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  1. If you occupy a graveyard, do you take every turn two panic tokens? do undead take panic tokens from a graveyard...?
  2. Owk, battle question... With Maro i did range attack on command tool and surge as modifier... But, Maro can't shoot at any target right now, is de modifier activated for reducing his wounds? Thanks
  3. Ok thanks... On the cards of the units you see a tray configuration... by 2, 4, 6,... trays/points. i'm chosing 4 trays of infantery undead. Do i need to put them 2x2 like marked on the unit card OR can i choose to put them 4x1...? Thanks
  4. Hi, Have some questions : 1. Melee attack : My melee troops are in close combat with their front arc with Kari. Kari's doing before the attack of my troops (initiative) Wraith Step and ends at the back of my unit. Then my troops got the attack on the command tool, but Kari is in the back of my troops... Can my troops still do a melee attack ? So can you do a melee attack if your not facing the opponent ? Can i use my bonus action? Can't find it in the rulebook... 2. Melee attack : Can you use accurancy symbol when she's in the back rank fighting and my necromancer is in the front ? (even if she's not in contact with the necromancer...?) ...other Questions will follow... ;-) Thanks 'n Greetzzz, Christophe
  5. Wuytackc

    Pieces parts

    Wanted to know the same thing…more bases for my mini's. (dont like the on and off pulling-pushing of mini's on stands…) I've also bought sky traders, there are more different stands then relic. Gonna look for them, if anyone should find them, let us know !!! greetzzz ps : gonna try my first game now !
  6. Thanks. Gonna try making one on my own, in wood perhaps…
  7. Yes, i would do the same thing… Who doesnt want a playmat of his favourite cardgame(s) ?
  8. Hello, could anyone tell me if there are playmats for lotr lcg like the playmats for magic the gathering etc…? Oh yeah, if there are mats, where to buy them… thanks, christophe
  9. Hello, i love playing runebound and all the variants of it… A lot of board games comes with a lot of cards which i sleeve all… Now when you sleeve all your cards (and you own all expansions of runebound) they wont stay on each other without falling… Is there anyone who can tell me where i can buy card holders for my board games ? thank you very much for your time, christophe
  10. Question : A quest of the expansion tells on the end 'turn this card face down beneath your hero card. It becomes a completed quest." What can i do with all the completed quests ? Which booster packs can i add too this expansion ? thank you, christophe
  11. Hello, Yesterday we played the game and a friend of me bought an ally "Rune Seeker" with ability : " may take 1 fatigue to cancel 1 life inflicted on your hero of an ally". We played it this way : a creature did 3 damage on my friends character, so he canceled 2 damage (by taking 2 fatigues on ally) and one damage on hero. IS THIS THE CORRECT WAY TO PLAY THE ABILITY ? And where can i find it to prove it to my friends (rulebook, errata, faq ???) Thank you very much for your time, christophe
  12. Could anyone help me please or give me any info for the leveling problem...? Q : Can i level as many times my skills like mind etc... or is it limited ? thx, christophe
  13. Can i level my mind or other value as many times as i want ? For example : i've leveled my mind +2...in the next level round i level again mind +2...and so on...so that at the end i have a mind value of +8 for example ? thx.
  14. More questions : *can i stay in the town and take another market card for the town? *can i stay in town and activate the braces of shadows until my wounds are fully recovered or can i activate the braces only in the combat phase? thanx, christophe
  15. Hello, New to the game, read the rules - understand the rules - first game solo... *Bon, everthing worked well, but i bought a weapon "lighting mace" : Melee, your hero receives a +4 bonus to his melee combat rolls... is that the roll with the dice AND the damage with +4 ? *Levelling : I killed some creatures and had 5 xp tokens...read the rules for levelling and took the +2 bonus to mind value...is that both */* +2 ? *To bad you can still keep only one armour card with you...not very logic i think : the way i see this, a character can dress his padded armour, and braces and a helmet maybe a shield too... for example...but the rules sais no...only one armour card...now i survive this with the green quests, maybe i wont with the red quests...? thank you very much for your time, greetzzz, Christophe
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