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  1. Hi. The European Championship just finished and I feel really exhausted but so happy that things have gone smoothly for each participant. Finally 30 players from 8 different nations showed up and it was a blast! The 2013 Champion of Europe is Graham Hill (Japan). It is now his 4th Euro title! Finalist: mzi (Belgium) Semi-Finalists: Gman (Luxemburg), Ray (Italy) Quarter Finalist: Azatoth (France), B_P (Belgium), Darkman (The Netherlands), Sectario (Spain) What is great is that we have in the TOP 8 seven different nations represented. Sunday, we played a more "casual" side event. We chose the Highlander format. 10 participants registered, and among them 8 spanish, 1 italian, and 1 belgian. Highlander winner is Hansen (Spain) Full report and pictures will follow as soon as possible. Thanks again to all participants for their sportmanship.
  2. By the way, I think I did not mention that the side event will be a Highlander format: only 1 copy of each card in a deck, other rules still apply (and FAQ 3.2 as well!).
  3. 22/10/2013: 33 players registered! And FAQ 3.2 officially applicable!
  4. A quick update to let you know that we have reach the number of 30 participants who confirm that they will participate. Yyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! :D We have now 8 spanish, 3 italians, 9 frenchs, 2 germans, 1 dutch, 6 belgians (Liège) and 1 japanese. And my little finger tells me that we can still hope to get more participants to announce in the coming weeks... Come on, don't be shy, the only risk you'll take is to spend a WE full of fun and nice players!
  5. Hello Darkman. Great to read that once again, you'll be part of the cool bunch of CoC LCG players we have the chance and honour to host at the Euro Champ. The level of competition will be high and fierce again this year. Just to keep everyone informed, we have already 24 players who confirmed their participation (among them all the last euro champions (B_P, Graham, Konx) or challengers (mzi, darkman,...), and some of the french champions (Carioz, Leng,...), and we are expecting a few more (5-6 at least). So we will just experience again the biggest CoC event of the year, and the deckbuilding level will reach the stars which will be aligned... We even have the pleasure to host 5 players from Spain, which will add this nice CoC LCG community to the ones already participating from previous years: Luxemburg, Germany, Netherlands, France (Paris, Lille, Lyon,...), Italy, Japan, Belgian (Liège) Of course games will be played in english and french. Cards in other languages (spanish,...) are welcome, provided we can easily recognize them.
  6. Well, if this kind of tournament is what CoC LCG players expect, do not come to European Championship. Our prize money is just plain ridiculous compared to the ones mentioned here above. But... - we are one of the friendiest cardgame tournament in the world - so far we have been the biggest CoC LCG tournament in the world in terms of number of players for 2 years (and I like to think in terms of gameplay diversity and quality) - 2011: 26 players / 2012: 24 players - wr have also been the tournament which host the biggest number of different nationalities (Japan-Canada-Italy-Luxemburg-France-Germany-Belgium-Netherlands-...) - we are probably one of the only FREE tournament, while offering nice prizes (goodies, playmats, champion's card design,...) - and still we do not want to attract sharky players, we just still enjoy a mix of different kinds of players, from casual to deckbuilding-guru... But maybe I just got it wrong. So I hope you good luck for your organisation.
  7. up We have already participants "booked" from Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan and Belgium. Please send me an e-mail if you plan to participate.. The participation is free and there are lots of cool prizes to grab (alternate graphism cards, special playmats, tokens, deckboxes, ... and of course the european champion card).
  8. up. Any player who would like to attend, please let me know as soon as possible so as we can better organise and make a smoother tournament event for everyone (including the organisers )
  9. up added the nice poster of the event made by Nessa. Many thanks to her.
