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  1. Direach

    Could Use Some Help w/ Homebrew Races

    My suggested stats in bold: From the Rymfell Sylphs -- wispy, born of the air and mist, these humanoids are curious and elusive, preferring to remain hidden from others, observing, and only occasionally inserting themselves into events - Agility 3, Brawn 1 Ursus -- these are bear-like creatures; powerful, swift hunters, they are clannish but not necessarily warlike - Brawn 3, Intellect 1 From the Caldera Oreads -- these vaguely humanoid beings are composed of rock or crystal, sometimes glowing from within as if filled with magma, they harbor great wisdom behind their impenetrable lithic gaze - Willpower 3, Agility 1 Emberkin -- these creatures are small, not always of human shape, and burn as if made entirely of fire, though they do have a physical form beneath; they can be mischievous and disruptive - Cunning 3, Presence 1 From the Burgeoning Seraphim -- of angelic bearing, these humanoids almost seem to glow from within, and always seem to be bursting with life, often elevating those around them; rarely some are seen with great dove-like wings - Presence 3, Cunning 1 something else on theme? - Plant folk are a good possibility. From the Miasma Winnowers -- small shadowy creatures that have eked out an existence in the treacherous lands of undeath, they seek to form connections with other living beings, but struggle doing so: in some the Void has taken root and they are themselves inherently the negation of other life and light - not sure, maybe Agility 3, Presence 1 Other Beings of Margonis Amaranthine -- reddish hued humanoids, often covered in strange glowing runes, these beings carry with them the experiences of their forebears, either in memory, or in the manifestation of some past magical ability - Intellect 3, Agility 1
  2. Hi @sevick, I've done some work along these lines for my own setting, you are welcome to take a look and see if any of it will help you. The "Artifice and Enchanting" and "Adventuring Gear" documents include alternate rules for magical crafting, enchantments, scrolls, and craftsmanship: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Cb0tTaswa6njDfFiBewNGEbx50D3IqMq?usp=sharing
  3. Direach

    When will someone make this?

    I believe this has been done, @drainsmith took the time to collate this information: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Am2tG8-iIXGdgd5P6WMs-9mN--0CBw I'm not certain that is the most recent version, but I believe it is.
  4. Direach

    Dredd Lawgiver Pistol

    The specialty ammo types in Dredd are very hard-hitting, I would not lowball them. Hi-Ex is just that: a powerful explosive attack that can disable armoured robots, vehicles, etc. Hotshot burns ferociously for several rounds before it is spent. The balancing factor is not mechanical, it is baked into the setting: Judges, above all, must obey the law, and can't gun down civilians with, or even use, Hi-Ex and Hotshot without extraordinary circumstances. I would say that a player must choose the ammo type before taking the shot, in all cases. That's how it's always been in the Dredd comics, and in the movies: a Judge commands the Lawgiver to switch ammo type (or switches it manually). then uses the specialty ammo.
  5. Direach

    Genesys Creature Catalogue (formerly Bestiary)

    That's correct, a minion group gets a single action and maneuver each turn. Barring exceptional circumstances, a minion group can only take one maneuver per turn, as they cannot suffer strain, voluntarily or not. Of course, depending on the adversary type, you could make an exception to that (for exceptionally or supernaturally fast adversaries), but I'd make that a very rare exception. I haven't used the Pack Tactics ability a lot, but I had the kobolds make good use of it. A pack of kobold warriors would engage a player, then provide Boost dice to an Alpha engaged with the same player.
  6. Direach

    Genesys Creature Catalogue (formerly Bestiary)

    It is a little weird with minion groups. I ported that ability over from Star Wars, but it is a little clunky. The easiest solution is to allow them 2 Boost if they assist another ally, or if they take the Aim action (rather than precise targeting, it reflects the minion group members creating an opportunity for a more effective attack). It should only work if there are numerically two or more attackers, though (even if both are in the same minion group).
  7. Direach

    Dredd Lawgiver Pistol

    I think using the Limited Ammo quality is fine for limiting the use of special ammo types, like Hi-Ex and Ricochet, or Hotshot. Are you trying to reproduce the Lawgiver from the comics, or from the 2012 movie? Either way, it is a highly unique weapon with a lot more hard points than Genesys would normally allow for, but if you're running a Dredd/Judges campaign, they should definitely have access to their signature weapon. If you want to err on the less fanciful side (without aliens, cyborgs, psionics, necromancy, interstellar travel, etc), the 2012 movie is probably a better source to work from.
  8. Direach

