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  1. Hmmm.....if only FFG would put together books with information about each faction with detailed color schemes, lore and.....oh wait....where have I seen that before? LOL I certainly like the Ironbound! That looks like an interesting color scheme. I'll have to go through the other Terrinoth universe games I have and see what I can find. Although my copy of Runebound is older and I don't know how much FFG is sticking to their guns on lore consistency.
  2. Great thread! Thanks! I'll be sure to follow that one!
  3. So I finally got my hands on a copy of the game! (for Father's Day too!) I can't wait to assemble, paint & play. In all my research and browsing before I picked up the game I understood there was a Lore Guide that would help in deciding what colors to paint your armies but...the Lore Guide doesn't show any kind of colors or list many of the Baronies. Am I missing something???? (Disclosure: I haven't actually "Read" the guide yet) The Learn to Play guide shows a crest for the Barony of Carthridge as an example. Are there more somewhere else? In another Terrinoth game perhaps? I know that I don't HAVE to paint them based on Terrinoth colors and can do what I want, but the idea of representing a faction of Terrinoth sounds exciting.
  4. Right you are! I reached out to Army Painter and they said that they ran out of Ultramarine Blue primer spray pretty quick so they had to take it down. However they said they should be getting more in stock by the end of the week. Sweet!
  5. I find thinning paints a necessity no matter what paints you use. I did notice in one tutorial video that they were putting on the paint fairly thick in my opinion. They were losing a lot of detail. Again, that's my personal opinion and I'm certainly no expert! XD
  6. That's interesting. I hope they make it available again. I've been painting minis for years now but have never gotten into the "basing" aspect. I'm also interested in the technique of priming in the color most of the miniature will be painted (Daqan Blue for example) and doing mostly details. And most of my paints/brushes are old so I could use a fresh start.
  7. I see that The Army Painter did a bundle special for the Waiqar faction. Does anyone know if they'll do one for the Daqan? I imagine they would, especially now that they released the painting guide. I'm looking forward to it if they did.
  8. As a new iPad owner I was curious to know if there are any good iPad games out there that are similar in nature to Twilight Imperium?
  9. I would love to check it out. But sadly the site is in German and the items he is selling are for the first edition. I was actually able to get my minis cleaned up pretty good. About an hour in Isopropal did the trick. The have a little dull finish to them now but the details are still in tac.
  10. I'm currently trying to strip the paint off some of the hero figures. I haven't finished but I have a feeling they aren't going to look as good as they did when I first bought them. Is there somewhere out there where I can get replacement figures?
  11. Okay, so if I have read this thread correctly so far we have established that you can indeed take on multiple stress tokens. However I have not seen a response as to how. I played a game this weekend and here is what went down… I performed a red maneuver and placed a stress token next to my ship. Later that same round in combat I took a critical hit. The critical hit card required me to take a stress token. So would my ship then have 2 stress tokens and therefore I would have to do 2 green maneuvers to get rid of them?
  12. FarkonGnome said: I just picked up a box from a local Targetm so I can confirm that they are out in the wild… Granted I had to go to 3 local stores to finally get one…. /grumble LOL…I had to do the same. I didn't see any expansions though.
  13. As soon as I read this post I immediately went to my local Target and they had it in stock. I bought it then and there. My friends got their copies at Star Wars Celebration and I was kicking my self for not going when I could have. But now I have it and can't wait for my first game!
  14. Tom Vasel (from The Dice Tower) mentioned in his latest Dicetower News video that "Descent 2.0" is being released this week. Can anyone confirm that?
  15. Relampagos said: Here's a thought for you. Play TI with your buddies. Then whenever a space battle should start, go play a match of Homeworld 2 against each other. Whoever wins, wins in TI. Then for the Invasion combate, go play a game of Starcraft 2, and let that winner win. lol The game would only take two months. lol I remember now, I had the idea that when a player does a planetary invasion against another player, switch to a table setup with Warhammer 40k. Then the Rex: Final Days of an Empire game on another table when someone invades Mecatol Rex. It would be epic but as you said it would take forever!
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