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  1. Another thought for location of the brand could be somewhere on the scalp. The sanctionate could be shaved bald and branded during his trials. By the time he arrives at his destination, the brand is covered by hair. Add that there is some type of addtional ientifier, whether psychic imprint or similar to rf id, the psyker is better able to be covert.
  2. Looking to join group, either via pm/email or skype. Will be deployed overseas and would like to do something to keep my sanity. Email me at thomascaras@comcast.net if there is room for me.
  3. Thanks, I think I will introduce both the possession and gene-lock ideas. That way the TP can obtain one or two relatively minor servitors, yet still be unable to amass an army or a powerful servitor, unless I turn it against them of course...
  4. Can a TP reprogram servitors to be their own? I have a TP in my group that wants to attempt this but I have not been able to find any rules on servitors other than the few pages in the IH. Am I missing something or should I just create a house rule to fill the gap?
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