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  1. Thanks, GrimmSqueeker. I'm glad you liked it.
  2. I ran an Only War game some time ago, and I felt that a theme song would be helpful. Resolving to steal only from the best, I based the song on "Over the Hills and Far Away" by John Tams, the theme song from Sharpe's Rifles. I modified some of the lyrics for 40k, but I think the spirit remains the same. It uses the same tune. In-universe, this is a marching song from the Imperial world Arcadia, used by the Arcadian 421st reconnaissance regiment, but I'd imagine it could be sung by many regiments. Here are the lyrics: Here's forty rations on the drum For those who'll volunteer to come, To 'list and fight the foe today, Over the skies and far away. O'er the skies and o'er the main, Through hive and fortress, forge and plain, The Throne commands and we obey, Over the skies and far away. When duty calls me I must go To stand and face another foe. But part of me will always stray Over the skies and far away. (Refrain) Through fire and bolt and shot and shell And to the very gates of hell There we shall stand and we shall stay Over the skies and far away. (Refrain) If I should fall to rise no more, As many comrades did before, Then ask the fifes and drums to play Over the skies and far away. (Refrain) Let lords and tyrants come and go I’ll stand adjudged by what I know, A soldier’s life I’ll ne’er gainsay, Over the skies and far away. (Refrain) Then fall in lads behind the drum, With colours blazing like a sun, Along the road to come-what-may, Over the skies and far away. (Refrain)
  3. Maybe you're just drinking with the wrong women.
  4. I personally wouldn't be outraged at that unless someone tried to claim that a female servitor on the cover counts as meaningful inclusion. The Imperium puts women in penitent engines, so we already know that it's equal opportunity with its tortures.
  5. It's worth noting, in terms of their customer base, that FFG have done an awful lot of inclusion so far. If they didn't think women were going to play the 40k rpgs, they wouldn't have put women on every cover before this one (except Deathwatch, which has a canon reason for being a sausage fest), or put women in their sample adventures, or had so much art with women in it. And FFG has been right, too; several people in this thread have mentioned that women are part of their gaming groups. So, yes; I think they do know their customer base, which is why I think this cover's gender homogeneity is an unfortunate omission, rather than a deliberate choice to exclude.
  6. I don't think that criticism is a threat to art. My own writing has been greatly improved by other people's criticism; it's a necessary part of the creative process. No piece of art is ever going to please everyone, but I think we all have a right to say what we like and what we don't. Divisions are not always bad; it'd be awfully hard for anything to change if we all had to change our minds at the same time.
  7. Note that I didn't say that women never played RPGs before now; I said that inclusive art and games make it easier for them to get into it. I remain unconvinced that the proportion of women in gaming has remained unchanged in the last thirty years, or that inclusiveness has no effect on people's interests. We may, as you say, just have to disagree here.
  8. I disagree. The reason we have the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" is because people often judge books by their covers. If the cover didn't matter, you wouldn't have read this far into a thread about the cover, and it wouldn't bother you when folks ask for more inclusion on the cover. Women have certainly been playing rpgs for some time, but I think that they're doing it more now, at a time when RPGs are far more likely to include them in the artwork and the text. I think the two have gone hand in hand.
  9. If FFG is trying to sell the game to women, then they should want to add women. Judging by their other games, I'd suspect that they do. I don't think that any of us are forcing FFG to do anything; we're just talking on a message board about what we like and don't like. I don't think that telling them what we care about makes us enemies. I think that FFG is composed of both decent people and decent salespeople, and as such they have multiple reasons to care how their customers feel. I think you're right, too, that they probably didn't leave women off of the cover because of malice. But being left out because the game designers forgot about you still sucks.
  10. I'm pretty sure that they didn't make an all-male cover because of "political correctness". That'd be like wanting to get to the north pole and walking south. I guess that opinions differ on the DH1 cover's assassin. My wife is strongly feminist and she didn't mind the cover; she even played an assassin in our first game. She didn't see the DH1 cover assassin as cheesecake, although I get that some people could. However, she does see the new cover's lack of inclusion as a disappointment. The people in this thread might disagree about what good inclusion looks like, but I think we'd mostly agree that no inclusion at all is a bad thing. I think the reason why cps reacted so strongly is that we want women to be included because they're people, and not just because we think they're pretty. Your initial post could have been interpreted the second way, and I think cps took it that way because that attitude is unfortunately way too common.
  11. Thanks, Radwraith. I'd argue that how women are depicted is more than a matter of style - if women are depicted as pinups and not as potential characters, that's a big problem too. But the past covers have - in my opinion - done fairly well at including female characters, so it's disappointing to be taking a step back.
  12. If we want women to play the game, and it sounds like we all do, the game need to show the sort of women in-universe who gamers might want to be (not just look at, but be). For some, yeah, that's scantily-clad death cult assassins. For others, it's Inquisitors in carapace, or Adepta Sororitas in power armor, or psykers in robes and lightning bolts. The point is, this cover doesn't do much for any of them. I do think that things are getting better, but I also think that they could get worse if we don't point stuff like this out. Inclusion matters.
  13. It's a beautiful work. It captures a lot of the creepy grandeur that I love about the earliest 40k art. That being said, it's a shame that there aren't any women in the picture. About half of my usual 40k RPG gamers are women, and plenty of the acolytes and inquisitors in the published fiction are women (Swole, Kys, Bequin, Arianhrod Esw Sweydyr, etc.). It's nice when they're included.
  14. My first notion is that the rammed vehicle should take (Silhouette of ramming vehicle)+spike bonus, and the ramming vehicle should take (Silhouette of rammed vehicle). That way, ramming the Jawa Sandcrawler with your speeder bike will go as badly as you'd imagine. If this is a big element of your campaign, you could create some vehicle mods that specifically impact ramming damage - spikes to boost it, but also oil slicks to reduce it or electrified panels to damage other rammers.
  15. Hopefully it'll be good. The Marvel movies are usually good, so I have high hopes. Also, I like how they've now released a trailer for the trailer. Yo dawg, etc.
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