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  1. Morning Andreievitch! I'm in Melbourne but my FLGS actually got it in the very next day. So it looks like we only have the 4 characters so I guess I'll have to include a couple from the previous beginner box sets and just re-do the background stories to fit this set's story.
  2. Quick question I was asked at my FLGS when contemplating running this for some new players (It's not out in Australia yet) Are there only four characters in the beginner box? Are there plans for additional PDF characters like the other beginner boxes?
  3. When running my Imperial based campaign I had my PCs working as part of a clandestine Intelligence operation (Imperial Special Service) working for high-ranking Imperials such as Vader, the Emperor, Thrawn etc through a Colonel (Jorrun Stern) of my own creation. They were kind of like Inquisitors or Imperial hands with a range of freedom that allowed them to pursue their own missions most of the time but still taking special operations as directed by their shadowy superiors. To get around the Dark Side corruption (and the inevitable decline into Sith-Murder Hobos), the Force Users of the group new that if they fell to the Dark Side they became a threat to the Emperor and to Vader and would disappear much like others before them. I never told them what would happen and they assumed it meant they were executed. It made a good story-telling arc and kind of kept them in check, especially when they had to deal with Vader who always seemed too interested in the Force Users and their descent to the Dark Side...
  4. Wasn't there a Legends trilogy Coruscant Nights or something? I didn't read it myself but I did read the blurb and it sounded noir-ish? Lets see if I can find it… There is a trilogy of novels Starting with Jedi Twilight that are set just after Order 66 and all set on Coruscant From Goodreads (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/758715.Jedi_Twilight): With the dark ascension of the Empire, and the Jedi Knights virtually wiped out, one Jedi who escaped the massacre is slated for a date with destiny–and a confrontation with Darth Vader. Jax Pavan is one of the few Jedi Knights who miraculously survived the slaughter that followed Palpatine’s ruthless Order 66. Now, deep in Coruscant’s Blackpit Slums, Jax ekes out a living as a private investigator, trying to help people in need while concealing his Jedi identity and staying one step ahead of the killers out for Jedi blood. And they’re not the only ones in search of the elusive Jax. Hard-boiled reporter Den Dhur and his buddy, the highly unorthodox droid I-5YQ, have shocking news to bring Jax–about the father he never knew. But when Jax learns that his old Jedi Master has been killed, leaving behind the request that Jax finish a mission critical to the resistance, Jax has no choice but to emerge from hiding–and risk detection by Darth Vader–to fulfill his Master’s dying wish. Hope that Helps
  5. And yet in Return of the Jedi we get to see Threepio say "I never knew I had it in me…" after Luke levitates him before the Ewok village. I'd argue that Threepio had been around enough Jedi shenanigans (even without the prequel trilogy memory wipe) but still believed there was a chance he actually levitated himself. I mean it could calculate the odds of surviving a dash through an asteroid field yet still believed he had magicked himself across the village and he seemed pretty sane. If a droid had been around the Jedi temple and had heard someone describe using the Force (-especially being around younglings who must have tried and failed on occasions) then I don't see why that compiled with the trauma of the massacre at the temple might mess with its programming to the point it might believe its capable. Star Wars droids seem pretty emotional and in the expanded/legends settings the crazy ones always seem to have undergone some traumatic event. In the end, if its fun for the gaming table then why not? I think it'd be a pretty interesting addition to the group!
  6. Same problem here. I can connect to the community forums with no problem. I'm running Mac OS X 10.8.5 with the latest version of Safari for that operating system, which is 6.2.8 and I'm located in Australia. I can access the site from my iPhone but not any PC - it's been like this for a few weeks. Out of the 5 people at our Star Wars gaming table 4 of us are having issues while the fifth doesn't use the site (I think). Any thing further from FFG?
  7. That sounds an awful lot like an old RPG called Kult...
  8. When I first started gaming a looooong time ago I was a huge fan of Call of Cthulhu but admittedly was never a great fan of the system. After reading and playing a few sessions of Zombie Apocalypse I decided to start running this game using all the old Call of Cthulhu scenarios (like Adventures in Arkham, Blood Brothers etc). It's working a real treat! So much better than the BRP system - which sometimes can be a bit lacklustre. This rules set even has a built in Sanity system in the form of Mental Stress and Trauma that works much like the Sanity Rules in CoC. I always found in CoC that the massive list of skills and no real traits left most characters feeling a little flat, with some skills becoming ones you just HAD to have. With End of the World the characters seem more fun, more tailored to what each player wants to portray with their negative and positive qualities but the character seem just as fragile. I don't know for me it just… works. Really, really well. If you're a fan of Call of Cthulhu and like me never really liked the system then I highly recommend trying it using the End of the World rules.
