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  1. Reiklander Soldier Reiklander Celestial Wizard Reiklander Agent Dwarf Trollslayer Dwarf Hunter Woodelf Waywatcher High Elf Gambler Yeah, it's a pretty big party.
  2. I'd expect the colour of the die to remain consistent, just with the number of faces changing. So, we'd perhaps see D8 or D10 style expertise for more advanced careers. I figure that they can use the same notation, eg yellow diamond or yellow circle in the text to make the game more consistency. The last thing you want is adding unnecessary complication by introducing new die colours when the current ones will suffice.
  3. Ouch, we get in 2 x 6 hour sessions a month and I feel its not enough
  4. DagobahDave said: Once it was available to the public, I liked most of what I read from the play reviews and took a risk on purchasing the game. I'm happy to report, after learning how the game actually works and what it contains, that it's a very fine game and one that I'm eager to start playing regularly. Exactly, once you start playing the game you do see that it is actually a fine example of an RPG. When I saw the designer diaries, I was intrigued, perhaps a little excited. When the game arrived, I was confused after reading through the rules. I thought I had made a mistake in my purchase... however, after about 20 minutes of running through it I actually got to see that it had loads of potential. After my first session I was hooked.. Now I'm running a campaign with 7 players and its a pretty sweet game with potential for lots of kickass roleplaying. It's truly one of the better games I've played in the last few years and I'm sure it will only get better.
  5. KONRAD said: yes...yes,i can feel your anger. Not angry, just pointing out a fact. You write vitriolic crap intended to stir people up. I've seen it here, in the 2nd ed forums before they were shut down, over at STS and other places. It amuses me to see just how wrong you are and how your tune has consistently changed throughout this "edition war" - I'm curious, have you even played a game?
  6. I use plastic US currency as it's cheap and I can use coins on a 1:1 basis. (Side note: I had actually looked at getting some manufacturered with appropriate Empire insignia, but it seemed to be a minimum 10,000 units kinda deal..) So without further ado. Pennies Shillings Gold Crowns Each of my players has their own coin purse I've provided and its quite fun to see them counting out money and betting it during our ingame gamboing sessions etc. My only beef is I'd like to find a larger diameter coin for the gold coin, to further distinguish it from the shilling. But it's a small deal.
  7. Necrozius said: Why someone decided to go back about ten pages and reply... is a mystery. Not really... It's Konrad. If you've seen some of the other stuff he's been posting around the interwebs, basically trying to stir up crap... I wouldn't read too much into what he has to say.
  8. I only have 5 words to say.... Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! PLEASE!
  9. So one thing my players are wanting is a game of chance they can play at inns and whatnot and so I've been thinking about how to make something interesting. I've come up with something that is similar to no limits texas poker, but uses ingame mechanics. It's core components are. A single deck of custom cards A puzzle track of 4 neautral/reckless pieces A Dice Pool Tokens for Bets Basically each card has a face side and a backing side, like a normal deck of cards. The face side is meant to be viewed in landscape with one in red for a reckless side, the other is conservative. Each card has various symbols underneath with appropriate points for the outcome. EG, 1 hammer = 5 points, 3 hammers = 20 points, 1 boon = etc. Each player goes around and puts in a token as his bet. For that bet, he gets to move his token towards the side of his choice (everyone starts at neutral each round). Everytime a player pushes it one way, it adjusts the communal's stance. IE, if 3 players are playing. One person has it 2 into conservative, One has 2 into reckless and the final player has chosen 1 into conservative, the final dice roll is the standard dice pool (4 blue, 1 yellow, 1 purple, 2 fortune, 2 misfortune) with subsitution of die for stance. The point of the game is to bet into the pot to try and push the stance into a favourable position for you, or bluffing your opponent into folding.
  10. One thing we're playing with is a custom circular grid system for WFRP3. It's plug and play with the standard manouver system for those people who can't get their heads around the manouver system. I'll upload the PDF for you to print out (it's A2 sized atm) when we've had more chance to play with it.
  11. Fabierien said: How did you modify this to fit the big cards? I simply trimmed the dividing sections down with a craft knife, then retaped them together with some black electrical tape, took about 5 minutes of modifying time.
  12. It could be the way you've handled them? The very first thing I did with my rulebooks was fold the front and rear covers back along that edge that was provided. Doing this with these kinds of books prevents the spine from coming unstuck after you open the covers flat. Otherwise, when you do read the books (even if you're trying to be careful) you're placing undue pressure on the glue in the spine, and they come apart.
  13. Not at all, the smart thing when you start introducing skaven characters and the like would be to rebrand some of the common career names with their skaven equivalent. EG - Soldier = Clanrat
  14. We had a little accident last night when someone accidentally knocked the table and recharge counters went flying. It wasn't pretty. Anyway, I've come up with a new solution using paperclips and a hole punch. I've printed up some very basic dials with numbers from 1 to 10 on the outside on cardstock and punched them out with a 1 inch hole punch I've used for making tokens in the past (for d&d) see pic. I then attach these dials to character sheets and action cards, talents, anything that needs to track recharge. The paperclip not only holds it in place, but also acts as the "marker" point. To adjust, I simply turn the dials either way on the cards either way. I'll post pics soon, but clip on dials seem to work well in this modular format where you need to track multiple conditions.
  15. I know you dont want to buy the adventurer's toolkit, but if you've owned/played Descent before, you'll know how annoying having only one set of dice is. When they come out, you might want to consider getting some... not saying its required as there is a good number in the box. It just helps speed the game up when there are more (I personally pre-ordered 4 sets, but that's just me)
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