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  1. Van Riebeck, With only 30 ship points to spent, they had went for a Transport. I am not exactly sure which Transport at the moment though. I wouldn't give them a battlecruiser or bigger for free though? Personally I think it would be cooler if it is tied to some storyline type thing as a big payoff during one of the arcs.
  2. Will perhaps give them the opportunity to create a few NPCs that I will take over. Worried about them taking a long time to create them though. What are some of the absolutely required crew members? My approach is to try and get a BSG feeling. A tight knit crew working together. Rogue Trader Navigator Astropath Seneschal Arch-Militant ?
  3. A nice variety of answers! Alasseo On second thought, you are right, it is rather redundant to assassinate someone else to get rid of your opponent but I reckon that on the Hive World they don't really want him to become a Martyr either. I suppose iti s easier to understand that an existing Rogue Trader has accumulated enough enemies over the course of his active duty that someone sends an assassin for him. (Imperial assassin might provide a nice investigation plothook, but might still veer away from it.) You reckon I can keep the new Rogue Trader oblivious to the origin of the Trade Warrant? Unfortunately, I can't take all the credit for the backstory. He had the idea of a civil war, I just filled in the rest. Also he has taken the last name of Korombrus (an obvious play) so now I have to create an NPC Vespusius that nullifies his 'great' discovery. Of course the twist would be that Vespusius will at some point aid the explorers and I'll just watch what the Rogue Trader does. Voronesh I'm aiming to improve my narrative abilities by running this game with them. We are also running a WFRP 3rd Edition campaign but I notice that I tend to rely (as they do) on the bitz and pieces laid out in front of me. My intent during space battles is just to give them a lot of narrative fluff and if there are more ships of the fleet in the vicinity to be in their own little skirmish and just give the players influence on the fleet's actions through vox and perhaps the astropath and navigator. Numb3rc The Rogue Trader wanted to have some kind of rival, so I can use your great ideas for that purpose . Hygric Oh definitely, the camera zooms seem like the only way to go if you really want to make the players feel in the middle of the action, so that has been my intent from the outset. I will make it clear that they are limited to that ship though in terms of operating crew. Tullio Tullio, I'm probably starting with the intro adventure ' The Forsaken Bounty ' to get them acqainted with this more rule heavy and old skool system (as compared to WFRP 3rd Ed.) and was looking at Frozen Reaches for the big military campaign thing I have been reading about. What does Lure of the Expense offer to the players and the GM? Also, how can I prevent them from being typecasted? Two of the players have decided on being a RT obviously and the other one a Void-Master (I think to help out with Piloting stuff instead of Gunnery) still waiting on what the third player would possibly be. It's highly likely I will keep acquisitions simple unless they really want to acquire something rare and manage to win the roll. Everyone First off, thanks for the support. What I am wondering though, with only three players I reckon that the game might be a little borked. How should I go about creating NPCs that fill the rest of the roles? For example if they are without a Navigator, should I create an NPC version?
  4. Errant said: It's as possible as you allow it to be. Large fleets do tend to make gameplay a little awkward. 3-5 military vessels with support ships is about the limit, in my experience. Oof. Don't let it turn into a board-game. Make sure you keep the narrative description going. Throw in bombastic events; sudden meteor showers, massive shards of ice plummeting through the void and making it hard to navigate, the titanic battle between ships drawing the attentions of a void kraken... Stuff like that. Both. Grand, personal stories. Stories of being pursued relentlessly by an eversor assassin for a crime they did not commit, combined with a story of hunting for a stable warp gate to Ultramar, fun stuff like that. Rogue Trader allows for remarkable depths of proactivity on the part of the players, they're encouraged to come up with their own adventures and plots. Thank you Errant. I assume that with 3 - 5 military vessels you are referring to Light Cruisers and bigger? I am currently looking at these three 'core books': Rogue Trader Core Rulebook (Woop, just got in the mail) Into the Storm Battlefleet Koronus What kind of fluff books should I go for first? Edge of the Abyss or Lure of the Expanse? My Rogue Trader player came up with a background story of leading a ressurection on a Hiveworld before he was whisked away as heir to the trade dynasty. It was my idea that his opposition on the Hive World siphoned him away from that world by sending an Assassin (an Eversor wouldn't care about subterfuge enough, would he?) to get rid of his father (or whatever) upon which the Rogue Trader forcefully inherits the Warrant of Trade. My second idea is for the Warrant of trade to stem from the time of the Emperor. (Does this have any real implications, besides more influence? They rolled a 1 for their ship, so a big profit factor.
