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  1. hahahahaha awesome post had me laughing for ages good work mate
  2. good luck dude... hope u have fun in whatever u do
  3. finally got theBPs here in aus... and i tried this deck... it is a very good deck... just wondering what would u remove to include the Deathmaster Sniktch and Juvenile Wyvern???
  4. thx for the spolier... we are still waiting for the Tooth and Claw BPs here in Aus
  5. this game isnt popular enough as it is in Australia as it is... we dont need this crap
  6. thats a really interesting deck mate when ige t the new BP i will deffienently have to give it a go thx for posting it
  7. Wytefang said: No problem - glad to do it. well since we only got Zealot packs like 2wweks ago here in Aus im expecting not to see this pack for another month.... so its good to have these spoiler lists so i know what the hell u guys are talking about the deck building threads and other stuff
  8. FiendishDevil said: Anyways, I hope they come in this week, I'll post the spoiler as soon as I get a hold of them. i cant wait for ur spoiler FD
  9. mkultra said: StoneColdSpider said: the 2nd BP just arrived in Australia today ive got the cards now Your Chaos deck will thank you. yeap it already has the Chaos deck is coming together very nicly now
  10. Rat Ogres look awesome i cant wait to get enough cards to make a full skaven deck just for sumthing different
  11. the Invasion is going better than planned...
  12. the 2nd BP just arrived in Australia today ive got the cards now
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