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  1. rowanalpha

    What parts of the expansions do you use?

    We have all the expansions. We play with: Earth objective and Demetrius Strike raptors Mutiny All skill cards, except from Pegasus All Crisis/Quorum/destination/etc, except for those that execute or reference the CAG All the characters, but we randomly hand out 2-3 to each player and pick simultaneously We usually play 5 people, so we skip the Cylon leaders most games We determined that the Pegasus board is overpowered and the airlock is too easy to use, New Cap is cute but not too much fun, Cylon Fleet board makes the attacks too predictable, and the allies from Exodus didn't do anything meaningful. I liked the hidden agenda and final five cards, but the hidden agendas were problematic in that they should not have been replaced when the agenda was revealed (I.e. Revealing the agenda should prove you are human, not potentially turn you Cylon) The ally/Ionian Nebula rules were an interesting idea, but it was too easy to just avoid the entire execute/boxing all together. I'm not sure how those rules could be tweaked to make the decisions more meaningful and costly
  2. I'd be more interested in a second edition that combined the expansions together into one box, kEeping modularity but tweaking mechanics that either were flawed (executing to find loyalty) or weren't as compelling as they could have been (trauma tokens). Overall, the base game is probably the best way to play, and I'd like to see the expansions interconnected with more elegance and less rules duct tape.
  3. rowanalpha

    Flagships and Tech from FAQ

    So, to clarify the question: Nano Tech and Type IV drives do not specify that they affect flagships, and the Flagship rules give no clarification like "a Flagship is affected by technology cards as though it were a dreadnought." So why does the FAQ say that flagships are affected by these techs?
  4. This was in the updated FAQ in the Flagship section: Q: Do Nano Technology and Type IV Drive affect Flagships? A: Yes. So... awesome! Are flagships affected by other techs like Assault Cannons? How do we know?
  5. rowanalpha

    Admiral Mission Cards

    The idea is cool and give the admiralty a bit more influence. Balancing the cards (which right now they are not in the least) is the key.
  6. rowanalpha

    From Love to Hate

    While I don't really expect to change your mind at this point, I'll say that being Cylon Sharon in the brig (as long as there's no airlock) is probably one of the most amusing things for an 'unrevealed' cylon. -Play Evasive Action when raiders miss their shots -Launch Scouts to crash raptors -Strategic planning on Basestar Missiles -Spike skill check with your abundance of red and blue cards. -Screw with the Crisis deck every turn. -Attempt to escape the brig to make everyone waste cards keeping you in. If you don't like the game, that's one thing, but its really unfair to blame bad game design on a misunderstanding of the rules and a bad play experince that results. The real value of the game is the psychology from playing, and the lying and paranoia. That's what makes it fun.
  7. rowanalpha

    Cylon Leaders

    My experience is that the game is most enjoyable with 2 hidden cylons, and I think 7 player games take too long between turns, so I'd really only suggest to use Cylon Leaders in 6 player games. In the context of the question asked earlier, I also wouldn't really use them if the players are new. I think the main play issue with the CLs is that the Agendas are very predictable, and there's not enough variety. I'd like to see another expansion with 4-6 more agendas for each deck, with some having conditions that aren't dependant on who won or have different conditions depending on who won. That said, I think Exodus' personal goals accomplished the goals CLs were supposed to in a far better way.
  8. rowanalpha

    Treachery Cards Question

    If a "Reckless" skill card is played before the check (like Jury Rigged or Support the People) the skill check is considered Reckless. If a Treachery card with the Reckless skill check ability then appears in that skill check, then its ability triggers. So the two conditions that must be met are: 1. A skill card must be played before cards are added to make the check Reckless. 2. A treachery card must appear in the revealed cards from the check with the reckless skill check ability.
  9. rowanalpha

    Executive order and unrevealed cylons

    Its perfectly legal, and its the reason you have to be careful with execs (especailly post sleeper). However, the Cylon loses any actions left after revealing (ending their turn), so its usually best for them to screw something up before hanging themselves (crash a launch scouts or something).
  10. rowanalpha

    Infiltration and special abilities

    I think it should have been the other way though. As much a drawback as being a Cylon Leader halfway through the game is, keeping their abilities would be kind of balancing, and their skill sets but drawing the same number of cards as a cylon leader would. There is some weirdness with certain character abilities like Gaeta and Ellen gaining titles, but the rules could just be errataed that cylon leaders aren't in the line of succession or somthing like that. Cylon leader Ellen suddenly taking charge of the fleet is actually pretty fitting.
  11. rowanalpha

    Similar board games

    I've played Shadows over Camelot, but I haven't since I started Battlestar (BSG is far superior). Betrayal at the House on the Hill has some similar elements, sort of a Akham/BSG hybrid thing. Its pretty good.
  12. rowanalpha

    Is Pegasus a flawed expansion?

    Me and a few other people made agendas that were: You win if X and humans win or if Y and Cylons win. Something like (I need to tweak this one BTW): Seeds of the Future (Sympathetic) You Win the Game if: Population is not 0. and If humans won, you have not been executed. and If cylons won, fuel is 2 or less. This way, a cylon leader might work towards one goal, but have to change focus if they screw up somehow. This also makes the sympathetic/aggressive piles less predictable.
  13. rowanalpha

    Is Pegasus a flawed expansion?

    I'd say there are definately flaws to pegasus, the main ones being that the risks on the pegasus board are fairly toothless vs their rewards and that reckless doesn't play out well. Execution had its problems, but it looks like exodus is helping that. My solutions to the former two were that, in addition to reckless skill cards, a skill check is reckless if: 1. The result of the skill check was less than 1. (makes voluntarily tanking crisis checks more risky... more reckless even) 2. A player activated a Pegasus location that turn. Minor Quibbles -Engine room is pretty useless -Cylon leaders a really sucky in 4 player games -Not enough variety in Agendas
  14. rowanalpha

    New Cap with NPC-s

    Objective Card: The Journey for Earth Resolve when the following distance is travelled: 3: Add the Pegasus board to play. 5: Sleeper Phase 6: New Caprica Phase (+2 to each resource* and remove half the remaining civilian ships before placing on the New Caprica board. When the fleet jumps, play continues as normal, and Colonial One is accessable again.) 9: Ionian Nebula, next jump wins. *Since the colonials were on New Cap for a while before the cylons showed up, there was time to train crew, stock supplies, refine fuel and... be happy...er. Anyway, this keeps the resources from being too easily depleted in the longer game.
  15. rowanalpha

    Loyalty Card Photoshop Templates?

    Thanks. Send it to me at rowanalpha@yahoo.com