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  1. Speaking of the NPC's, how do the Dark Elves feel about Chaos worshipers?
  2. Mjoellnir said: Voronesh said: Nina Black needs the biggest amount of wheedling to survive. She is simply a face. As long as she gets the job done, she is a good addition. She's also stealthy which can be useful too among multiple wearers of power armour. And what I found interesting is that she has the highest infamy score.... I assume her family was at least some what well known. And I'm thinking that daemons of the warp are a bit more knowledgeable of mortals who have bargained up their souls, perhaps knowing that they might be able to push just a little bit more to have her relent her body as well.
  3. I would like to limit the character selection to no more than 1-2 CSM, but even so, the marines are going to be doing most everything during the adventure, as it's more physical/combat based. One CSM seems like it would work best, but then that means the rest of my four players are completely restricted in character selection. I sort of wish they had taken away one of the Chosen characters and replaced it with another human arch type for the demo. Hm, I'll have to ponder this.
  4. I think $15 is a bit too pricey for a single story expansion. My group will play it once, maybe twice, and be done with it. I can see how the new components would be useful in creating your own stories, however, paying about $20 (with shipping) for about two hours of entertainment isn't something I want to look into. I can go see two movies at the matinee for that price. If the expansion came with two or three stories I might reconsider.
  5. Anyone have any good ideas for implementing some of the extra NPC's mentioned in the GM guide? Especially Alaxtanis, I really like the idea of a completely nutty sorcerer causing havoc around the ship, as well as maybe being a future rival/ally for the group.
  6. I'm considering giving the psyker some house ruled additional power, as she seems really bland at the moment. All she can really do is dodge, doombolt, dodge, doombolt, dodge... Also, what happened to Parry? I heard it's been turned into a skill, but can it not be attempted at all? It seems odd that seasoned warriors wouldn't know how to block an incoming swing. Not trying to nit pick, just questioning things that my players are surely going to be asking ME about.
  7. Is Strength Bonus included in the damage values presented on the pre-gen character melee weapons? Looking at the Heretek's luminen capacitors, it would seem not, however, looking at the amount of damage Chaos Marines would be doing if this was the case, seems insane. Asrodel would be doing 1d10+20? Babaroth would do 1d10+24 at pen 2. From looking at the NPC's, this annihilates pretty much anything, not to mention pretty much makes all human heretics obsolete in combat. I have to imagine that SB damage is included, but then why not for the Heretek? Second, is there more of a reason to play roles such as Renegade or Psyker? It seems that all of the CSM archetypes are just much much better. They have maybe one or two less skills, but that's the only downside I can see. Though there are a few moments in the adventure where a CSM has a little bit more trouble "fitting", I'm having a difficult time coming up with a valid reason for my players to choose humans careers. My players are going to look at weapons, armour, stats, abilities, and skills, and undoubtedly ask me what the benefit of being a human is. What do I tell them?
  8. Elbi said: Yeah, I guess that's the way FFG intended. Either to slow them down by spawning monsters, or by going easy on them by "only" dealing 1 horror. Which kinda made me sad, because using 1C they ended up spawning 3 more zombies by finding the clue, although the 4th event card was already played. (I don't know why they explored for it - I told them, that the game might be over when the last event card is revealed and that I don't know WHO will win by that time. Still, they decided to enter the garden. Well, if they WANT to...) That's sort of what I mean. Finding the clues seems to be a detriment towards the investigators goals.
  9. [Possible spoilers?] Are event cards retroactive? Ex. The first scenario, first event card says something like: "If Clue 3 has not been found all players take 1 horror; otherwise the following action takes place..." If the players find Clue 3 in the future, does that event play out? I ruled that it would not. However on another note... I've noticed that if players are slow in finding clues, they're usually at more of an advantage than to the times where they actually find those clues quickly. Which does more damage: 1 horror, or a flaming zombie running through the house? It seems the more clues they find, the worse off the investigators are, which then encourages the investigators to avoid the clues. I've only played the first story a few times, but I don't see why the investigators should bother trying to find the clues? Once the 4th event card is flipped and the objective revealed, nothing else really matters. Getting to the 3rd clue was a large feat, and they never managed to make it there, but why does it matter? In the end all they had to do was kill Walter and win. This felt a bit unsatisfying for everyone involved. The investigators were confused as to how the story was supposed to fit together and were questioning their reasons for getting clues in the first place. I didn't really have a rebuttal. In the end it seemed like it didn't matter if the players uncovered 1, 2, 3, or 0 clues, the end objective is always the same. It takes roughly the same amount of game time to get to the third clue as it does to passively reveal the objective. It's like playing Risk, if 10 turns into the game the rules tell everyone that whoever controls Tunisia wins the game in 2 turns. It seems random for those who didn't see it coming, and feels like an arbitrary and meaningless win. So, what's the purpose of the clues?
  10. I only hope the expansions come around at about half the price of the full thing.
  11. I also have an issue with the idea that the Keeper must reveal his abilities. This seems to remove much of the anticipation and fear from the Investigators if they know how the Keeper is going to attack them. Once again, can the game be played in an alternate way as to not reveal everything to the players right off the bat? Why should the Investigators know that if they enter X room then the Keeper can harass them with Y?
  12. I'm debating on whether or not to spend the enormous $80 to play this game, but I have some trepidations. Supposedly the board is set up prior to the actual game, revealing all objective locations and important areas in the house, etc. Is it possible to play without setting up the board beforehand? My players enjoy the act of actual exploration aka, revealing tiles as they go, and I think revealing important locations right off the bat could really ruin the experience for them. Secondly, how easy would it be to create custom content? For example, if I wanted to replace one of the pre-built wire puzzles with one of my own design, would it be as easy as just replacing it? Will the game be horrible ruined by doing this? Lastly, I would really like to play this game with a more role playing mentality, with less of a focus on the competition between Keeper and Investigators. I'd rather fluff some rules and allow everyone to have fun then to necessary go out trying to murder all of my players. Is this possible without diminishing the integrity of the game? I appreciate any answers.
  13. Oh and is the Tactical Marine's "Bolter Mastery" a solo, squad, or passive ability?
  14. A few questions... Can techmarines wear terminator armour without penalty? Can they still use a servo-harness/other tech equipment? Same question for apothecaries. Does the pregen Apothecary for Final Sanction have a Narthecium? It doesn't seem to explicitly state.
  15. I've been looking at the released character sheets and was wondering what the following Starting Traits/Talents do... Killing Strike Nerves of Steel True Grit Thanks : )
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