbs? Would the Berserker's ability go on the stack, and the Pegasus Rider would rout him before he could destroy himself, or is the destroying of the berserker an added cost, and need to be paid before the ability is on the stack? So either way, this seems contrary to the rulebook, in which case, they should have made it clearer.
  2. Ok, I am really sorry to keep this post alive, but I am still a little fuzzy. If a unit's special attack allows damage, is it applied during the during phase 3 of combat (Resolve Special Abilities) or during phase 5 (Resolve Damage)? I guess I was under the impression that it was applied during phase 3 and that the attacker's abilities fired first. Clearly I have been corrected on that point. I realize that there is a fine line between the two options here and I can't see any way this is relevent now, but it could become relavent in the future with expansions and such.
  3. Mathguy04

    Fate Deck

    Steve-O said: It's not like Corey is going to send a military strike force to your house and reclaim the game if you aren't using the absolute best strategy the rules allow. Maybe they could add this in a future expansion?
  4. Thanks for the input! I am now ever MORE excited to get my game.
  5. I have just ordered a copy of Runewars and I can't wait for it to arrive so I can crack it open. My wife and I love long, involved board games, but we sometimes have trouble finding other people willing to dedicate as much time. So, with the possibility of this being a primarily 2-player game for me, I was wondering how well the game works with 2 players. Anyone out there who has played this as a 2-player game, let me know how it went. Thanks.
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