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  1. Fantastic game. Awful support by FFG. I look jealously at the English language Spielbox magazine where they review and highlight the Legends of Andor expansions.
  2. FFG? Is anyone reading these forums?
  3. Two weeks later. Still no answer.
  4. My neighbour's kid recently decided that our Rattlesnake die made a better ball than a game component and ended up tossing it over the fence. Unfortunate, we were unable to find it again. Has anyone found a good way to replace the custom die? I could not find a place on the Fantasy Flight website that indicated how I could acquire a replacement die.
  5. I play this game regularly with my 5-year-old in about 5 minute. We also play with a 3-year-old, but that's hit and miss. One game is usually around 10 minutes with multiple kids. We normally play 2 or 3 consecutive games.
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