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  1. Oh that's a good point about Berserker Rage only being checks - doesn't change damage or toughness soak/when Fatigue (likely if you're rolling lots of Reckless dice) overtakes you.
  2. I agree they look like they stack - though Berserker Rage only gives the stat bonus on 2 boons so it's not a guarantee, it's more about the damage bonus for stance - and WP is not always a fighter's best stat, so I think the fact it takes an action and then the priest must also take an action (using lots of Favour). It does make a classic reckless Trollslayer and Sigmarite priest a nice team.
  3. Woo hoo - IT LIVES My campaign is resurrected using roll20.net for remote play to let 2 distant players join in (the player's whose conduct precipitated the long pause is no longer part of group). We pick up and continue! https://the-awkward-companions.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log I may start posting at Strike to Stun if folks think these fora too obscure now.
  4. I made them in word, using another's home-made weather effects and tinkering. I print off multiples so that "Fair and Sunny, like the day Taal met Rhya, fortune die to social actions" may come up more often then "Hot and Humid, feels like being in an ogre's armpit, [bunch of effects such as harder to get restful sleep, trooping around in heavy armour may cause negative consequences, inverse of fair and sunny in terms of social actions may not work as well]. I also have done "Sewer encounter/event" cards and "Cursed Marsh cards" (for 1000 Thrones/Marienburg) adapted from various earlier edition adventures. I use Pathfinder's chase/forest cards as well at times. PM me an email address and I'll send them to anyone interested.
  5. It's like poor light modifiers, which also are misfortune dice- though at some point a challenge die can be thrown in. I only do that if the conditions are bad enough some "chaos star-worthy" mischances are feasible as opposed to just missing. I also impose misfortune dice if shooting into melee, and a chance of friendly fire if not using the action designed for that purpose, see: https://the-awkward-companions.obsidianportal.com/wikis/common-rule-and-houserule-reminders I use "weather cards" (random deck to pull from) and they often have modifiers, such as Winter Storm, Ballistic Ranged attacks suffer one misfortune per range category (wind) - if not a blackpowder weapon.
  6. Yup, to keep it simple things are "in range or not", except for that longbow special action. Now I add misfortune dice range modifiers in terrain or conditions that suggest it - in heavy fog, forests etc. I use the same penalty as a bonus to hiding/penalty to spotting things in those conditions.
  7. Re defense cards, I believe all creatures are assumed to have all basic defences they qualify for (e.g., animals are usually dodge only as they are not parrying or blocking) The ACE budget can be spent representing fancier defensive moves etc., though I often also do things like goblins attack at night with lighting penalties etc.
  8. Edition wars are almost always tiresome "talking past each other" types of discussions that the Internet is so good at. They are a particularly sad phenomenon for WFRP as for many of those of us who like WFRP it's the setting not just the rules that attracts (one reason GW's decision to blow up the world rankles). Raining down criticism on whoever the current holder of the licence is just risks less stuff published for the setting you love. As a 2nd edition player you can still use information on Ubersreik and convert adventures, just as I use that great City of the White Wolf Middenheim supplement and vast swathes of Thousand Thrones. Ironically given the thematic overlap in some ways, my other love, Cthulhu Gaming which also puts a setting/vibe forefront does not seem to suffer from this nearly as much - whether it's editions of the mainstream version or the Trail/Gumshoe version etc. discussions are much more restrained, much more about "how to reflect X in this or that system" etc. less about "you're not having fun the right way" critiques. Something to keep in mind with whatever Cubicle 7 does with licence. Even those of us who love WFRP3 should not start every discussion of it with "oh for the days of chaos stars and critical wound decks" - unless they have made a special deal of some sort those days are as gone as the star-spanning gates of the Old Ones.
  9. Agree re strike to stun being a great WFRP forum but also a place where edition war sentiments bubble.
  10. Henchmen are great for snotlings, goblins at a certain point, mobs of easily discouraged peasants, zombies, skeletons etc. When I ran the game at 5th+ rank, expanding that to mercenaries and others was logical. I use henchman at mid-rank+ really as additional soak for primary foes. The 'bodyguards' that block direct line of sight, use Guarded Position to improve main target's survivability etc.
  11. Nice revision. The idea of Chaos Stars meaning Stress (did I ask too much of my deity or ask wrongly) is interesting. Perhaps a Chaos Star on the Channel action could carry over to the blessing itself? Sometimes a priest might decide "I have mistaken in my prayers so badly best to sacrifice this blessing attempt rather than see what happens..." This would then also fit with the idea that priests don't suffer the dangers wizards do because of their caution - a wizard with multiple chaos stars can't turn back, they suffer the Miscast effects, whereas a priest can choose to have their efforts sputter out safely.
  12. Agreed with the use of Challenge dice = "opposing Stat -2" as a better way of scaling opposition. Out-thinking an Int 6 foe is 4 Challenge dice - a test of your Int 6 if you have it, not a cakewalk of "same stats so 2 challenge dice". I find the star wars dice too simplistic and like the WFRP system's multivariate outcome.
