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  1. This is our first time through, but we have found that everyone is rushing to get the repair yards. Also play test your fleet or at least have some of the more experienced players help you build it before you start. Starting with a bad fleet is the hardest thing to overcome. Sure you can scrap them and rebuild, but that comes with some pretty heavy penalties. Build bases soon, get those resource points as soon as you can. And bases are harder to take.
  2. All I can speak to is my own experience. But it has been a lot of fun. It has encouraged a gaming community rather than just a bunch of competitive tournaments in my area. It also gives me more to do during those long spans of time between actually being able to play.
  3. Every Fighter has its down side. And I play mostly Imperial, (or I would probably say the A-wing) but I am so surprised no one mentioned the TIE Fighter. It is so good for its price. The downside it has is that having a lot of them means that they require a lot of fighter activations. But they are so cheap I feel like I don't need to spend my actions to activate them if I don't want to. They can be taken out pretty quickly by sustained anti-fighter attacks from ships, especially ones with multiple blue dice, but If your ISD is shooting at my TIE Fighters then it is one less shot at my ships.
  4. I just have to take issue the the op assertion that a MC80L is a bad ship because it can't go toe to toe with an ISD. An ISD II is 120 points. A MC80 battle cruiser is 103 points. I just don't get why something's ability to destroy (arguably the most difficult ship to kill in the game) an ISD is it measuring stick for the quality of a ship. That being said, as an Imperial player ISD's can feel very fragile against an MC80 with a couple of good support support ships.
  5. Oh, I forgot, with mind link, you can evade with your Gands if you don't need your Shadow caster doesn't needs move its arc. 8 hit and an evade isn't to shabby.
  6. It doesn't have much by way of green dice, but it was only a couple of years ago when green dice were considered the worst investment in the game. They can take 8 total hits. The other trick IMO is keeping them cheap, so that losing one isn't that big of a deal. In a jousting situation, where you are trading blows they hit hard enough and have enough HP that they do pretty well. If they have a weakness it is that then need to dogfight (get stuff in there arc) and they don't have a great dial, or any repositioning actions. Repositioning actions though really work best when you have a high PS, so keeping them cheap means that no boost or barrel roll isn't too bad. Instead of giving them Vectored thrusters just give them the title (you have to buy a tractor beam) but that gives you the barrel roll action, for the same price as vectored thrusters. If you wanted to make it a better Dog fighter you could go with Zuccuss, VI, there title a tractor beam (which you don't have to ever fire) and Engine upgrade. It makes him okay at arc dodging. My answer to the poor dogfighting was the tractor beam effect on the Shadow Caster. I haven't used it this way yet. I am still trying out this list, but I hope to be able to pull ships into arc. I did move a ship to range 2 so I could tactician it. That was fun.
  7. I thought about 4-LOM, but since the whole list has mind-link, I didn't want to get stressed in the first place. Yes they are Gand pilots, but there was something in DS9 called the Grand-Link. It's a lame pun.
  8. The recent FAQ and nerf-ing has had me thinking. I think everything that was nerf-ed is still good, but they are all now counter-able. But even before the nerf people had already started to talk about the "New" "Best" list. Some people even accused FFG of missing it in there nerf. What ever your read of how we got here we seem to be in the era of mind-link now. The Thing about Mind-link (and all the newly nerf-ed lists) is they are vulnerable to stress. So instead of trying to really figure out the new meta I have been focusing on countering the new meta, and I thought the answer was probably stress. As I was looking at my options, I didn't really want to pull out my old stress-hog, he was fun, but it tended to be a good bait to draw aces in, aces, who didn't want it to live past round two. I also wanted to try out a stressing list with slicer tools so that eliminated directed me to the Scum faction. Asaj was an obvious first choice, but then I started looking for other ways. I realized wanted to try out Tactician. He's been out for a long time, but I haven't flown him much. So now I needed a good solid ship with a crew slot. One cheap enough that I could get a couple of them, put on mind-link, slicer tools, and tactician. My Answer the G-1A! I love it. Partially, because I just love the look of the ship. But also because I haven't ever seen it played at all in a tournament, and I have fought against the Syck like five times. It is a lot like a Scum B-wing, that came out just after B-wings weren't good any more. I tried them for the first time last night. And all my hopes were realized. I am not sure if they are going to be THE list, or THE way to beat the new meta, but it was just a lot of fun to pull out that ship that seemed to be dead on delivery and make them so good.
  9. I think the answer is clearly yes. The X-wing community would love something like the CC. I haven't played it but I have heard a lot of good things about Heroes of the Arturi Cluster. Which is a campaign put out by a third party. (And I am pretty sure its free; google it) I would want a X-wing campaign to be different. I don't see a squadron of fighters dominating a sector of space the way Armada fleets do CC. But I think something cool could be done. One problem I see is that there isn't as much room for your ships to improve the way they can in Armada. In a 400 point game getting enough points to buy 2 more 8 point TIE squadrons is a pretty small percentage of the total points. And a lot of what makes one ship better than one of the same type isn't so much the upgrades as the pilots you choose. I'm not saying it can't be done. I totally think it should be done, but it would have to be different.
  10. There is a shot in Jedi, during the battle of Endor, where a Mon Calimari ship is passing behind a Star Destroyer and depending on how far behind it you estimate it, it is somewhere between a little bit bigger than an ISD to a lot bigger. I know that Star Wars Cannon is determined by Role Playing game Sourcebooks and Wikki articles, and so we shouldn't take what is actually in the movie as authritative, but whatever that ship is seems to be really big in the movie. I think it is pretty reasonable to suggest that if the ship in question isn't the flag ship (which I think it is) then Home One wouldn't be any small than the that ship.
  11. Are you suggesting that the Empire has a ship with a French name? I don't know why we don't call it a light cruiser. Seems easiest. But at my group it is simply the arc. Like the math term for part of a circle between two endpoints.
  12. He costs 1 point!.
  13. Fenn has always been a high risk high reward pilot. I love him because done well he seems unstoppable, done wrong he lasts about as long as wet toilet paper.
  14. Stress. On top of that what about slicer tools.
  15. A-wings. They are cheap. Lots of agility mean that you don't get the guaranteed 2 hits. And 2 attack dice can hurt anything that can carry TLTs. That doesn't mean that A-wings are good against other things. But there are a lot of things you can do with a swarm of ships with pilot talents. (Or maybe two pilot talents.)