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  1. Let’s just suppose that there are some people out there who love Armada, but for one reason or another aren’t planning on getting the $200 SSD, that can’t even be fully used in a standard game. How long do we have to wait before we get an article on something for Armada other than the SSD? I’m not asking for new content, even tough I play mostly Empire and the last completely new ship we got was the Quasar, I am just asking for an article. We know stuff is coming. The New Campaign (super excited for that). The new factions (super excited for that), and new “sizable” ships. So how long do you think we will have to wait until we get an article for Armada about content we are getting that is not the SSD. (In all honesty, I am sort of excited for the SSD, but we were told it was coming so long ago, that I really want to here about something else.)
  2. I like them. At first I thought I would always take them, because they seem to help you more than they hurt you. But they do the same effect to both squads, so what they really assist are less maneuverable lists, because or lists than like to fly in formation. If you have great pilots with great dials and reposition, it is actually in your best interest not to bring them because while they don't hurt you much, asteroids or debris cloud will likely hurt your opponent more than they hurt you. What I really like about them is how it makes what obstacles you bring to a tournament more a part of your list than it was before. I also sort of feel like FFg included them to help swarm lists (now their are two factions that fly them) more viable in a competitive setting.
  3. So excited for Rebellion in the Rim, CC is by far my favorite way to play and I am excited for a new campaign. I am also sooooo. excited for smaller games.
  4. Speaking as a X-wing and Armada player. I was so excited when FFG announced that they were going to do an official app with point changes from time. But when the actual app came out, it is sort of terrible. My definition of terrible is that there are several free x-wing list builders created by people who just wanted them to exist that have do considerable better. It would be very sad if FFG went after squad builders even if they produce their own app, since I just don't have the confidence that it will be that good.
  5. Would it still be cool if it wasn't quite to scale?
  6. I just watched Crabook's video on what might be in Legion based on the the cover of the Clone Wars Starter set. And suggested that though it might be too big, but man I want it. I probably will never buy enough clone wars stuff to play them (I just have too many other things I need to buy, I'm looking at you SSD) but I will totally buy a LAAT and
  7. I’ll admit that I don’t love the prequels, and though I don’t hate the movies and comics, I have difficulty when they are treated as authoritative. That being said, I really don’t think the N1 belongs in the Republic faction. After just seeing the EI, I would have been fine with it, but everything I have read about the N1, is that it is a ship is exclusive to Naboo. I’m sure they show up in some comic or novel saying they were used in the Clone Wars, but that is crazy. Naboo, never had that many of them, and it just doesn’t make sense for them to give them to the Republic. I am sure Naboo had several during the Clone Wars, but wouldn’t Naboo keep them home during time of war.
  8. Let me know when you do. I really am looking for a good Armada Podcast and the only one I have found just has too much language for me. All others seemed to have died.
  9. Are there any plans to put this up with apple?
  10. For that price of Redline and a Torpedo you can get Vader. That doesn’t even include the price of bombs and a TrajSim. That pushes almost up to the price of a Defender.
  11. Looks like Jar Jar Binks put on some weight
  12. I watched the SSD battle on YouTube and it made me start thinking about SSD and objectives. Like I am not sur you can lose if you have an SSD and contested outpost. So how do you think the SSD will do in different objectives?
  13. X-wing 2.0 was mostly about fixing some things that had never been central to the rule set, but were dominating play and sort of ruining what X-wing was supposed to be. In truth we don’t need that in Armada. We actually have a great meta na good balance. But a game that goes 2-3 hours is just too long for me to play with a friend after my kids go to bed (which is when I play my games). I hesitate to say this because, People love the way Armada plays now. But I would love to see it much faster. Three simple rules not to adopt straight out, but for FFG to look at to speed up play. The way Axis and Allies War at see did fighter squadrons The way Legion does activations They way Dropfleet Commander does activations The way X-wing forces you to preplan your moves and then execute them. Obvoiosly I don’t want the rules adopted whole scale, especially since Legion and DropFleet Commander do activations differently. But for me I would love to see the game go faster.
  14. Honestly, I think they are going to tell us about sector fleet, and pretend it is something new. Maybe a new Sector Fleet box with cards and cardboard. If we are lucky maybe a couple new ships. If we are really lucky they will announce Clone Wars expansions with new factions. If we are unlucky it will be First Order and Resistance fleets. (JK I’d love to get First Order Ships)
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