    Shadow of the Beanstalk errata

    Ahh, I was looking for Pierce and missed that. The price one pays for trying to recall errata without having the book present.
  9. Direach

    Shadow of the Beanstalk errata

    The Heavy Gauss Rifle is missing the Pierce quality (presumably Pierce 5) in its profile. I don't have my book with me, the name may be slightly different, but I think it's Heavy Gauss Rifle.
  10. Direach

    An Idea for access to Magic via Careers and Talents

    Grit, Desperate Recovery, Heroic Recovery, Signature Spell are all good early talent choices. Dominion of the Dimora is arguably the most damaging talent, as you can use it as written to fling targets into the air, and let them fall from Short range for significant damage (on top of whatever damage the spell did to them). This assumes you have a GM who will allow you to repeatedly throw his monsters around like ping-pong balls, of course.
  11. Direach

    An Idea for access to Magic via Careers and Talents

    As I am currently playing a caster in a Genesys fantasy game, and having been GM for several casters prior to my well-earned hiatus from GMing, I can verify that the magic system as written is sufficiently self-regulating: while you do have access to a lot of options, what you can actually do is very much limited by your ranks in your magical skill, and your ranks in Knowledge/Lore. You can certainly try to cast a Formidable difficulty spell with 2 ranks in Arcane, but chances are you will fail hard. If you want to cast a basic Augment on your group (for example), that's Daunting difficulty right there: 2 Difficulty for Augment, +2 Difficulty for Additional Targets. If you want Haste, you're now at Formidable (5) difficulty. The other balancing aspect is strain. Each spell costs a base of 2 strain, and can be more if you generate Threat and the GM is feeling generous (meaning, they don't decide to damage your implement, delay your spell, or otherwise hamper you with the Threat you generated). Failing to cast a spell and suffering 4 strain is a heavy burden on a starting character who likely has no more than 12-14 strain to start with.
  12. Direach

    Qs: Initiative and Story Points

    We have a large group of players, sometimes five or six at the table. What we do for Story Points is we roll one of the Star Wars Force dice to determine the colour of each participant's Story Point (including the GM). This gives us a fixed point pool size, but a variable in what colour Story Points we begin with. Flipping a coin would work just as well, but we use the Force dice because we have them and... there's no other use for them outside of Star Wars!
  13. Direach

    What do PCs do in the Android setting?

    I plan to incorporate (steal) a concept from SLA Industries: the sanctioned operative. In the sci-fi/horror RPG SLA Industries, the PCs play sanctioned operatives, who are essentially freelance contractors working for one of the many divisions of SLA Industries. Initially, operatives get low-tier, inglorious jobs (like clearing out infestations of carnivorous pigs), but eventually, with persistence and luck, they'll start to pull better gigs that pay more. The most exceptional operatives can earn sponsorships and media coverage of their exploits, which is where things really take off. That's an aspect that I think is perfect for a technology- and media-saturated setting like Android: the concept of operative teams live-streaming their exploits for their fans, wearing the gear of their corporate sponsors, getting paid to take care of business and look good while doing so. These operatives could either do entirely legal stuff, like full-scale non-lethal combat matches against other operatives in real time, or they could do less legal stuff (which would definitely make for some compelling entertainment).
  14. Direach

    Advice for a First-Time GM

    My advice would be: Relax Be flexible Err on the side of propelling the story forward and/or in the player's favour Make frequent use of the Story Points to keep things interesting Keep copies of the tables for Spending Advantage/Setback and Critical Injuries handy Try to give every character at least one moment to shine (in combat, social, netrunning, etc) Provide a generous XP award at the end of the first campaign session (I've found as a GM this is always met with great approval) And, of course, have fun!
  15. Direach

    Minimum crew required

    The "reduced crew" sidebar refers to capital ships though, which certainly need more crew on hand to function effectively. By the official rules, smaller vessels (say Silhouette 4 or smaller) have no minimum crew required (except a pilot, obviously), and do not function at a penalty for having only a pilot, except for the limitation of having only one character's action and maneuver(s) each turn. That can be a significant limitation, depending on the opposition!