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  1. I would be happy to if I knew where better to post it. Thanks.
  2. Having loads of issues 'building' the AT-ST figures. Weiss does not fit in the top. Not a very impressive start to wanting to play this game. FFG needs better QA for these miniatures. For certain I will not purchase any more IA figures that need to be 'built'.
  3. Unfortunately I also believe that it will be a long while before we see anything from episodes I, II, or III. That is why I will not be purchasing Imperial Assault at all.
  4. I have also jumped to the Ultra Pro sleeves. They are great.
  5. ANYTHING would be appreciated. 3 months (a few days till 4 months) with NOTHING is nonsense. Don't announce then leave us hanging for 1/3 of a year. Next time just don't announce till you can/will begin adding updates as you go along. This is not a complaint, just an idea for BETTER customer relations, we ARE paying for you to have this opportunity after all...
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