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  1. eh i wasn't super clear i was being mostly facetious with a bit of frustration. then got bristley because i've played crane duelists for a long time and they're the primary appeal of crane for me. so it just kind of sucks waiting while some people are already fairly content with their clans. my clan is represented (unlike mantis and spider players), but it doesn't feel like my clan yet. i'm sure many feel that way. i also played dragon and was immediately put off when the core set had just a single kiho. it's not at all a shock. it's a frustration you hope is alleviated asap. i appreciate the apology and np. many of us are still kind of clinging to what we know and like and getting used to something different is a process i guess. as for that whole 4th pack... 昔々 (mukashi mukashi) translates more or less to 'a long time ago' or 'once upon a time', as in the way you start a story. back when stories always had an explicit narrator, compared to more contemporary writing which often just starts in without any setup. just in case anyone was curious.
  2. I did say a main theme... You even quoted me. I posted tongue in cheek hoping someone could spoil the next however many sets and tell me 'Don't worry, you'll get more dueling/duelists'. For some reason this is perceived as me not understanding something. I fully understand where the game is, what they're doing, who Crane are, etc.
  3. nothing changes. criticizing people who are in the spotlight from the safety of the interwebs. sucks about judges though. that's a tough gig considering how many rulings there have been and how some seem a bit counter-intuitive.
  4. I get it but I also don't. There isn't enough to make it a main theme. Raitsugu is Dragon so without him we still have just two 'duelists' and only one who can actually duel. Kaezin is also just awful thematically and shouldn't exist. The neutral duel is political. One path to dueling is an attachment ie: slow. One event looks for the duelist keyword. I don't buy the imperial focus of the set as an excuse. there are plenty of cards which fall outside that. dueling also thematically fits very well with a focus on courtly maneuvering and appearances in the eyes of the emperor. so has it gotten better? sure. but it's still behind for something which is a main theme for the clan. regardless my point was about the future. we all have things we hope to see for our favorite clan.
  5. so... are crane ever going to get another named duelist? or even another generic duelist? crane are kind of known for dueling. but everything i keep seeing in spoilers is just more artisans and courtiers. still got a few sets to go i guess. someone who has seen all the upcoming stuff please give me some hope. also just cards which start or modify duels? really just anything to do with duels. the lack of support for them in crane is just strange. not counting the crane seal.
  6. That's magic. There's some sense with that because well... it's magic. Ranged being from home is an abstraction that imo would be really stupid. That's just my feeling.
  7. If you have people to play with, absolutely. If you need to convince them first, ehhhhhhhh, don't commit unless you're going to have people to play with.
  8. Why would it be from home? You still need to go to a battle to shoot at someone. From home effects should be mostly going to a battle and affecting things surrounding the battle like politics and economy etc. I think ranged/archer stuff should probably be something like if the target costs less than X, or has military skill less than X, bow it. Basically make it like Fear except get rid of the requirement of no followers etc.
  9. afaik unicorn has never been that popular. they're oddballs. crab, phoenix, mantis and unicorn (at least while i played) were not as big compared to the others.
  10. heh, permission decks. people getting bent out of shape over previews. nothing changes. wait until you play the **** game with all these things. you really think too much of yourself if you imagine you know how everything will turn out right now.
  11. Well continuous checking exists though throughout the game. Attachments are events that hang around and share some boilerplate phrasing. I wrote out a bunch of different ways it could be phrased, none meant to be any proper RR based way but realize that might be confusing. Really if you just imagine it's an effect which relies on some kind of condition to be attached, and being attached has effects, it is less counter-intuitive feeling.
  12. Same boat but with Crane. Currently I can't play the kind of Crane I used to. So I have been using Lion. Really hoping this changes once the Imperial cycle is over though I like Lion and don't mind using them. Just would rather rep Crane.
  13. ...who would ever allow their opponent to just shuffle their discard?? and who would ever do that themselves? it's just somewhat messy because there are cases where we discard multiple cards sort of at once. if there is a specific order the reference states then it needs to be strictly followed. and when that's not the case, then the player has to consider the order because it's relevant. so it's just kind of a nuisance but nothing more.
  14. That's a pretty bad way to test. As an individual I don't have a lot of sway over the development of the game. Which was my point when I said it's up to FFG to ban or errata. If someone wanted to discourage this sort of card, then you need to prove it sucks for the game so the developers can see via the recorded and monitored competitive environment that it is hurting the game. I see a missed opportunity to make that case. We could have had a better game sooner if it's such an issue.
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