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  1. A couple of years ago these boards were very alive. Warhammer Invasion was my first card game and I learned a lot about rules and mechanics from people posting on these boards. Maybe they should merge all the sub-forums into a big one, it might generate more traffic. Ironically, your thread about these boards being dead has generated more replies than any I've seen in recent times.
  2. They're doing this for all of the new articles so I don't think the decision was related to the complaints made on previous Warhammer Invasion articles. Anyway, I think it's a step in the wrong direction.
  3. I'm new to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I was browsing for some material on the setting and I found a review of two books: Uniforms and Heraldry - The Empire (useful but mostly aimed at wargamers) and Sigmar's Heirs (from second edition) which I find very interesting. Here's the link (the Sigmar's Heirs review starts at 12:10):
  4. Here's an idea. What about releasing a Warhammer Invasion Core set expansion ? It will only come with the cards needed to complete a full set. Example: 2 Demolition, 2 Judgement Of Verena, 1 Seduced by Darkness, etc. No need for Lobber Crews or Pistoliers since we already have a full set of those. The price could be the same they use for regular expansions such as Assault on Ulthuan and Marched Of The Damned. This way, they won't need to repackage the Core set.
  5. I don't know if somebody else has already post info on this but Drakkenstrike has posted a video review of the game on YouTube. Drakkenstrike is being known to produce high quality video reviews on board games and card games. Check it out:
  6. When I said to build your deck around a theme I meant giving it a primary focus. Having a secondary theme to complement the primary focus is a good thing.
  7. Hi, welcome to the forums! Building a deck is not an easy task. You learn a lot from trial and error but it's also a fun experience when deck starts to play the way you envisioned it. The first thing I noticed is that your deck has a lot of big creatures but not enough units / supports to generate resources early in the game. You need the small low-cost units/supports in order to pay for the bigger ones (some people refer to this as your "resource curve"). I usually play at least 18 cards that are playable first turn in the kingdom zone. I think you should go with 3 Warpstones instead of 2. Contested Village is also a great card that every competitive deck plays and helps a lot early in the game. Savage Marauders (3-cost, 2-power / 1-hp) were very popular when the core set was release. You play it first turn on your kingdom and you get 5 resources on your second turn. They're very vulnerable to Har Ganeth and Vile Sorceress though. From your list I can see a lot of things going on in your deck: corruption, undead, direct damage, big creatures. I know it's hard to build a deck from a limited card pool but I think you should decide how you want to win the game and try to build your deck around this theme. I hope this helps.
  8. StarFox88 said: The next i will test is to remove the Serpent Slayer. I saw here an antisynergy with the Repeater Bolt Thrower. For the "Arbalest" you only want exact 1 development in your battlefield, the Slayer instead will need nearly all developments in your battlefield to do max damage. Am I missing something here ? You need as many developments as you can play in the battlefield for the thrower to work efficiently since, after the errata, it can only shoot once per turn. Anyway, I like grille's update on the Thrower deck and I like the modifications you made. I might build it to playtest it.
  9. Thanks! I'm kind of becoming a fan of ffgfan... I like the art taken from GW but it's good to know FFG is also hiring artists to produce original art for the game. Concerning the Capital Cycle, I guess it makes sense since Legends will introduce the first card that directly enhances the Capital board.
  10. As far as I know, this is the first unit we've seen that has 2 actions. Better yet, there is a synergy between the actions. Looks very powerful. I hope we'll see more of these 2-actions cards for the other factions.
  11. Once again, thanks for the info. I guess the complete translation for Juggernaut of Khorne would be: Action: When this unit attacks, sacrifice X developments to search the top 5 cards of your deck for a unit with printed cost X or lower and put it into your battlefield attacking. Then shuffle your deck. I think Masque of Slaanesh is playable but I'd rather have Keeper of Secrets instead of the Juggernaut in the 6-cost slot.
  12. ffgfan said: And from this we can only gues what Actions the other Legends will have. I can only hope that the other Chaos Legend (Kairos if I'm correct) will have a better Action then Archoan. Is there more than one legend per faction in the expansion ? That's good to know. From the image, the orc legend seems to have a constant effect, probably related to the self damage theme. Thanks for all the info you're providing, ffgfan. We all know release dates are not set in stone but it's good to know an estimated date of release.
  13. Is Light of Morrslieb worth playing against Empire to avoid or at least delay the Will + Verena combo ? I think it's a bit expensive but if you can play it early you might get ahead on the race against Verena.
  14. grille said: Considering that Soul Stealer and Wilhelm are restricted cards, DE maybe will get something strong in the next battle packs and Empire will get more moving effects. I think Kaiser Franz has also a movement effect and then it would be too much. Karl Fraz has indeed a movement effect but it only moves units its owner controls:
  15. rings said: #1 - is there a good online search engine for WH anymore? I had one...they stopped putting cards into it. Then I changed it to another (Zandri) and it looks like they stopped. Anyone? Here's a link to deckbox: deckbox.org/games/whi/cards Advanced search is very useful depending on what you are looking for.
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