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  1. Yeah, I thought I recognized your handle, Lord Mhoram, from the HERO System forums back in the day. I'm excited about Genesys also; unwrapped a copy of it the yesterday for Xmas. I played Warhammer 3e and loved it; I played a short lived Edge of the Empire campaign as well as the Force and Destiny intro box and was less into it (not a Star Wars fan, personally), and enjoy the underlying narrative dice mechanics quite a bit. I'm also playing a Cortex Plus hack and a Fate Accelerated hack off and on, so I'm not sure if I'll bring Genesys to the table anytime soon, but we'll see how inspired I get when I read thru the book.
  2. www.killershrike.info/WISH_SFX_Grenadier.ashx Finished up the Grenadier SFX.
  3. www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_Roster_ShadowSpawn.ashx www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_LadyEvening.ashx www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Dayspoiler.ashx Dayspoiler & Lady Evening: a dark duo who came into possession of a pair of potent belts granting great power over sapping shadows and diabolical darkness in a nightmarish misadventure deep in the bowels of the Earth. Setting out to fight crime, they were lead by increasingly dark urges to a sliding drift from righteousness. Now they perpetrate crimes on other criminals...but it's probably only a matter of time before they both lose all sense of virtue and find themselves fully fledged villains.
  4. www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_BimBamBoozle.ashx Bim Bam Boozle: this kooky schizo freak wreaks his own brand of cracked criminal enterprise on a baffled citizenry. He's been apprehended many times and sequestered in a maximum security psych ward, but somehow manages to talk his way out or escape by some weird string of coincidences. As cruelly comic as he is criminally crazy, encounters with Bim Bam Boozle are equal parts surreal and sociopathic.
  5. www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Kolossol.ashx Kolossol: A marauding mutant with control over his own cellular structure, this hyper-dense uncannily strong super thug robs heavy industrial equipment, leaving massive destruction in his wake if interfered with.
  6. I haven't been keeping this thread updated, but lots of work has been done on this project in fits and spurts. At this point, all the SFX stunt categories are basically done except for one I recently added and haven't fully fleshed out, Grenadier. I need to compile a master list of stunt cards, but at a rough estimate there are about 700 of them at this point. I did an initial pass to form up the SFX sets better and add some structure. I settled on sub-groups of 8 Stunts, with every SFX having at least 16 Stunts. Current ToDo list: I intend to do an editorial pass to standardize the language, make some balance adjustments, and tweak a few conventions that formed up as I went along. But the Stunts should be basically playtest ready in their current state. I need to write up some rules sections that currently just subsume the Warhammer rules as written and aren't spelled out in situ. Those who know the Warhammer rules would be able to play it, and those who did not would have no clue as to the missing sections. I need to finish writing up the Superteam rules. I want some kind of leveling scheme for Superteams but I havent yet found a good common thread to tie it all together. Do a balance pass on the Archetypes. In particular, Savant and Booster might be overpowered. The "karmic" ability of Savants is hard to calculate balance for...probably useful to make a character specifically designed to min max it to see what the extreme case looks like. As to Boosters, to make a support oriented archetype more appealing I may have over-incentivized it; a little toning down is probably in order. On the low end, the Metamorph archetype may need a small buff, it does allow a pretty diverse SFX selection and skill selection, and so I made the Archetype Ability kind of weak to compensate...but I need to take a big picture look at it to make sure its not overcompensating. Possible-> might add one or two more Origins. The current collection is pretty comprehensive, but...i don't know, my gut says 1 or 2 more for variety. Will consult the old Marvel Superheroes FASERIP Ultimate Powers Book -- it had a ridiculous # of origins. At the very least, I think some kind of desolid lifeform origin should be available for ghost, energy body, amoeba type characters. It's possible to do some of that with specific Stunts...but having an origin option to also cover it adds variety. Characters-> need to make a few more iconics to cover some of the AT's and SFX sets. Most glaringly, I have not yet made a Mentalist. It also wouldn't hurt to make another Hybrid.
