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  1. rowanalpha

    What parts of the expansions do you use?

    We have all the expansions. We play with: Earth objective and Demetrius Strike raptors Mutiny All skill cards, except from Pegasus All Crisis/Quorum/destination/etc, except for those that execute or reference the CAG All the characters, but we randomly hand out 2-3 to each player and pick simultaneously We usually play 5 people, so we skip the Cylon leaders most games We determined that the Pegasus board is overpowered and the airlock is too easy to use, New Cap is cute but not too much fun, Cylon Fleet board makes the attacks too predictable, and the allies from Exodus didn't do anything meaningful. I liked the hidden agenda and final five cards, but the hidden agendas were problematic in that they should not have been replaced when the agenda was revealed (I.e. Revealing the agenda should prove you are human, not potentially turn you Cylon) The ally/Ionian Nebula rules were an interesting idea, but it was too easy to just avoid the entire execute/boxing all together. I'm not sure how those rules could be tweaked to make the decisions more meaningful and costly