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  1. OH WOW! Second Edition sweet! Woof...ok....50 dollars for a conversion...that's kinda rough, but that's not too bad. Oh,...wait....it's 50 dollars for 1/3 of my collection. Ouch...that's pricey, but I guess it could be,.. huh?...they are splitting resistance and rebels and the Empire and first order. So it's only some of 1/3 of my collection, AND I have to buy 2 more different conversion kits. I am getting a bad feeling about this. Oh BOY,.. they released the list for the kits,..let's see what's in the inside.....wait,...where is Tycho, Hobbie and Tarn? So the conversion kit is only converting some of some of 1/3 of my collection? Wait,...I can fly 4 xwings pointwise,...how come the conversion kit only has 2? So,...I have to buy 2 each of all the conversion kits to be able to fly a complete list? Well...let's see what the cards actually look like....it's the same old tired retreaded artwork they have quintuple dipped with on all their games? They couldn't even be bothered to change the artwork or use screen grabs for pictures of the pilots,...since those alt art's have always been the ones that everybody wanted? Don't they even look at ebay? So,....what are my thoughts on 2nd ed? I think Lando said it best,... This deal keeps getting worse all the time.
  2. Wow...that's a big nerf-bat for a pretty specific combo. Aw well...fair well Fun hoth deck. thanks for the swift reply, despite crushing my most fun deck Toq.
  3. I have a question after this then. Rogue 3 could have both Luke and Wedge making a great combo. Now, can only one of them be on rogue 3? Since the new set says you can only have one pilot on a ship?
  4. Bah...don't need it. We are just all playing as cylons so don't need a sleeper phase. We can streamline it and get more games in,..woohoo.
  5. It is not based on an individual winning.. You win or loose with the team. If you don't play for your team you are sabotaging it. I don't know too much about the Ionian nebula part. The sleeper agent is for adding some tension, not to give an excuse to throw the game to the side you want to win. Playing like that leads to near cylon run aways because EVERYBODY is going to be playing this selfish silly way. We could play right now like that....just random 1-7....3 and 5 is are the cylons...if you get a 3 or 5 you win. otherwise you are human and have been sabotaged to loose. However, sub...I love your description... "maverick writer somehow tricked the designers by sneaking in advice that was contrary to the spirit of the game". I think maybe that is Exactly what happened with that kind of tip being thrown in. Incentivizing intentionally loosing ( which is what you did if you end up human at the sleeper phase) is absurd. Like I said,..if you are good to play that way okay. Just shuffle up and deal. napoleon
  6. Thankfully that's just a tip and not a rule. To be forced to play like the way you are arguing for would make the game stupid and pointless. Just shuffle up the loyalty, cards deal em face up and whoever gets the cylon cards wins cause everybody is gonna playing the same way; trying to sabotage themselves. It is TOTALLY playing as a cylon before you get the cylon card. If you wanna play like that, that's up to you. I prefer to play it straight and if I win as a cylon I won for real, not cause everybody else was playing to be a cylon and I got lucky enough to get the card. I find it hard to believe they would include such a ridiculous tip in their rule book. Hopefully that knucklehead is off the staff. napoleon
  7. I guess... I guess this would be ok too," Aww...I am going to loose....meh...I will just throw the game so we can go play another one." That's not the spirit of the game either but, if your fellow players said that I am willing to bet Sub that you are not the type of player that would be happy about that. I think what that tip meant was don't worry about events of the show or if you are doing something that a character would or would not do in the show. I don't think it meant to intentionally throw the game. napoleon
  8. You are equivocating with an example that is so insignificant that it is pretty much a straw argument. The response you made was to a clearly human benefit. Jumping 2-3 times with Cain and Baltar with VERY little danger to the humans. If you were either Cain or Balter and human, by not using that amazing ability(especially if the other players are saying to do it) I say you are throwing the game. An extra nuke isn't that big a deal, usually best thrown into the off vote. An argument for keeping it back could be reasonably made for being a human as well as a cylon. There is no comparison between the two plays I didn't say you are cheating. Tantamount means VIRTUALLY the same as, however, I still say it is terribly bad sportsmanship and certainly against the spirit of the game to play in the hopes of the odd chance you are a cylon. I also think using actions of characters in the show is not an argument either. Chief, Anders, Torri and whoever else the show producers hit on the dart-board to see who would be a cylon are not automatically cylons because they were on the show. We are DEFINATLY not going to see eye to eye on this one but, I think people know where we stand. Napoleon.
  9. But then why bother holding back at all. Why not sabotage votes to make sure the humans are not doing too well? Refuse to give out xo's cause the humans MIGHT BE your enemy? Leave 1's on top of the destination deck so it takes the humans a bit longer to get to their goal? Don't use any quorum cards to get back morale or food. I mean...just in CASE.... Sorry, but sabotage is sabotage. If you CAN do something and you don't I think you are throwing the game. I know it sucks to get the cylon card at the half and have the humans be REALLY close to home but, dems da breaks man. You have to take the hand that you have been dealt and not play to what you wish. I have played plenty of games where the cylons don't get dealt out till the half and they still win. It's harder but, the game is designed to be REALLY hard for the humans and they need to have everyone on board for as long as they can. The cylons get enough of an advantage from the game itself. I don't like the argument that you are, "playing for yourself" and I think it is flawed. The game is a team game and you should be playing for your team that you are on. It is no different than a jockey holding his horse back, a boxer taking a dive in the fifth, or the Korean Olympic Ping-Pong team intentionally throwing their games so they could get more favorable standings in the playoffs. It's legal and the rules don't forbid it,...but wow is it bad sportsmanship. Napoleon
  10. Ah...ok to quit...this is a fundamental play style difference. My game group feels that if you are human ...you are HUMAN. "pulling the reins" with your play and gaming the system in order to see if you get the cylon card is tantamount to cheating. I guess that you can play that way, but if we found somebody was playing as a cylon before they got a cylon card we would just lock em up and forget em...or more probably just not invite that person back to play. If you are human you play to the best of your abilities to help the humans until something changes. Otherwise just cook the loyalty deck and deal yourself a cylon card if you want it that bad. I feel playing with tactics like that are seriously against the spirit of the game. I don't think we would be very good in the same group. Sorry,.. napoleon
  11. meh...I guess it takes all kinds. Doesn't change my opinion of Anders (I would still rather have any pilot but him) but, that is an interesting tactic. napoleon
  12. Yeah...but the occasion sure does come around very infrequently. But, I think you kinda missed what Von was saying. We were debating the value of Yellow vs. Purple. I had used trust instincts card as an example of why purple stinks but, he countered with bringing up the Red Tape. Which I have to say is a VERY valid point. Both cards are about equally useful, very situational and I am sure everybody has some great, "this one time I did..." story, but for the most part, most of the time and when you are looking at 2 or 3 in your hand neither card is going to be winning any awards. napoleon
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