  7. Been a busy few months; started a new job, and so forth. Morph is coming along, with Growth, Shrinking, and Stretching done. I kind of stalled out in Density Manipulation, as getting lighter and even fully intangible is complicated business in WH terms, but the heavy side of the spectrum is done. After I struggle thru the rest of Density Manipulation, I'll do Bestiamorph (the ability to change into animal forms, and use some animalistic qualities. I think it will be easy and I've got a rough map laid out, but we'll see. After Besitamorph is Shapeshifting. I roughed out the pattern to manage changing into various things and giving some variablity to differentiate characters, but the wording will be tricky on the cards. www.killershrike.info/WISH_SFX_Morph.ashx
  8. Back from vacation (it was awesome), and back to the grindstone on WISH. I just finished the Mind SFX, which was pound for pound the hardest SFX thus far to do. But, I think I covered the subject pretty well all in all. I skipped psychometry and clairsentience for now as they are problematic, but I got some "hard" abilities like Mental Projection, Possession, and Hallucinations dealt with in a way that I'm fairly happy with. Anyway, on to the next SFX...probably Morph. Getting down to the last few now. www.killershrike.info/WISH_SFX_Mind.ashx
  9. White Russian witch of the old lore, she lends her mystical mastery to the fight against injustice and villainy as a member of The Chastisers. Larger than life and possessed of strange powers, she is a powerful ally and a fearsome enemy. She is...Mystikova! www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Mystikova.ashx
  10. Super-athletic scion of one of the previous generation's greatest heroes, James Tillerman Jr. leads the Chastisers as the superhero known as Arbitrage. Though not as powerful as his late and lamented father, James Jr. is as determined as they come and a master of down and dirty close combat. More than one supervillain has enjoyed a lengthy incarcerated "vacation" thanks to Arbitrage and his fists of justice! www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Arbitrage.ashx
  11. A sentient former robo-butler who beat the odds and made it to the big leagues of superherodom, Prefab is a girded and galvanized fighter of crime and villainy! www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Prefab.ashx This actually was, by an order of magnitude, the hardest character to create so far. The others all went together in an hour or less, but I've dinked around with Prefab off and on for at least 5 hours over a couple of days, and done a few different versions. The character proved to be very complex, and finding the right "feel" was also a challenge. I kept having to fight the urge to turn it into a combat monster, so I veered from one extreme to another. My original plan was to have three Archetypes and be a jackboot of several different trades, but in the end that version of Prefab was just a thug and entirely unnecessary on a team with Pictish and Arbitrage, who are both combat wombats. The second approach I went too far over to the otherside and built a swiss army knife utility character who couldn't hold it's own in a fight against a pack of rowdy cub scouts, much less supervillains. So...I started over and wrote up a third version somewhere in the middle, but leaning more towards a "support" role. I built the character as a starting character, and then layered on the advances following the advancement rules, but with all the churn I may have made a clerical error on the points somewhere along the way. In the end though, and baring any potential math errors, I really like where this final build ended up. This version really feels "techy" and "robot-like" to me, and despite relying on the popular Gear SFX like a couple of other characters, Prefab is distinctive.
  12. A terse, stoic, mighty-hewed barbarian warrior worthy of a Howard novella or two, Pictish plies his bow, iron rod, and bare fists dilligently to scourge villainy as an honored member of the world famous Chastisers superteam! However it's look but don't touch ladies; he's married (or something) to mighty Mystikova, so watch out if you don't want to be turned into a newt! www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Pictish.ashx
  13. I'm putting together a new team of salty, experienced supers so that I can get a feel for the power escalation. The superteam is ... The Chastisers: www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_Roster_TheChastisers.ashx And the first member is up, the energetic Erganna, mutant mistress of electricity! www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Erganna.ashx
  14. I've got both the Malign and Benign Brief Conditions statted up: www.killershrike.info/WISH_Rules_Conditions.ashx These conditions are pretty usable even in a mainstream Warhammer context. And built the Augment and Bedevil SFX sets around them with ~50 abilities each. www.killershrike.info/WISH_SFX_Augment.ashx www.killershrike.info/WISH_SFX_Bedevil.ashx I'll be scheming up one or two characters to show them off soon.
  15. A reboot of a once-legendary superteam, on the surface they are shiny, happy, pretty, and media friendly. But deep philosophical differences divide the team and uncertain leadership plagues their endeavors. But despite their back office squabbles, they are united when it comes to stomping out super-villainy. They are...the New Praetorians! www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_Roster_TheNewPraetorians.ashx Also, two new characters to fill out the line up: A mystical and mysterious mage and hexer, Arakiss keeps a low profile. But her enemies have learned that you ignore her at your own peril; for she is a mistress of misdirection and will strike when you least expect it. www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Arakiss.ashx Statuesque but stern, Icy Hot is a powerfully physical mutant with innate cold generation powers. Incredibly durable, and able to chill opponents to the bone, her presence cannot be ignored in any encounter. www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_IcyHot.ashx
  16. chikago666 said: I just want to say: AWESOME WORK. Thanks! Glad you like it. I also welcome feedback and suggestions, if people have ideas.
