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  1. You completely forgot to mention the blue/white/red color dice that determine if your maneuver causes/clears stress....
  2. Yep, get two calc tokens before doing the Segnor's loop. Then defend with 4 green dice (Stealth Device), Elusive charge for a reroll...
  3. Did you ever try Elusive instead of Fearless?
  4. Polynomial-C

    Wave 6

    Hmm, what about a "Wave 7: predict how many prediction threads will pop up here" thread?
  5. The Dengar alt-art doesn't have turret anymore?
  6. Imagine a parallel universe in which FFG never announced these alt-paint scheme Vultures. Then NOBODY would ever have thought or asked about a metallic painted version. But for some reason it's a super big deal now and people are pissed because they can't get one. Great.
  7. And in the Mining Guild TIE they now put another set of ID #9, now with two lock tokens which are underlined this time so that you don't confuse them with #6... Weird.
  8. Don't forget the "Director Krennic" token that came with the TIE Reaper and your original Rigged Cargo Chute debris thingy.
  9. All the visible <italics> tags are old news. I just spotted an <italTics> tag in the info box of the Extended play format....
  10. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/TIE/LN_starfighter
  11. Polynomial-C

    article up!

    Looking forward to having three doorstopsU-Wings soon!
  12. Polynomial-C

    article up!

    Totally acceptable!
  13. Polynomial-C

    article up!

    Hey, there's a single FAA in the Saw's Renegades pack!
  14. If Soontir has the Royal Guard TIE title equipped, the red model would actually be the correct one...
  15. Not in wave 11, not in C-ROC, not in Guns for Hire.
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