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  1. Thanks, guys. Very useful and helpful information.
  2. The large expansions are a bit pricey and I'm not particularly interested in adding new territory to the game. Can I just add the smaller expansions without getting the previous expansions first? Would that create any conflicts in the base game? I'd like to get the smaller expansions to add new cards, investigators and Ancient Ones.
  3. When Bolt of Change is played (Chaos spell), if attacking damage is greater than the 2 toughness added to the development (since it is acting as a unit), is the development removed from play or is it ingnored and the development remain in play? Basically, in terms of combat, are you treating the development as a unit and removing it from play if it takes more than 2 damage?
  4. The rules state that each person draws 10 of the gray/neutral cards prior to the start of the game. Is that mandatory or can you simply build your decks as you wish so long as you have between 50-100 cards? Thanks.
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