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  1. Banton989 - Is that a Bolt Action mini I see in the background??? X-Wings look great! Nice work!
  2. I already have my two core sets, but for wave one I ordered the following from my local store: 1 - Victory Class Star Destroyer 1 - Corellian Corvette 1 - Nebulan B Frigate 2 - Assault Frigates 2 - Gladiator Class Star Destroyers 2 - Rebel Fighter Squadrons 2 - Imperial Fighter Squadrons I'll admit, I'm an over buyer...but I like having options.
  3. Just picked up my 2 core-sets at Game Empire in Pasadena, CA
  4. This is the Star Wars game I've been dreaming about! Between this and Armada I am a happy dude! It's a great time to be a Star Wars gamer!
  5. I really like the character and monster stands that come with the game, the problem is...there's just not enough of them. If there's 2 groups of Gors, I want to have 2 stands of Gors to show - not 1 Gor and 1 Misc. as you have to now. To rememdy this, I've been considering using Warhammer miniatures, but my wallets absolutely HATES this idea lol. What's everyone elses plan?
  6. Just spoke to my LGS here in Southern California - they will have it tomorrow! WOOT!
  7. lol - same. I check this page about every 2 minutes! Not to mention all the calls I've made to my FLGS. I'm sure they think I'm nuts! Oh well...
  8. I <3 this thread and fully support this idea! This would be awesome!!!
  9. Just curious as to how everyone is storing their cards? I purchased card sleeves for everything, but I'm wondering how everyone is storing them to keep them safe, but also make them easily accessible for gaming?
  10. Los Angeles Area: Just picked it up this morning in Pasadena California @ Game Empire. They had 4 copies total - 2 left as of 3:00pm on 11/27/09 The Last Grenadier in Burbank, CA has 1 copy in stock as well. Good luck!
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