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  1. To spice things up a bit, here's a photo of the playmat every participant is going to get simply for showing up:
  2. Could someone who's already got their box kindly post a list of components, especially the number of small and large cards included? I'd like to know how many sleeves I will need. Thanks! Also, the unpacking video is great.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Seems like a pretty dumb move, since a lot of new players who'll buy this box due to the graphics from the series won't progress to LCG now and buy chapter packs, resulting in ultimately less revenue for FFG and smaller playerbase for us.
  4. Howdy, I'd like to announce an upcoming tournament in Warsaw, known as Suck!Baaaalls (an inside joke that arose after this year's Polish Regional). Everyone who wants to come is of course invited, and foreign players are very much welcome. The tournament will take place on 20-21 October in Warsaw, the exact venue still to be determined (will be known for certain soon). There will be both Melee and Joust, as well as a 'Ned' side-tourney (for decks built only with cards from a provided restricted list, based on characters and events from the first book of ASOiAF, so no GJ or Martells, sorry!) There will be a LOT of AGOT swag to win, and the lead organizer has stated that he wants to make sure no one leaves empty-handed. Prizes include, but are not limited to: custom etched plastic House cards, playmats, power tokens, promotional House cards provided by FFG, posters and more. Entry fee is 35 PLN (about $10) for the whole event. The organizers do not provide accomodation, but there are a few example hostels listed on the information page. Warsaw has good train and air connections with most of Europe, as well as the US. Suck!Baaaalls is meant as a final chance to test your decks before the Tourney of Stahleck, and above all a great, fun weekend of AGOT and beer. We await you with open arms. Come and play! You can find the tournament website (in English) with all the necessary information here: http://www.agotturniej.boo.pl/en/Ist_unofficial_AGoT_tournament/Information.html In case of any questions, feel free to e-mail the lead organizer: agotturniej@boo.pl
  5. From the new spoiler of Valar Morghulis found here: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=16&efcid=4&efidt=651350 11. Maester Kerwin --- Character --- Greyjoy Cost: 1 STR: 1 Icon: I Trait: Maester Crest: Learned RESPONSE: Kill Maester Kerwin (cannot be saved) to cancel any effect that chooses 1 of your Ironborn characters as its only target. Question: Can I use Maester Kerwin's ability to cancel a player playing an attachment on my Ironborn character in the marshalling phase (not by Ambush, the normal way with gold)? As far as I understand, this is neither a card effect nor a triggered effect. Is marshalling a card considered an effect at all and thus cancellable by Maester Kerwin?
  6. rings said: Bleh. Almost playable at 3 gold and 5+ initative. Probably playable at 4/4/1. In the CCG days (and plot power is almost to that point), there was a 4/4/1 where uniques always had renown and it was rarely played. 4/2/1, Prove One's Worth. Not only the uniques had renown for the whole round, but it was only YOUR uniques, not a present for all other players like this... thing. I know LCG cards are supposed to be less powerful than CCG overall, but this? This is weaksauce.
  7. Hello. I've returned to AGOT after a long break and would very much like to complete my leather deckbox set from the CCG days. I'm missing the Baratheon and Martell ones, as stated in the topic. Is anyone selling them or is that a lost cause?
  8. Dark Heresy got their announcement today. Let's hope WFRP3 will soon follow.
  9. My copy arrived last Monday. Most Internet stores and a number of bigger FLGS in Poland carry WoM.
  10. Gilead te tuin lothain said: Is this new background or something reused from previous editions, only if its of use for developing stuff for my 2nd edition game I might be interested. The whole chapter on foreign and mostly non-Teclisian magic (I love the term, by the way) is essentially new and written in character by an elder Light Magister. It references known lores, obviously, but is also a good overview of how the Colleges look at elven, Bretonnian, Kislevite and so on, magic users. Given that rumors about the new Dwarf box set already circulate, your best bet for an in-depth treatment of elven/dwarven magic is probably to wait for the release of an appropriate expansion. Same as with priests and holy magic, basically. As for Cathay/Arabia, I don't remember seeing any canon information for them at all, even in first edition. Official fluff about their magics (or anything for that matter), even though it's just a paragraph or two, made my day.
  11. I'd recommend going through all your cards and checking them with the Cards & Components List available in the support section of the FFG WFRP3 site. My box was missing one Melee Strike, for example.
  12. lordsneek said: No rules for it but has some since background information about High magic, dark magic, wood elf magic, dwarf rune magic and a bunch of other types. Including a few bits of info about Arabyan and Cathayan magic (and thus some fluff on those lands). Also, Heinrich Kemmler
  13. Could you also post how many small and large cards are there in the expansion? My copy is on the way, but I won't be getting it until Monday or Tuesday and I want to stock up on sleeves beforehand.
  14. The IP hammer is the sole fault of Games Workshop, IMO. FFG probably has nothing to do with it other than just having to enforce the conditions of their license agreement. GW is well-known for sending cease&desist letters left and right to people who use their intellectual property in fan works or otherwise, no matter how small. FFG, on the other hand, almost encourages the fans of their games like Arkham Horror or Talisman to create their own content. You could easily find new Arkham investigators, monsters, even whole new expansions on the AH board, all using graphics from the game, and FFG has had no problem with that for years. So, I think complaining about how FFG screws with the WFRP3 fan work is a bit unfair - it was probably that or they wouldn't get the Warhammer license altogether.
  15. I find the Mayday Games chimera and mini-chimera sleeves much better than the FFG ones. They are not so thick, and sleeved cards don't slide apart when you stack them. This frustrated me to no end in Arkham Horror, so I've tried MDG sleeves and love them so far. And they're cheaper, too.
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