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  1. Hello Mr. Faust, When you read this message, maybe, hope you will, I feel something strange but familiar with here even i nerver been here. i try to use mobile to post this message because someone told me to do this, i don't know why but he looks nervous and need some help and he says that keep that scroll and never go back there, never. --2013/10/01
  2. tanks everybody, maybe I need go Arkham Asylum and take a rest......
  3. when I saw the other world encounter of "The King in Yellow" expansion, it scribes "along the shore, the cloud waves break. Pass Fight(+1) check to gain 1 Stamina." I cannot understand why FIGHT CHECK?? OH WHYYYYYYYYYYY My sanity going down
  4. Thanks for your help! it seems we'll enjoy more in this game depending on the correct rule in Saturday!! Thank you!!
  5. sorry I have some questions could you help me ? 1. If we turned by per player not per phase, is it work?it's means the first player still draw mythos card,but he run phase:unkeep, movement,AE,OE. then next player do the same 4 phases, untill the last player end his turn. then the marker given to the next player. 2. can I use clue token to reroll Evade,Horror,Combat checks? 3. About the Spell like "Wither" or "Shiverlin", it says that "......this combat", does it means that one spell only works in one monster? So when I defeat this monster then "this" combat is over. Or it means that I face all monsters in the same position, it's one combat?
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