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  1. I'm not too familiar with this, but it seems somewhat Imperium-like to me for them to just elect cardinals from nearby, well-established areas, and appoint them as absentee-cardinals of the far reaches. From my understanding, the Emperor is nearly a myth on many worlds, and I can't imagine a cardinal needing to do much more with most places than be aware of their existance. Besides, there's billions of planets out there, who cares how some backwater promethium miners think things should be run?
  2. Any advice as to where someone completely new to the 40k universe should start? I've picked up "15 Hours", and another novel dealing with the crew of a Leman Russ battletank (I think it was called Gunheads), but I'm having trouble finding anything dealing with the more RT-related things, i.e. the operation of starships, what sort of people the high and mighty are, etc. Does anyone have suggestions of a few titles that show off the Rogue Trader setting a little more? Even an idea of which rulebooks for different 40k games contain heaps of background fluff would be helpful. I work in a bookstore, so usually price and print availability aren't huge issues.
  3. You can't forget the Marines or their equivalent, if you have a barracks. Marines are interesting to me because they're a very small percentage of your crew. You might have a gun crew of a couple thousand, yet you'll only have a handfull of marines. I'm hoping to develop them a bit in our sessions, I.E. for each component granted +10 to commands involving marine-type things, you can take on an additional "company", to a presumably reasonably level for the ship's size. I haven't thought of any really good gameplay effects besides the potential for rivalries between your dynasty's troops and some mercs you've hired, or the Inquisition coming to dig into what sort of soldiers you have camped in the aft barracks.
  4. Just curious as to how other people have designed the discriptions for their various ships' bridges (or librariums, barracks, etc.). This is the general idea for the bridge on the Hand of Eris, the ship the PCs (I'm taking a shot at GMing) will most likely be getting when they complete their first endeavour. It's equipped with a Bridge of Antiquity, besides being a Reliquary of Mars and Ancient and Wise, and the ship is a leftover relic from the RT's dynasty's days of immense wealth and power. Not only did that seem like it would be cool to write a discription for, it's the climatic setting for the end of the endeavour, and thus had to be done anyway. I looked at some of the illustrations of the archtypes and officers in the RT book and everywhere I could think of online, and noticed they were all kind of incredibly over the top in dress, so I ran with it. Alot of herbal meditation went into this, and I tried to leave things sort of vague as far as actual decorations so that the PCs can embelish in their own minds whatever they want. I mostly just thought Old (as in STC and Real-life) Gothic, decorated by a 41st century version of a noble Age of Sail Lord Admiral crossed with a guy who owns two hummers and a Mercedes. Bridge Layout The first thing you notice as you step through the massive, gold inlaid doors leading into the bridge is the almost numbing plainness of it’s towering armoured walls. The second thing is usually a realization that the walls are merely unadorned walls, leftovers from the ship’s centuries in the military, and they only look plain compared to the rest of the sights confronting you. The stairs you stand on are covered by a thick rug that appears to cover most of the metal of the main floor. Looking at the rising walkways around you, you notice even the railings are almost works of art in their own right. Bridge is nearly four stories tall, with the entrance being a giant, incredibly ornate staircase leading to a slightly sunken control pit. This is where most of the ship’s “brain” is located, the void farers who operate the weapon controls, helm, and other key systems. Extending from the sides around the stairs are curving walkways, leading to a raised platform containing a hololithic projection tank and operations center. Rising slightly from the rear of this platform lies the Captain‘s Throne, a masterfully built construction, inlaid with the rarest of metals, and posted on a revolving platform, giving the Ship‘s Master a full view of his realm. The operations center contains basic auxiliary control stations for most primary functions (firing control, helm), along with full ship status and data displays, based on reports passed through ancient cognation devices operated by scores of tech-priest and servitors. Slung below the platform is a small vestibule, accessible from a steep stair descending into the platform. Here, a ranking follower of the Machine God can interface with the ship, and it’s mighty cognation drives. These richly emblazoned machines rise to nearly the full four story height of the bridge, and are accessible via spiralling staircases or lifts located at the sides of the main stairs. An observation platform, rails hung with smouldering incense to ward off the daemons of the warp, ramps off of the second level of the cognators’ walkway, extending high above the bridge, near the top of the massive viewport. The viewport rises three stories, raised slightly off the ground, and wraps slightly across the front of the bridge. From it, nearly 180 degrees in front of the vessel are visible. It is wreathed in gold finery, and is usually kept covered with it’s thick adamantium blast shield while in combat and the warp. Leading through the control pit, the staircase becomes narrower, and passes down to a door constructed of a crystalline stone, long since made extinct in it’s natural form on a Solar planet’s moon, framed in gold-sheathed metals and nearly unbreakable. Beyond this lies the Navigator’s stations, and few are permitted into this sanctum. That's my bridge! I'm curious to see what other people have dreamed up.
  5. After re-reading through the RT core book again, I realized it pretty clearly states that all craft in Imperial space (or at least everything that isn't probably getting shot at) are registered and emit a beacon which identifies them and where they belong, etc., getting rid of my rationalization for why something like this might be needed anyway. I'm still getting familiar with the 40k Universe. XD
  6. I hadn't really thought about it like that. I was thinking more along the lines of ships operated by different groups within the Imperium itself, a ship run by Space Marines having a different prefix than one of the Navy. It seems practical given how many millions of ships must be out there, counting non-warp capable vessels, but the sector/fleet thing clears that up. Thanks. N0-1_H3r3 said: The one that I've heard used frequently, which I think was suggested in the novel Execution Hour, was His Divine Majesty's Ship, or HDMS, but it doesn't appear to be frequently referenced in the canon. This was more or less the reason I was wondering. I couldn't remember the title of the full novel, but I knew I'd read an excerpt from a story with something like that in it. Is there a good wiki out there for this sort of thing? I've found the Lexicanum to be pretty useful, but not always well worded and a little hard to track some things down on.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if there was a cannonical list of ship prefixes somewhere (I.E. H.M.S. or U.S.S., etc.) for the various factions flying around the universe. I'm what you might call a really part-time RPGer, and this is the first time I've ever GMed anything, so I'm sorry if this is a noobish question with an obvious answer sitting out there someplace I didn't think to look or in some book I couldn't managed to get ordered. I'd just make them up myself, since no one in my group is incredibly familiar with the 40k universe, but I'm still working on my "imaginative grandeur" abilities, and would probably settle for something lame like "R.T.S."
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