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  1. simpatikool

    Scout Troopers Article

    Looks like the Snipers are really about adding suppression to that enemy unit.
  2. simpatikool

    Painting The Forces of Hepitude

    Dude, you have some gorgeous stuff here.
  3. simpatikool

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    I want to buy the book and dig into it. I love Terrinoth. I just know I will be frustrated to no end never to play the setting. It would in the end, just be a lap dance. I will want much more.
  4. simpatikool

    Corellian Conflict Fleets

    Outside of Tokra's comments, which I agree with, in CC, there is no reason not to spend every available point. There are no real initiative bids in the CC campaign. It is about who has campaign point initiative and then the type of battle taking place. You don't help yourself not using your points. When developing a fleet, you should have a build plan. Your starting Fleet and then what your fleet would look like at 500 points. Where I disagree with Tokra is that for the first round, you can have upgrade less ships, but with a plan as t what that ship is going to look like fully developed at 500. You are not gonna want upgradeless capital ships on your roster in rounds 3 and 4, when the battles are crucial. Of your two fleets, I much prefer your second as I can see where you are going with it. Plus, it has some great punch.
  5. simpatikool

    Motti List with Vader

    Cool List. I have a question. Without the Quasar II, what is the point of Ruthless Strategists? I would go for Flight Controllers..... or some other squadron support item. Ruthless Strategists with only a blue die does not seem like much of a pay off to me. I know you are mainly bombers. Heck, even expanded hanger bays seems like it would be a better option to me.
  6. simpatikool

    What scale will the May 1st announcement be?

    More than anything else, I would love it if there were more factions. I doubt very much in the existence of a D option. (4 ships at once) I feel like they are going to struggle soon in pushing out new ships without crossing over into SSD range, reaching deep into various IP sources for ships, or outright having to create their own soon. Pushing out 4 at once to me seems like a tall stretch for something they would really have to be reaching out to do.
  7. simpatikool

    National Champs

    I signed up awhile ago. NOVA open is in my backyard.
  8. simpatikool

    He's got a bad case of the VTs

    I ran this list of yours earlier this week. Since I don't own 6 VTs (only 4) I swapped in Jendon and Dengar. I faced a pretty large enemy squadron component. Pretty much A wings, Tycho, Sara, Hawk etc. With Flight Controllers, the VTs definitely hit harder and allow for some domination in that department. In that battle I felt Jendor was kind of pointless, and I could not protect Dengar. I am using Dengar, Valen and a normal tie advanced next time. Like many games of Armada, I basically had the game by deployment and objectives as long as I did not do anything too stupid.
  9. simpatikool

    Don't move!

    Did you fly with the Mandalorian Gauntlets? I have found myself somewhat underwhelmed by them. In my experience, the G8 shines when you have additional other movement denying shenanigans. Like Q7s or Konstantine. There are more opportunities to force the enemy fleet to get out of position. If I am not flying the above type of interdictor fleet, I tend to favor take the combat refit.
  10. simpatikool

    Imperial Brawler MSU list

    Okay, for the life of me, I can't figure out what MSU means and I see it everywhere.
  11. simpatikool

    He's got a bad case of the VTs

    I ran 4 VT Decimators... (Which is what I have) but I never thought to couple them with a dedicated order ship packing Flight Controllers. With Screed running the show, would not an assault Gozanti be possibly a nice option? (...never mind...duh)
  12. simpatikool

    Star Wars Legion....(Dust Warfare)

    Totally agree. Sorry if I missed those point before, I have not been paying much attention to this game, but now my curiosity is getting the better of me....
  13. Reading the last few previews, I can't help but notice similarities on some of the "new" Legion mechanics and the old but wonderful game Dust Warfare. Any other old Warfare fans seeing this?
  14. simpatikool

    Looks Ridiculous

    I think my 11 year old would like this game.
  15. simpatikool

    Completed a 4-player game!

    It seems like the game is very much in the flavor of Runebound. By that I mean a exploration/RPG kind of game. Am I off base in seeing the game in that light?