  5. Upon realising that Rogue Trader possesses ostensibly decent Space Warfare rules, I tried to introduce the setting to my player group (A group of three players) and so far two of them are interested in giving the game a spin. However, I'm curious about some of the possibilities this RPG has to offer while I wait for the Core Rulebook to arrive in my mailbox. Rogue Traders tend to acquire entire fleets, is this possible for the players (or are Rogue Traders limited to a single ship)? What do I need for memorable Space battles? Being a Star Wars junkie, it is at least one thing I want to be able to adequately, perform, if you will, narratively tell. Grand campaign or personalised stories? Being 40K I assume I should treat my players to a part of the grand scheme of things? Thanks in advance, I eagerly await your answers.
  6. Next session will be the end of the Gathering Storm, but I had a question about the Comet ending. Does it only do damage in close and medium range? How far off would the bank of the river be? I take it would be medium range. So my players have six rounds to carry an unconscious adventurer from Schulmann's boat, carry him through the water into the other boat...Then they are ready to go to the shore with all the possible problems that go with it. (The athletics checks and the like.) But where do you reckon that they should be safe?
  7. Recently, I have been wondering about the content of the Creature Guilde/Vault. Does the vault possess the creature cards from the Tzeentch and Nurgle expansions or are those excluded? The reason I am asking is because I am considering maybe getting the PDF versions of some of the hardcover books. (I already have the first Game Master's vault, and it seems like a waste to buy the Hardcover book but I could use the handy disease and corruption tables.) For the other question... My group is currently finished with Gobspite, but I'm dreading that we lost track of their advances/exp at one point. Newbie players and all that -- not yet used to the extensive tracking that goes on in keeping you character up to date. I'm prepared to entertain the thought of a reset, but I am curious about how many advances they should've had accumulated when the Gobspite chapter started in a Gathering Storm. One of the characters (who Gobspite blasted to smithereens) was already into his second career. Wondering if that would be possible with only an Eye for an Eye and TGS.
  8. Scelous, you are somewhat forgetting the fact that the Warhammer world was mostly meant as a satirical take on Medieval Europe (at least I hope). This means that you are mostly correct, it is some form of rip-off. But familiarise yourself a little with Warhammer Fantasy, it might hold a little more depth than you think. Relating to your question: It should be possible to give your own setting a spin with the WFRP 3E mechanics if you understand the way the dice system works. But perhaps it is a huge effort to work around the whole card system. You'd effectively have to create your own cards.
  9. If you do go down the route of Tzeentch vs Nurgle - Shallya vs Nurgle, it will not be implausible that Tzeentch grants it's mark to the priest. One thing about Tzeentch is that he is the Bringer of Change, and his machinations don't always solely work through the cults of chaos. When the opportunity arises to introduce Change to an existing situation, I personally feel that Tzeentch would seize it.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I am not very interested in going the racism route in Warhammer Fantasy and I was solely asking about the possibilities cause I want to introduce a 'black' witchhunter. Any ideas on adding Mourn to the final chapter?
  11. GullyFoyle said: MRoxs said: To make sure if I follow the breakdown at the moment. If I'd get the GM Guide/Vault combination instead of the seperate Winds of Magic and Signs of Faith, I'd miss out on the enemies/spells/actions of those two expansions? You'd miss out on careers, spells, bitz for those, two adventures, and the some fluff. The only thing you'd get are basic corruption and disease rules and some fluff but not all of it. Is the situation salvagable through the Player's Guide/Vault? Or will I miss out the Dark Magic Spells, Creatures (with Creature Guide) and location cards still?
  12. Aren't the goblins in the Gathering Storm Night Goblins? If so, it makes sense that they are tougher than your average goblins. I kept them as normal enemies at least.
  13. To make sure if I follow the breakdown at the moment. If I'd get the GM Guide/Vault combination instead of the seperate Winds of Magic and Signs of Faith, I'd miss out on the enemies/spells/actions of those two expansions?
  14. Does someone still have this Adventure? I am looking for it, but Hammerzeit is down so I was wondering if there are any other locations where I might be able to grab this one?
  15. GullyFoyle said: Try this (for symbol font): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8R66MBJI Thank you! Is this the font done by Froo?
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