  9. This in addition to the possible stress of that zombie being someone you knew before they became a zombie would be traumatic. Seeing them as a zombie is stress inducing let alone having to 'kill' them in self defence. I think if it makes sense for the story then why not inflict mental stress after discharging a firearm?
  10. What kind of things might deter the character/player? Personally I would go with: The Captain's prize Nexu/targ/whatever-vicious-hound-beast lounging on the entry ramp. As the player gets closer it raises its head, sniffs the air and gives a little growl that makes the nearby pirates who are loading supplies or working on a nearby landing strut pause and peer into the darkness wondering what the beast is alerted to. The closer the character gets the more agitated the beast gets and the more alert the pirates become. Give the guy some stealth rolls but let him know the beast has got some keen senses as it gets more aggressive the closer he gets. You could even have the Captain himself walk onto the ramp and scratch the beast behind the ear and "What's with the noise? Do you smell something Lassie?" If he continues have the beast finally catch his scent, let out a braying howl and start the chase, followed by some blaster wielding pirates to chase him all the way back to the other PCs, forcing them to take take off under a hail of blaster fire... If he thinks he might get busted by the pet he might rethink storming the ship. Hope that helps
  11. No Stay on Target is already released!!!! We need Force & Destiny!!!
  12. Unfortunately, shipping times are something out their control. They can aim for products to come out on or around May the 4th, but the slightest delay at the printers or while it's on the boat can throw those plans completely out of whack. Believe me I do understand this, I deal with this everyday as a Project Manager in the Construction industry but most companies should and do have an idea on manufacturing and shipping timeframes. It's not a really a criticism on their choices (as I stated - I love FFG stuff, they are hands down my favourite Gaming company -just check my crippled bank balance!) but more a rambling that with May the 4th becoming more and more of an event to look forward to by Star Wars fans every year it would have been nice to celebrate this with some Gaming. It just seems like a bit of a missed opportunity to have made it into a gaming event, maybe draw more people into the hobby. If any year were the year for it, it would be this one!
  13. Just means that unfortunately there won't be any May the 4th & Destiny beginner game like we were really hoping. If its on the boat now that means we might not see it in Australia until late this month or even next month... I love the FFG stuff it just seems they miss some great Star Wars opportunities due to release dates being slightly after the event.
  14. Building on this, instead of an AI what if it was an ancient Sith Lord who found a way to connect a holocron with his personality directly into the ship itself making it a living extension of his holocron 'ghost.' And perhaps he has been trapped for millennia just waiting for someone dumb (or unlucky) enough to turn on all of the systems including the holocron/computer interface. Could be scary facing a near living ship that hates you with its every fibre/circuit. Especially if you have Jedi who can sense it...
  15. An infamous separatist ship, working on the edges of space developing a bio-engineered virus they could have dropped during the clone wars (as the battledroids would be unaffected but clone troopers would) but was lost during the final days of the war and has become an infamous legend (a ghost ship that spacers talk about in hushed voices in the shadows of the Cantina). Perhaps the organic crew and scientists were killed and now it is being crewed by the remaining droids who are just continuing their last orders? Or something more sinister like an insane Jedi looking for payback for the fall of his Order? Or an Imperial moff has discovered the ship and is continuing the research for use on ‘unruly’ planets such as Mon Calamar (or whatever they call it now). And because I like moral conflict in my games I'd make it that a cell of vicious rebel operatives know about it and are after it to use on Coruscant, Kuat or Corulag (or whatever favourite Imperial stronghold you like), it's now a race against time to beat the other group to the ghost ship and stop them from committing genocide in the name of the Rebel Alliance… A few additional quick ideas: ​-For an aliens style feel (or perhaps a bodysnatchers feel) Instead of a virus, its a prototype combat droid that was being designed to wear skins of humanoid aliens to infiltrate the enemy but its gone mad and killed all the original scientists and has been lying dormant or preying on all those treasure hunters that came before. Perhaps that is why the hangar bay is full of silent, uncrewed ships and perhaps that why Derssk, your trandoshan ship mechanic has been acting weird since he went to the refresher all alone… -If you want to add some more tension its on a time limit so they need to keep moving. The ship (or maybe small asteroid with a hidden base?) is locked into a degrading orbit with a sun, blackhole or populated planet. Or once they power it up its engines are locked into a catastrophic malfunction and explosion etc. It could be a good thing amongst all the horror to be raiding the Ghost Ship to stop it from wiping out their employers favourite Smuggling Haven/Shadowport. -If you have any Jedi/Force Users in the group then perhaps it is some ancient, meteor -scarred Sith ship from the Old Republic and there is some kind of Jedi Hunting hound twisted by Sith Alchemy as the evil within. That way you can use the Force Sensitives as a motion sensor that can sense the approach of the beast, just like in Aliens to build up the fear. And you can have a room full of the bones of all the Treasure Hunters that came before...