  13. Agreed that a GM needs to let Player cleverness and success "change the story path".
  14. You could also rule that "Bobo" as the bird isn't really a spell or supernatural (winds of magic) effect. Bobo really is a parakeet, just with a daemon inside (when he comes out it's feathers everywhere). Daemons are extradimensional - so size isn't really an issue. Bobo just being a transformed daemon has a bit of a problem in that instability is supposed to make daemons just hanging around indefinitely not workable (if it was that easy why all the rigamarole of the adventure). Bobo inside the parakeet is "detecting magic through a barrier" so difficult and hard to do unless you are trying. Once Bobo is not in a parakeet, he should be affected by instability.
  15. Correct. Monsters can also spend out of their Aggression budget to add black dice representing maneuvers and other actions, and may have basic Dodge. I find it's easy to forget this and have monsters/NPCs be defeated before they get to use those dice defensively or offensively.
  16. I think the idea is indeed that invoking blessings is not very risky. But I think it's correct that only a divine spellcaster with poor WP will ever be in trouble, as it's hard to need to curry favour, use the favour and then have twice WP favour left. What the designers intended on this point is not clear. Indeed all the rules about carrying excess favour are odd in that you can only curry while invoking blessings. If you could curry "proactively" this would all make more sense but having invoked a blessing is a prerequisite of currying. I've always just used the Stress result of banes.
  17. Giving each major family an "influence factor", starting with the wealth rating of the holding they control (Sigmar's Heir's style), is a good starting point. A few can be modified up/down to reflect other factors. Part of the outcome of adventures can not just be "switching votes" but "increasing or decreasing the influence value of a voter". I was going to do something like this in my own game before it tanked. I like the choices you suggest. It depends on players and what they find fun but I myself like putting out choices that aren't just about risk/benefit options but about "who you are" - this only really works with players who are into roleplaying their character a bit more.
  18. Sorry, it's Power Behind the Throne adventure that has the point system for swaying events - well swaying the Graf (which you could make influencing a council, a Plenipotentiary etc.)
  19. Use the option to allow a fortune point to add something to a scene in order to create a handy witness, torch or other feature. Remind PC's they can spend them to remove a recharge token, that is often useful.
  20. A prior thread discussing this which has a link to my Averland Electoral Crisis document. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/98290-resolving-the-averland-electoral-crisis/page-2 If you have access to the Middenheim City of the White Wolf earlier edition supplement (scribd is your friend) it has an example of "points system" for resolving a political question. A major rival has to emerge at some point, but it's more interesting if there are two. A rival contender for Captain Baerfaust's heart would also make an interesting feature, particularly if it was a noblewoman from one of the main houses. Having to contend with an "out-flanking move" to combine Averland and Wissenland with one vote under the Toppenheimer family, in order to keep the total Electoral Votes equal when Nuln is given one of its own separating from Wissenland (the Emmanuele v. Leibwitz plot mentioned in Sigmar's Heirs) is another possibility - it's no good becoming a leading contender for a role that's about to be abolished.
  21. Yes, but under same restrictions in terms of C for mental only, but an NPC can't spend more than one cunning die per roll. So use them or lose them - an NPC going down with those unspent is weak sauce. On Observation etc. (them goblins with their cunning hear your coming because they sprinkled twigs you step on etc.). Remember to use them defensively too. Cunning for spellcasters or NPC's resisting a PC's mental skills of Intuition or other.
  22. I don't believe there are round by round guidelines, as the B.C's tactics and abilities will vary by your choice of B.C. - are they a fighter, wizard or other type enhanced? I suggest having lots of mooks and a good "lieutenant" threat as no single foe can stand up to pounding by multiple PC's long enough "have a credible on stage presence". Mooks with "my life for yours" actions and who do nothing but stand by taking "Improved Guarded Position Actions", who stand side-by-side so "no you can't surround them, actually only two can fight at a time" or who purposely intervene, "no you can't get a clear shot, if the mook makes a Agility check they block" etc. Those are really my thoughts for making any 'big boss' fight memorable. The other thing I have done is treat a single character as multiple ones (more than one action).
  23. Alas, a summer hiatus becomes extended and may be permanent. Regrettably, this game has collapsed due to a player moving, another player and I having a personal conflict (an ugly thing such as rpg.net threads are made of) and a third player deciding the travel time to participate is no longer worthwhile in light of the forgoing, leaving two players - with feeling that puts too much pressure to "choose x because it's needed, not because it fits character concept". At a minimum this means a hiatus on my running WFRP and perhaps an end to it if we cannot find replacement Players or develop a remote play option. If we can't find replacement Players that will be the end of this campaign, though we are exploring a couple of options - we are fussy however so are looking via our networks/known associates etc (no hack and slashers etc.) As part of 'wrapping up and packing up' I will try to pass on what I can that might be of wider use to WFRP3 games and WFRP games in general. In that event, I have been creating a gazette of central Averland along the Old Dwarf Road and north-east of Grenzstadt and some maps which I will share after removing adventure specific material or changing it into more generic plot hooks. It’s mostly system-neutral. I will also consolidate some WFRP3 resources I have created and use such as weather cards etc. and post via dropbox etc.
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