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  1. From the Reference Booklet Team Battle If more than one hero occupies a space that contains a monster, they can fight the monster together (the archer and heroes with bows can participate in the battle from an adjacent space). At the start of the current hero’s fight action, he invites the other heroes to participate in the battle. Clarifcation on above: Adjacent space means archer is adjacent to the other hero (who is in the same space as the monster), correct? Thanks!
  2. I would be fine if they made the errata-ed cards available on-line for reprinting at home. I'd be fine sliding a new paper copy over the old card in my sleeve. How about it FFG?
  3. Thanks everyone! As a solo guy, Being First and Last Player is no fun in these quests!!
  4. Greetings. I am seeking clarification on the Goblin Follower from Kazad-dum expansion. #1 Our new foe, the Goblin Follower engagement threat 33, states "When Revealed; Goblin Follower engages the last player". Normally I would think that just would dictate WHICH player gets engaged during the engagement phase, BUT since it is 'When revealed", does that mean it happens immediately? Even before the quest phase is resolved? Even if the player's threat level is below 33? #2 When East-Gate is in the active location, it says. Players cannot optionally engage enemies and no engagement checks are made. So does the Goblin Follower's "When Revealed" effect still force an engagement while East-Gate is in play? Thanks for your opinions. This one is a bit tricky!
  5. Looking at the special cards without words: Hides of Land, Sword Hunting, Gold Bridled Hores When bidding, do they count as 6 or 3 symbols each? I'm confused since the symbols are flipped horizontally on the cards like the "normal" cards are. Thank you!
  6. Greetings. Here's how we play. "hero" means hero (round base), not "monster" (square base). When describing both the rules say "heroes or monsters" Orcs can only discard heroes. He'll never discard a knight however. The wraith cannot enter a room with a knight in it since "When your knight is in a room, none of your opponents' heroes or monsters (except their knights) may enter the room. If the wraith is already in the room when the knight enters, however... he CAN push the knight with an action. The wraith CANNOT push monsters (or the barbarian) however. Your point about the example wraith pushing the orc is a good point. I just choose to ignore it. Cave Troll is awesome! I haven't won yet, but still love it!
  7. Greetings! Went to Malleus and played WFRP for two days with the game creators. Friday night, we first learned the game from Jay Little and were then treated with a home-made adventure of Jay's called Shipping and Handling. After walking around an inn for evening and having a few run-ins with some nasty thugs in the bar, the thief I was playing was able to sneak upstairs, listen at the door and unload his prize backstab in the room upstairs finishing off the foe that the mercenay mortally wounded. It was great to be able to stop the action from time to time and ask Jay some details about his thoughts that went into the game. Saturday I went back for more. This time I was able to experience an adventure in the mind of Dan Clark and spent the afternoon and evening learning the mystery of a strange town where no one wants to leave. I had a lot of fun with the role playing element of the game while exploring the town that resulted in a thrilling climax with some undead creepies and a run for our lives... Also on Saturday, we enjoye a special treat. An open box of The Winds of Magic was available to page through, followed by a sneak preview of a new adventure town setting called "The Edge of Night". Lastly we also saw a few other careers mockups that might be coming out soon, but alas I cannot talk about that yet. How often do you get to play a game with the guys that created it and hang out with them for a weekend? Pretty cool stuff all around. Thank you Fantasy Flight and especially Jay and Dan for taking the time to teach and play us the game!
  8. Greetings! I'm very intrigued by the WFRP 3e and will be heading to the event center Wednesday to learn more from Jay. I have no background with Warhammer RPGs and I'm burned out on Dnd 4e, so this looks really interesting to me. I came across a review from a WOTC employee that liked WFRP 3e. It was nice to see comments from someone that actually has GMed the game. It's an interesting read as he has captured most of the things that I am looking for in an RPG that 4e does not have. Check it out. http://community.wizards.com/wotc_rodney/blog/2009/12/20/thoughts_on_wfrp3
  9. Greetings! Does the color of the treasure chest figure matter in the scoring of the room? What I mean is... if yellow has the most heroes in a room with 2 gold and a green treasure chest. Does yellow get 6 gold (2 + 4-gold bonus) while green gets nothing ?
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