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  1. Wytefang said: My remarks about the amount of people affected by this was based on the feedback I've seen on the two main sites that discuss this game (BGG and FFG). Of course we're all disappointed that you were affected by this - we wouldn't want it to happen to anyone among us, certainly. That being said, posting an alarmist style forum post that seems to imply this might be a bigger issue isn't helpful either. OK... In what way is making a post about the fact that my cards don't match in size making an "alarmist post"? I wanted to know if it was just me (unlikely), everybody, or just some people. Why do you feel the need to jump to FFG's defense in this matter? I have never blamed FFG for the problem - I am well aware that printing problems occur and are out of the hands of the game companies. I was very clear that I was just gathering info, not angry with anyone. I'm sure FFG will make it right, and do not in any way encourage anyone to get alarmed. So, anyway, your comments lead me to evaluate my posts - was I off base questioning your conclusion that this is an isolated incident? Just for fun I did some counting... How many reported they have a problem, how many don't. I counted the posts on BGG separately from here as I'm not sure of the user cross-over other than myself and you (same name on BGG). I'll even give you the posts that imply they don't have a problem without stating it (in parens). BGG: Cards don't match: 6 posters. Cards do match 2(2) posters. FFG Forum: Cards don't match: 2(1) posters. Cards do match 3(1) posters. I guess you can draw your own conclusions from these staggering sample sizes of 10 and 7... I guess there's no need to look into this any further. I wasn't going to get sucked in... I wasn't going to get sucked in... I wasn't going to get sucked in...
  2. JerusalemJones said: dormouse said: Have you ever worked with foreign third-party vendors? You can give them your specifications, even outlining they use the same specs as your last order, and you can still end up with product that does not actually meet your specs. As anyone who has worked with commercial printers before knows, a slight misalignment can cause numerous sheets to be cut wrong, so that even though the proof you checked for approval was done correctly the released product can have some variance in it. Never mind foreign vendors, the same thing can happen with domestic vendors. And this is not just something that happens with FFG's games. The first two print runs of Magic were cut differently, later prints in a run can be slightly off-color, a game switching from one company to another will cause minor changes to the cards. I can understand your disappointment about the card sizes, but if a mere 1mm size difference makes it that much more difficult to shuffle your deck, invest a few $$ and buy a set of sleeves. Not only will it make your shuffle easier, but it will protect your cards and keep them from having the wear and tear that destroys your cards over time. I'm not looking to get sucked into a flame war here, but I've about had it with the apologists (Not specifically targeting you, dormouse - you were just the last post for quote), so a few quick responses... I have worked with, understand the issues with, etc etc 3rd party foreign vendors, but at the end of the day as the consumer, none of that is my problem. It is reasonable to expect a minimum level of quality in a product that you have paid for, and I would claim that mis-cut cards does not meet that level. A 'mere' 1mm size difference does not make it difficult to shuffle, it makes it impossible. The smaller cards clump as your fingers don't make contact with them - its the basis of any number of magic tricks. If anyone reading this is sure that a mis-cut is no big deal them, send me your cards and I'll clip the corners of of all of them - you can put them right back in the sleeves, so should be no problem. As far as sleeves go, I have been playing CCGs since the beginning, have never used sleeves, and never will - just ask my beat-up old lotus. If I play Invasion so much that I wear the cards out, I will buy more cards since I obviously got my full money's worth out of them. It is as reasonable for me to dislike sleeves as it is for others to like them. I'm impressed that Wytefang can so quickly and definitively determine that this is an isolated incident based on the huge sample size of people who post on these boards. Certainly the most probable explanation is that in a large print run, a few packs worth of cards got mis-cut, all in the same way, and then the dies magically re-aligned. Anyway, sorry - just need to get that off my chest. Don't want to start a war. Let me point out that I have not flamed FFG, nor claimed that I will never buy another product, or any of the other usual internet tantrum talk - just reported my version of the facts in hopes of getting some info from others.
  3. An Update: I wanted to to my due diligence prior to contacting FFG so that they would have some accurate information to act on, and I thought it might be helpful to share what I found here... I compared the sizes of the cards in our 3 core sets, and they were all the same size. They were purchased at different times soon after the game was released, but from the same FLGS. I opened my remaining 2 packs of Skavenblight cards and they were the same size as the first pack - that is to say smaller than my Core cards. I then compared the Skavenblight cards to some CoC CCG cards and some CoC LGC expansion cards... Same size... Finally I dug out some old Magic cards, and again the Skavenblight cards are the same size. This pretty much points to my Core set cards being too big - they measure exactly 2.5" x 3.5", which is bigger than a 'standard' magic card on both edges (more so on the short side). Good news for people that don't have screwy core set cards since they seem to have fixed the mistake in the expansions, but I've now gone from 120 bad cards to 660+... Anyway, I'm sure FFG will help me out.
  4. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned this yet, but today we built some decks using my newly-aquired skavenblight expansions, and much to my surprise, the Skavenblight cards are about 1mm smaller in each dimension than the core set cards. This makes the cards easily identifiable within the deck, and makes the deck nearly impossible to shuffle properly. I don't use card sleeves, and have no intention of starting now, so I now have 3 sets of expansion cards that I can't really use. There really isn't much more to say about this since nothing can be done to fix the existing cards, but I would like to hear from FFG on what the planned resolution is...
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