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  1. Add Zann Consortium GIVE ME KELDABE CLASS BATTLESHIPS Edit: Oh, and the Canderous Assault Tank
  2. Pretty simple, once per turn, even if you xo someone and they now have the CAG title, it is still your turn and you used the once per turn ability, that ability won't "refresh" til the token gets passed and the next player starts his turn. XO'ing someone doesn't give them a "turn", it just allows them to act on YOUR turn.
  3. I'm near Hartford, CT and looking for other Connecticut natives to play this with!
  4. I would love to have it just to have it, but I won't be switching from cards to digital anytime soon....call me a purist if you will. Regardless, I don't have an iPhone and have no intentions of ever switching to an iPhone so it looks like I'll have to wait and see if FFG will support a Droid version of this anytime soon. Which would make sense from a business standpoint since the Android OS covers so many phones on many differant carriers, unless of course FFG has some sort of deal with Apple.
  5. According to tim, activating all cylon ships of one type counts as an activation symbol of its type and thus can end up placing ships on the cylon fleet board and advancing the pursuit track Im assuming with this knowledge, a basestar needs to be on the gameboard to launch 2 raiders and 1 heavy raider since there is no specific activation symbol for this, thus not allowing you to use that part of the cylon fleet action with the cylon fleet board
  6. Yes, choice can be made even if all conditions cannot be met
  7. The action is occuring on the quorum card as well, so yes, the ability triggers because she is playing an action on a quorum card...president's office allows you to draw one and then play one essentialy giving her an extra action ONLY to play the card.
  8. I'd say cancel your preorder if that's the case and go with coolstuffinc.com, I hear they are already shipping their preorders
  9. XO someone, command, launch 2 vipers, lee jumps in a viper. Someone else uses command, see above. Apollo uses command, launches 2 vipers, jumps in one and takes an action (quite possibly another unmanned viper activation if CAG) Now that there are no attack crisis cards when using the cylon fleet board, you can actually see when the cylons are coming, its not much of a surprise anymore, so the most viable option is that SOMEONE WILL use command to launch vipers, and that's when Lee + CAG will strike the hardest. It's not nerfed, its just a new way to play.
  10. Toofy

    Got an extra piece

    Well, I finaly found a copy of Doom: The Board Game expansion set and I received an extra red cacodemon piece and am missing a red vagary piece...I just emailed FFG but I'm sure I wont receive a response til tomorrow, but if I cant get one from FFG, anyone willing to trade a red cacodemon for a red vagary? And no I dont want to return it, god knows how expensive this expansion will be later and I dont want to risk not finding another one anymore.
  11. Toofy


    I know it's a longshot, but I'm not giving up hope that I might still be getting a call today to pick this sucker up, I know they said late next week, but one can only pray that they were only compensating for holiday delivery times and that there still may be a chance to get this before christmas.
  12. I would tell them that first pick should be random so that everyone gets the chance to be who they want to be, for instance, I love playing as Apollo, but if I can't, then I can at least fall back on Adama or Agathon if I REALLY want to pilot something. They sound like a group I wouldnt like to play with if they insist on certain characters
  13. Toofy


    Depending on who is ordering it, some shipments i assume will make it to some stores in time (day before christmas eve), the hobby store near me said that if FFG had it at their warehouse today, chances are it will make their wednesday/thursday shipment. I'm crossing my fingers, I even put my name and number down so they call me if and when it comes in. Cant wait! we are having a thursday night party that will involve games and BSG, it would be a happy day to add Exodus to the mix.
  14. I actually just sent an email about this, cylon leaders and cylon sympathizers are treated as human when infiltrating but they cannot use their character specific abilities anymore as they are treated as revealed cylons in that regard. (except for Cylon leaders which begin the game with their specific abilities), therefore, no you cannot unless you are a cylon leader. (cavil, 6 or leoben)
  15. Exodus is showing as shipping now on the upcoming page! Christmas is coming soon to us all
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