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  1. No, you can't assume bias just because the guy worked for them briefly. He's employed full time as a manager somewhere else, so his income isn't derived from his writing. I see your point though, but let me ask, will any reviewer who doesn't give a DNA sample and an FBI background check be believable? If I can put together the money to get a copy of WHFRP I'll try it out and write a review. I have no affiliation with any company or organization in the gaming industry. I'm just a player, and a thorough one at that, so I should pass muster. My writing skills are reasonable, too.
  2. Well I read through the StS thread suggested above and concluded, based on all the posts there the review is reasonably objective. The writer admits that he worked as a freelancer for FFG but not as a perm employee. I believe him/her. I especially enjoyed the you tube videos.
  3. Folks, can the game be played by four people or four plus the GM? By the way I found a review at www.strike-to-stun.net/wfrp/2009/12/warhammer-fantasy-roleplay-3rd-edition-review that seemed informative.
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