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  1. iPad Mini 4, we played through Rising Tides for about four hours, battery was around 80% when we were done. We were using a Bluetooth speaker at the time, too. Full brightness.
  2. Scenario: Rising Tides Device: iPad Mini 4 (iOS 10.2.1) Version: Latest as of Feb. 26, 2017 We were investigating the Pier. There was a pile of rotting fish with the Search token. I activated it, it gave me a brief message asking if I wanted to search it (for an action), I said yes, and the Search token disappeared with no message.
  3. That's so odd... I had the exact same problem with one of my two Star Spawn. Heating the model up with hot water (and drying it off!) before inserting into the base always works. As a veteran of 50+ games of Arkham Horror, I would have preferred just using the cardboard tokens. The artwork is far more terrifying than the grey plastic figures.
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