  17. And a line of heroes...the Misfits of Justice www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_Roster_MisfitsOfJustice.ashx
  18. I knocked out Superteams...the equivalent to Adventuring Parties: I put together a meta system of traits with mechanical modifications to the basic team template, and used that to build the following. I'll also be writing up a rules document describing each trait. I added 3 stats; Resources, Fortune, and Popularity / Infamy. Fortune is exactly the same as Fortune for a character; it is both the number of fortune points the superteam card starts with at the beginning of a session, and the max it can hold. Resources are points to be used for Bases or Gear, usable by all members of the team. Characters can also contribute points to raise team Resources if they choose, but some superteams intrinsically have some "free" resources as part of their make up. This is driven by the Established and Equipped traits as an aside. Popularity / Infamy is a sliding scale similar to a stance meter with a "0" neutral space between them. Some Superteams start with popularity or infamy, but in game actions modify this up or down. It is possible for a infamous team to redeem themselves or for a virtuous team to fall into infamy. However there is a function similar to equilibrium, wherein over time if no action is taken the superteam's popularity / infamy will slowly rise or fall back to it's original starting point. The Old Guard www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_TheOldGuard.ashx The Justice Pals www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_TheJusticePals.ashx The Assembly www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_TheAssembly.ashx The Freakish Family www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_TheFreakishFamily.ashx The New Kids www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_TheNewKids.ashx The Vigil www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_TheVigil.ashx The Mercs www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_TheMercs.ashx The Marginalized www.killershrike.info/WISH_Superteam_TheMarginalized.ashx
  19. KillerShrike said: For anyone paying attention to this, I wrote up the Magic SFX last night, leading off with 34 Stunt cards across four subsets (Mystical, Dimensional, Hexes, and Arcana). www.killershrike.info/WISH_SFX_Magic.ashx I extended this further with Vitalogical, Druidic, Elemental, Alchemy, and Enchantment. After I knock out hallucination and illusion effects for general usage, I'll circle back and add a Magic subset for Glamour.
  20. Rexaur: An anthropomorphic fire breathing dinosaur man from another dimension; he fights crime to assist his newfound friends and allies amongst the squishy pink monkey people of the strange dimension called Earth. Maybe one day he'll be able to return home...but since he was sent to this dimension as a military scout that may not be such a great thing for the rest of us. For justice! www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Rexaur.ashx
  21. For anyone paying attention to this, I wrote up the Magic SFX last night, leading off with 34 Stunt cards across four subsets (Mystical, Dimensional, Hexes, and Arcana). www.killershrike.info/WISH_SFX_Magic.ashx
  22. Beauchamp, a cybernetic archer created unwillingly by the nefarious criminal organization the Supreme Intellect Regime, armed with trick arrows and advanced agility and self-repair technology. He fights crime! www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Beauchamp.ashx
  23. One thing that you'll also get rid of if you do this is the difference between Wizards and Priests, which is mostly driven by the difference between Channel then Cast vs Cast then Curry Favor. It is a seemingly insignificant difference, but it isnt in practice and does make their styles of magic "feel" different. I like the power / favor system as is, but if I did decide to scrap it, this is what I would most likely do: I would use stress instead of power / favor to control spell use. You could have a character take stress equal to the amount the power / favor cost of a spell exceeds their Willpower. It would allow them to cast lower costing spells with no effort, but brake the use of the higher cost spells. It's not a 1:1 correlation to the existing mechanic, but it is somewhat similar. It also means you could discard the custom rules on holding on to too much power, equilibrium, and so forth which simplifies things a bit. The stress / fatigue system works pretty well, so this has a pretty stable mechanical underpinning and doesn't add much if any "weight" to the system to re-leverage.
  24. Thanks! Wrote up a Powered Armor character last night... With an Aspie personality Spock would envy, and more than enough technical wizardry to make even an alpha geek do the "I'm not worthy" bow, Tory Sparks runs Sparks Interdimensional with an iron will in the board room, and fights villainy with an implacable determination in the crooks and crannies of the city's most crime riddled precincts....she is Lawsuit! www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Lawsuit.ashx All in all, I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. I'll need to fine tune the Gear and Gun effects a bit after I've written up more of the energy based sets. I want them to be competitive, but not over advantaged. As it is now, I'm just kind of roughing numbers in by feel and looking for cool and differentiated effects. The thing I want to avoid is making ranged combat too good, or not good enough. It's always a hard balance to strike.
  25. And the true test of any superhero system...how well does it handle the "bat-god" type character...or put another way, can a "normal" dude with skills, gadgets, and moxy compete...so here's a starting batman type character...The Scowl. www.killershrike.info/WISH_Character_Scowl.ashx Looking at Chita, Groundbeef, and Able-bodied, I'd say he's pretty dang competitive...in fact, pretty impressive really. All the points he's not dumping into stats spread out into skills, specializations, and lots of useful stunts really pays off.
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