  10. European Tournament CoC LCG, IRV Liège. Saturday 2nd November 2013 During the 31st International Rendez-Vous (IRV) of the Objectif-Jeux association (http://www.objectif-jeux.be), the organization staff, leaded by Frédéric Taton, suggests that you take part to the European CoC Championship in Liège, as well as to side events. An international event with great prizes you would not want to miss. Last year, the tournament gathered 24 players from all over the world (including Graham Hill, from Japan). You can read a full review there: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/70012-european-tournament-coc-lcg-irv-lige-saturday-27th-october-2012/page-3#entry726848 Informations about this year's edition are gathered here: When? From friday 1st november 7:00pm till sunday 3rd november 2013 5:00pm. What? Friday evening: chats, deck-building, socializing, open games,... Saturday 2nd november 10:00am: final registration, decklists,... 11:00am Euro Champ (swiss pairing, 4 rounds, quarter finals, semi finals, final) --> 7:00pm Sunday 3rd november 10:00am: side event (still to be defined, more info to come) Where? At the yearly convention of our gameclub "Objectif Jeux", called International Rendez-Vous Ecole Polytechnique de Seraing 48 rue Collard de Trouillet (entrance via the parking, rue de la Province) 4100 Seraing Belgium How much? Free entrance to the con and free registration to the Euro Champ. Thanks to FFG, Edge, l'Autre Monde and EagleCard, we will once again be able to offer great prizes for every participants, including the champion card design. Ruling? All cards published in LCG format are tournament legal, provided they are not banned, up to and including The latest Deluxe Expansion, Terror in Venice. Latest FAQ and Tournament Rules published by FFG at the moment of the championship shall prevail. Suiss pairing, 45 minutes. Second player will be allowed to play an extra turn if the game ends during the first player's turn. After that, the player that has won the more stories wins. Travel advices? Note that Liège has an international railway station (direct connections with, e.g. Paris, Köln, Frankfurt) and is not far away from the international Brussels Airport (Belgium is a very small country) and Flughafen Frankfurt. Contact, Infos, Registration? send an e-mail to (frederic POINT taton9 AT gmail POINT com , replace POINT by . and AT by @) or contact me via mp on this forum. Registration in advance would be very appreciated so we can better organize the event. Also, if you need help to find an hotel or a "b&b", contact us before 1st october, or would like us to pick you up at the Railway Station, please let us know at least the week before the event (Monday 28th October 2013).
  11. COCLCG said: although i have seen (and built) a LOT of decks that have only become viable because of only 1 or 2 cards from Seekers as well. COCLCG said: although i have seen (and built) a LOT of decks that have only become viable because of only 1 or 2 cards from Seekers as well. Of course, but jhaelen and myself thought more of the decks in the current competitive metagame. And our wish is that the new deluxe expansions will open now deckbuilding possibilities for miska and syndicate.
  12. COCLCG said: although i have seen (and built) a LOT of decks that have only become viable because of only 1 or 2 cards from Seekers as well. Of course, but jhaelen and myself thought more of the decks in the current competitive metagame. And our wish is that the new deluxe expansions will open now deckbuilding possibilities for miska and syndicate.
  13. @Darkman: well, yes, indeed, I was not aware of that loop before the tournament neither. It's just that when I encoded all the decks, there were 4 decks with theNecro-Logan infinite loop (mzi, carioz, Graham, Dark Initiateà and only one (you) with almost everything needed, exceted the skill boost. So I wondered if it was not a decklist typo error, or something. Nothing important, really… Note that carioz, Graham and Dark Initiate decks had the same use of the loop: use the khopesh inifinitely to clear opponent's board. mzi deck was using the loop to disard opponent's deck (infinitely recycling the Predatory Byakhee). @jhaelen: thanks. I think it would have been more interesting if I had been able to post them sooner, but the card pool is almost the same today, and in Seekers of Knowledge, I don't think the miska boosts would have been played so much. I only think we would have seen more Nug and Umr at-Tawil.
  14. I've finished encoding all the decklists and have sorted them by ranking: http://cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2517-decks-eurochamp-2012-liege-27-10-2012#30925 I've also added a link to a file with almost all the decks in DeckBuilder format (.zdb) And here , I've posted a link to an excel file with all the decklists, ready to be analysed (filtering, stats, …).
  15. I've started encoding all the decklists from the last Euro Champs 2012. Apart from Seekers of knowledge which was not official, the cards pool is pretty the same as today. I still have to finish the job (6 decks remaining) and I foresee to do some stats afterwards. You can find the 18 first decks (not in ranking order) there: http://cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2517-decks-eurochamp-2012-liege-27-10-2012#30925 enjoy FredhoT
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