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  1. Looking at gathering storms and wind of magic: it looks to me as if some of the fights seem very tough for a beginner party. In gathering storms, the goblin final fight in particular looks delicate to say the least . With about 2 regular gobo per player plus the shaman, I don't see how the PC can survive unless you play the shaman as an idiot (or your whole group is composed of waywatchers/two weapon fighting/great weapon killing machines). In Wind of magic the "introduction" scenario is a bit over the top: the big demon seems ridiculous in power for beginner (and has 8 smaller demons and half a dozen cultists/mutants with him).
  2. My bad, should have said "growing faster". .Aka, there's been more android phones sold in q1 2010 than iphones. Not exactly the same thing.
  3. Any chance of getting that app on the android market (which btw has more customers than the I-store...)?
  4. The combat example in the core book was a bit confusing, so what's the correct way defense works: 1)each point of defense from your armor add a misfortune die to attack that target you (seems to be what the example said)? 2) defense from armor add to your agility which the enemy compare his ws or bs skill to to add challenge die? (seems to make a lot more sense) 3) it works some other way?
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