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  1. Toxic Hydra: Action: When this unit enters play, each unit in any corresponding zone gets -2 hit points until the end of the turn. That effect lasts until the end of the round. So each unit in corrseponding zones is affect by that no matter it it enters the zone after the effect is resolved. The other way round: If you move an unit out of the zone it will get the hitpoints back because it's no longer in that zone, agree? The effect kind of belongs prior to the zone (and so to the units in it) and not to the already existing units.
  2. Congratulations again from your opponent in the finale I didn't notice that you missed increasing your damage and if you missed to corrupt an envoy.. I guess I'd have won with that corrupted envoy All I can say is, that Jeremy played very well in our games (we met in the prelims, too), gave me time to react and even considered my eventually echoes of magic before drawing a card for planning for war - One time he even asked for it after playing the quest. He is a very calm, deliberate and friendly player. I appreciated our games. See you next year
  3. Thank you very much And please tell us about the missing quest
  4. I 've another idea: Wait for the rest of the pack and see how the new mechanics and other cards affect the game. Don't get me wrong, I'm with you. This is a pretty strong card and in the current cardpool it's ridiculous. But there are 19 more cards to come in that pack and a whole cycle with new cards. Let's wait and see
  5. I've been told (by Mallumo and he assured it by asking caleb) that the cards, that got switched, are not supposed to fulfill the term of "entering" or "leaving" play. They are just replaced one by the other. By doing so, they avoid entering or leaving play. So stay cool everybody, this has already been asked and answered
  6. You choose your own targets. Keep in mind, if you copy a tactic with variable costs (cost x), you copied effect will have 0 for the X. From deckbox: Q. If a variable cost tactic like Flames of Tzeentch is copied, what is the X in the effect? A. 0. So a copied Flames of Tzeentch would normally do 0 damage. Nate's ruling
  7. Can you tell which card says so? If you refer to "Order in Chaos", you would put them on top in the order you wish.
  8. The second unit doesn't have to be a ghoul of course, any other undead unit will work.
  9. Correct, but if I have 100 Token on one quest, I don't even need the second at all ;-) To start the combo out of nothing you need two ghouls. To use it when you have a token on one quest, one qhoul is enough.
  10. Ellyrik said: herzogar said: … If only DE had some way to force an opponent to draw a lot of cards just so they could be robbed of them… you mean with bannerman of the crag, crypt ghouls and 2 secret crypts? So with spirit slayer doubled with animosity dwarves can now snipe units! o/ Thats a mill combo, not for carddraw And you will need two ghouls for infinite win, as both crypts work independently from each other.
  11. Um, they took place on friday didn't they? In the gencon video for day three the champ was shown for quarter a second (that was all about invasion in all four videos…). Is there any participant who wants to tell anything about the event? I'm wondering if your championships were so unimportant and small?
  12. There is absolutely no problem with unique units that have no hero trait. It makes sense that units that are strong get unique, but to many heros make it less fun to build decks. Even in the tabletop they had unique units in the 6. edition (wasn't it?).
  13. Nice work, thank you! Can you report from the north american championship, too? The tournament was yesterday wasn't it?
  14. I like the idea of cards providing or needing two race symbols, thats where gotrek and felix would fit as well. Let's wait and see for future cycles.
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