  16. I think Nar Shadda is a pretty bad place to hide personally. I mean it is teeming with life so detection may be hard but being the Smuggler's Moon and the hub of trade for Hutt space I'd warrant there is a LOT of people who'd be looking to collect on the Imperial Bounty placed on force users. One little slip up which reveals you and then its either call the Imperials or perhaps even worse, the Hutts. I'm sure the Imperial attention a hiding Jedi would bring down on the Cartels wouldn't be viewed lightly by any criminal organisation.
  17. I was hoping that it would be here and available for May 4th but it doesn't look like there'll be any Force & Destiny this day. Will have to stick with Age of Rebellion it looks like...
  18. At the moment we are rotating through WFRP (natch!), Deadlands Classic & Song of Ice and Fire RP. We have played pretty much everything over the last 20 years or so but Legend of the 5 Rings, Earthdawn and Deadlands keep coming around more often than most. A few of our group really like Shadowrun - I like the background fluff but its a pretty broken system - especially with the spirit/elementals summoning crap. Having the ability to summon something that nullifies half the party roles is pretty nerfed IMO. Looking to go back and run some 7th Sea after we finish up the Deadlands stuff, but also been eyeing off that Achtung Cthulhu stuff (Cthulhu and evil Nazis how cool is that!)
  19. As the GM for my group I wouldn't mind some more creatures (can never have enough). As for my players, the two biggest things I ALWAYS get asked about are: 1. Bretonnian Knights 2. High Elf Wizards
  20. The Warhammer novel 'Runefang' has both a halfling and an ogre as characters. The halfling gives a unique insight on their need to constantly eat (in addition to being the stereotypical thief and cook) and it shows you how an Ogre works within the Empire -which admittedly I always found more than a little difficult to comprehend.
  21. As for the questions raised about the founding and the Progenitor, the OP does state that all records of the Chapter Founding were lost... Ebon
  22. If you're looking for Horror moments in a Deathwatch game then perhaps use the thing that the SMs fear the most... Corruption. Have one of the convicts being a powerful psyker or sorcerer who was being transported in secret by the Inquisition. The unique sorcerous powers/psyker abilities make the Kill-Team: -- Hallucinate that they are mutating or that one of their fellow SMs is mutating -- Have flashbacks of performing some horrific heinous deed while seperated from the rest of the squad. Perhaps these flashbacks are memories of the psyker and can help propel the encounter along. --The Psyker/Sorcerer whispering dark little messages in his head as if they were long lost friends. --Have them spot things moving from the corner of their eye that the rest of the KT doesn't see. Believing that they are being corrupted should put a little fear into them.Then you can see which marines thry to hide it from their fellows which is handy for future reference... Ebon
  23. Really? I always allow the point buy system for my players, it means thay can better build a character they envision they want to play. Nothing worse than deciding you want to play a Space Wolf Assault Marine who doubles as the KT Scout and then having the worst Agility and Perception scores in the group... Plus it makes it easier for my players to find their 'niche' within the Kill-Team. Since my group does character generation at the table together, they often discuss their role in the group. By assigning points they all can find their own thing which (for us) is important since the game consists of characters who are all quite similar already... Ebon
  24. Surely endangering the rest of the Kill Team so recklessly would not be great for morale, and since the Librarian doesn't seem to have much regard for the safety of his fellow Battle-Brothers, I'd give the group a Cohesion Point penalty and let the rest of the KT handle the situation from there. Ebon.
  25. Of course. I should have seen that, just got blinded by the math and the fact they started talking about making checks if you didn't have training in a Basic Skill. Thanks, Ebon.
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