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  1. If I recall correctly that was part of a challenge someone issued. I don't recall if anyone else made any others though.
  2. Veet

    Custom Heralds

    Sorry for chiming in late but I wanted to point out that the Reach ability on the Slender Man changing all locations to unstable may have unintended effects. For example the investigators could now use the Naacal Key and a few encounters to relocate gates to previously stable locations and make some unbustable seals since no mythos card will ever open a gate there. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but something you should be aware of. If you want to avoid unintended effects you could phrase the ability more to the tune of "Stalkers treat all locations as unstable for the purpose of movement".
  3. The Professor said: I don't know, I can say for certain that I fall into the category which felt negative about the minis but would be interested in something like this. .....and I certainly have some negative feelings about certain aspects of this forum.
  4. If you are only using a small number of custom monsters it's also possible to use spawn monsters as proxies in the monster cup, I find the Beings of Ib to be handy for this because of their unique color.
  5. Tibs said: That is my understanding. You move to a location with a gate, and have your encounter—which, for an open gate, is to enter the gate. The "draw 2" clause is irrelevant here. Well it's kind-of relevant, it's just that the enter gate clause overrides both cards so you get your choice of entering the gate or entering the gate.
  6. Well based on how it plays you don't even need a sleeve to insert a copy.
  7. Since the card actually mentions Rex by name I would think the intent was not to insta-devour him. Another interesting combo, Discomforting with Ghatanothoa.
  8. +1 Speed +1 Luck Movement: Exhaust instead of spending $1 to ride the train.
  9. You should probably try to contact customer support with such questions.
  10. Based on the nature of being a fan of this game I would think that lots of us could qualify for a +1 Lore. All the text in the game I would assume it atracts lots of people who are reasonably well read.
  11. Those changes sound reasonable, play testing could confirm how well it all works. As for the title Celestia's Favored Student can work, also something like The Element of Magic could work. (yes I know way too much about MLP for a 34 year old man......but.....I have kids so I have an excuse)
  12. Spike doesn't really balance with other existing allies, the examples we have that increase maximum sanity and stamina (Duke and Sir William Brinton) only increase that and do not also include an additional bonus like spikes lore boost. At first glance I like Twilight's powers but would worry if they aren't too powerful when paired. Doubling the effects of a tome can be powerful under the right circumstances but add an extra clue token to that? King in Yellow could potentially net 9 clue tokens in one go and if you doubled the effect of De Vermiis Mysteriis (close a gate to close 2 gates) that could be a game ender right there. She seems like she would have a nice unique feel to her though, focusing on her reading abilities is a good route to take.
  13. Apparently at several readings of the book Mary was reported to have refered to the monster by that name. I've heard this from several sources including a forward in a copy of the book, my litterature profesor back in college told the story as well, I've managed to find references to it on both Wikapedia and TV tropes. Of course that's not to say that both our accounts can't be true, the story being fiction and the author being human it is her perogative to change her mind or even be inconsistent.
  14. MyNeighbourTrololo said: As for House, he'll need money for his Addiction. So, tecnically, he needs money to treat. He's also has one less total stamina/sanity point and poor physical parameters. You should still count the addiction as half when balancing since his power takes away the devouring effect.
  15. Mary Shelly actually referred to it as Adam outside of the novel.
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