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  1. I see. So am I right to say that the '3' and '4' will not be available for 2 heroes in interlude 1? Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Hi guys, I don't know if I have understood the rules correctly, but one of the setup tasks state that if there are 2 heroes, place a search token on the "2" slots on the quest map and so on. In some quests e.g. the interlude, where the quest map only show 3s and 4s, does this imply that no search tokens will be placed if I am playing with 2 heroes? Thanks so much!
  3. Sounds like your card(or your cat) certainly is 'performing a stunt' Joke aside, mine's holding up great. I've been through 6 sessions, and all the components, cards and books are holding up really well.
  4. Some of the stuff by Nox Arcana is pretty good and dark.
  5. Qingtian said: Officially, no you cannot take the same career again to get another 10 advances from that carrier. Unofficially, do what ever you like to do. I thought so as well
  6. Thanks everyone - great discussion so far. You're right that wounds should be treated as an abstraction of the various negative effects that one goes through in the game, instead of actual open flesh damage. And yes, I am aware that Howl of Chaos has a magical component to it, hence the wounds it causes are well justified- I was using it as a lead up to my question, so apologies if I confused anyone. I was actually referring to the rules where stress or fatigue assigned to henchmen/enemies are converted into wounds, but the discussion so far is certainly still relevant.
  7. Sorry if this is somewhat unrelated, but are we allowed to retake the same career when changing a new one after the 10 advances? I don't see this in the rules anywhere, but I don't see why not. Of course, there's not much mechanical benefit from doing so, but it might make sense in some stories I'm sure. What do you guys think?
  8. willmanx said: Keep one pack for you (GM) to know these basics attacks, and to use it with your NPCs, and share these between a player and his chair neighboor. Yes I couldn't emphasize this more myself. I went through several games wondering how come my players seemed to cleave through their enemies so easily until it dawned upon me that these enemies are able to Dodge and Parry as well. Doh! That's the problem when the gamemaster isn't given a set of basic action cards for him/her to use. After that realisation, I scanned in all the basic cards into a single sheet such that I may refer to them at will.
  9. I'm sure many of you have already read the newest announcement regarding the use of the dice pool system. In there, the card Howl of Chaos has an effect where a successful hit deals 2 wounds to a given target. While I understand that Howl of Chaos is a spell, I was wondering how you guys interpret damage story wise dealt by social skills. By damage, I mean negative effects like stress, fatigue and wounds which are dealt to an opponent such that the opponent is knocked out. While a war cry for example may deal enough stress to knockout the beastman, how do you gm's describe this in game? Does the beastman just faint outright out of fright? What I am interested in are interesting ways to describe these kinds of effects on the opponent.
  10. That's certainly very interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Yes my group too suspected that it was the halflings, with the ever crafty coachman attempting to cut a deal with them to sneak out some extra hops for a cut of profit (which was exactly what they were doing behind Bugman's back!).
  12. Hi Sinister, I ran your campaign last night for my party of 3, and I would like to say that it was a great adventure, and the group had fun. I'm new to the WFRP universe, so I decided to tweak it a little and set it within a dwarf city that the party arrived at while tracking a orc invasion party in the previous session. Upon arriving at the city wounded, they sought out rest and healing, and wanted to take a coach out to Marienburg, on their coachman's advice (his hometown). Walking around the city, they decided that looking at the local tavern for some possible henchmen to accompany them on their trip back was the best bet, and it was there that I got them into Bugman's Tavern. The party managed to figure out what was happening by the first night, so I advanced most of the plot and left out others. The elf thief, upon sneaking into the tavern at night, discovering the first(and second murders) and seeing the green glow coming from the boiling tank, saw Orau (first time they met him) fiddling with the pipes and assumed it was him who was poisoning the supply, and promptly shot an arrow at him, maiming his arm. The adventure basically came to a head with the showdown between the rat ogre and the party, which they managed to kill(due to incredible luck). Heading down into the secret tunnel, they found the drill but the henchmen had already escaped. Once again, thanks for writing this, and I had a blast running the game.
  13. Titeman said: Anyone running a game with just 1 or 2 PCs?... I am too. I have a Wood Elf Thief, and a Dwarf Troll Slayer.
  14. @Emirikol - I do feel that you're right about the 'stuff' part - I did feel that the stress and fatigue tokens could have been handled by writing a couple of numbers on the character sheet. This is a pertinent point especially when some tokens start getting flipped over to the wrong side and players and gms alike start getting confused about the tracking. My belief is that if the tactile bits become a source of confusion rather than advances the gameplay experience, then perhaps it would be a good idea to do without them. I know this technically doesn't come under 'system', but just my comments.
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