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  1. AT-ST compared to an Imperial Knight

    I wouldn't even go so far as to say that GW over charges for their product. Their product is top notch. But it is a product that I simply cannot afford. Especially with other games (that I actually find more fun) to play.
  2. The other thing I learned is that I want to get enough dice. Currently planning on 2 box sets. the question I have now is, should I just buy a third box set or an extra dice pack?
  3. I'm not sure you do get different cards, but if all you want is two more storm trooper squads or two more rebel trooper squads, it is cheaper to buy the squads by themselves. So if you want to invest solely in one side or the other you it might be in you best interest to buy expansions.
  4. @NeonWolf I hope your right.
  5. My initial thoughts... The game seems very smooth and it moves quickly. I really like just gathering up dice pools and rolling entire attacks together. (I have a few questions questions about that, but I can wait.) But I do have a concern about the game in general. This isn't a complaint, I don't think anyone really knows this game well enough for any crazy, "Legion is Dead!" crap. First let me talk about X-wing. The basic mechanics are super simple, but mastering movement in the game is really tricky. It means the game is easy to learn but difficult to master. Armada is more complex, I actually get tired playing a game of Armada, there is just always so much to consider. Again the basics of Armada are relatively simple, but actual play is incredibly complex. I am thrilled that the basics of Legion seem to be very quick and easy to learn, but I worry about the tactical complexity of the game. Moving first seems to be a big deal, not just so you can attack before you die, but also so you can get to cover, and not worry so much about suppression. But how you accomplish moving first is pretty basic. And order activation seems pretty basic. Not only isn't it a very complex activation system, (like how in armada you have to shoot before you move) but a lot of the tactical decision making is actually taken away from the player. Again, I would like to reiterate that, this is just a worry. I am totally buying this game. I am sure the actual play experience will be different than I could possibly predict from watching a few youtube videos, but tactical complexity (while keeping the rules simple) is a pretty important part of any minis game for me.
  6. Optimised Prototype

    From what I can make out: "Increase your shield value by 1 Once per round when you are making a primary weapon attack you may spend 1 die to remove 1 shield from the defender." I usually am not the guy who can make out the cards on the screen that don't have their own image, but this one seems pretty clear. And Awesome!
  7. YAY ROGUE ONE! (why not scarif?)

    I'm super excited for the release, but mostly because I think we will get some fix for the X-wing and the U-wing that they sorely need. Unfortunatly, what that will be seems a bit unclear from the article. I love the New TIE transport (name?), I will buy one even if the ship sucks. I am a little disappointed with the repaints, firstly because, of course, I don't know what their fix will be. But also I don't love the paint job. I had been secretly hoping for a Blue Squadron / Rogue Squadron fix for the x-wing. I would love s non-unique synergy title of Rogue Squadron like FFG has done with Armada ship titles.
  8. Additional Trooper

    There are advantages to have more-smaller squads. Take for example, suppression tokens. It doesn't matter how big you squad is, it takes the same penalty from suppression tokens. Also if your squad is there to get killed, then there is a real possibility that your opponent kills of more troopers than you have in the unit. Those kills are wasted. I am not saying that you should only have small squads, there are of course advantages for larger squads,
  9. Have you been swayed....

    I need to collect both, at least until I can convince my friends to buy in. They are willing to play with me as long as they don't have to buy anything.
  10. How long will my stuff be relevant?

    I do think the activation mechanic will favor forces with lots of core troops. Say you have 2 or 3 non core troop units and 5 or 6 core troop units. When you pick you activation card, if you pick a card with a few as 2 activations, you can then just pick 2 of the 3 non-core units and then you can activate your entire force exactly when you want with the single exception of the one non-core troop choice that you didn't put aside for your chosen activations. When randomly draw a troop choice, you can then activate any troop you want.
  11. How long will my stuff be relevant?

    X-wing is a great game, but the basic stats of each ship are pretty simple. Attack, Agility, Shields, Hull, and Pilot Skill are the only stats and Pilot skill is pretty much only used to differentiate pilots within so it doesn't really differentiate between ships. As for the dice stats, defense pretty much vary from 1-3 and attack dice vary (mostly) from 2-3. So the ability to differentiate between ships was pretty small to begin with. As we got more and more ships they needed to try out more and more "additions" to the basic rules of the game. Things like Boost, Cloak, 360 firing arcs, and Bombs. Basically X-wing had a pretty small design space, so it was that much harder to keep coming up with new things without making things either worthlessly bad or overpowers. I can't speak for Legion yet, but FFg seemed to have learned their lesson in Armada where there is just so much more design space already built into the game that they can keep giving us new cool things without being so power creep-y I think they will apply what they have learned to Legion, but we will have to wait and see.
  12. Leia and Fleet troopers

    Give them those scopes that improve their aim. They do get a free aim if they stand by. (I'm not sure how good "Stand By" is going to be, but this could be really powerful.)
  13. Why can't the Raider, raid?

    We really need the Star Destroyers to be able to destroy some stars
  14. Why can't the Raider, raid?

    I think the real question is... How much raid could a raider raid if a raider could raid raid?
  15. Fire control teams

    I know it sounds cool, but I just don't think it is worth the slot. There are just so many great options in that weapons team slot. There might be a situation where you wouldn't prefer, gunner teams or ordinance experts, but I can't think of one.