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  1. Hrathen

    So has anyone tried out 5 X-wings yet.

    I think the most popular build would be with Flight Assist, however, I don’t know if I know anyone who has five of them.
  2. I just went to a store championship today, and I was sure someone would try to fly 5 x-wings, but no one did. I am so curios to know if it can win.
  3. Hrathen

    Best X-Wing podcasts?

    Mynock Squadron. I use to like Scum and Villainy best, but they are now number 2
  4. Sure, August, whatever. My point is that it has been a long time. I am a little worried about the future of the game. And more than a little sad that the game has had so little attention from FFG. I am sure that FFG is doing this for reasons.
  5. The MC75 was announced for Armada on January 17th. I get that since that time we FFG has given their Star Wars fans Legion, and announced X-wing 2.0. And anounced so much for those two games, and those are the only two Star Wars FFG games that I follow. There has also been plenty of stuff for IA and Destiny. Honestly I am a little worried. FFG also anounced today that they were going to discontinue Netrunner. I don’t play Netrunner, but I knew a lot of people who thought it was a really solid game. This announcement tells me that FFG is willing to, for what ever reasons, die. I am not in on FFG board meetings, I have no idea I’d Armada is pulling its weight financially. Also with Legion some Armada customers are going to have lest to spend on Armada if they are buying up Legion, or more X-wing stufff. Maybe I am worried about nothing. Maybe we are getting a new First Order vs Resistance starter set, or some other major shake up for our game, but FFG just doesn’t want it to compete with its other big Star Wars properties, so it isn’t going to be anounced until after X-wing 2.o comes out. But that is months away. We can’t wait that long. We are ready for a shake up, or at least something to get us excited about the game again.
  6. Hrathen

    Initiative 5 generics?

    I feel like their is going to more of a disconnect between initiative and skill of the pilot. I think we will have more low initiative uniques and more high initiative generics. If all I want is a high initiative TIE Interceptor or TIE Defender, I don't think we are going to have to pay points for special abilities that we don't really care for. Sorry Rexler, I needed that focus to hit more times.
  7. Hrathen

    Finished My AT-AT Terrain.

  8. Hrathen

    Cluster Missiles 2.0

    Actually I really don't like that way of handling FAQ. In Legion right now people are gathering all this information supposedly stuff that the developers have said and treating it like a FAQ. But unofficial FAQs are just that unofficial. And the point of a FAQ is to provide authoritative and official answers to questions. But until something like that comes out it will always be a judgement call either to be worked out by a TO or between two friends playing the game.
  9. Hrathen

    Cluster Missiles 2.0

    When I read the card I sort of assumed that chaining off all 4 missiles was the point. It is an anti-swarm attack where they get to roll defense dice. Z-95 swarms will hate it, but TIE fighters will prefer this to Assault Missiles.
  10. Hrathen

    What 2.0 ship are you most excited about?

    Actually I am looking forward to breaking out my TIE Swarm lead by a TIE Advanced again.
  11. Hrathen

    Collection photos to show why 2.0 will cost you a lot

    I have been playing since the very beginning (original Gencon release) and I have bought every single release except the C-Roc. So yeah I have a lot of upgrade kits to get. But my collection has taken me over 5 years to build. I always felt that X-wing was a pretty cheap game and though I sent a lot of money on it I had everything and could basically fly any combination I wanted. I spent a similar amount of money just to collect a single army for 40k, and I got out in when 7th edition meant that I had to pay $100 to play with what I already had. X-wing may seem similar, but there are a few huge differences. First of all I am super excited for 2E X-wing. I loved X-wing 1E way more than I ever enjoyed 40k. And the new edition is going to make this game way way better. But I also get so much more. for under $100 I don’t just get a playable list with few playable variation the way a single 40k army is, you get a whole faction with thousands of totally different combinations all of it fresh, new and reworked. I just spent a few hundred $ on Legion and Terrain and my game budget is really stretched right now, and I am not excited about the cost, but I so glad FFG has done this. I don’t blame them for charging us money for it. And I do feel like we get a really really good value.
  12. Hrathen

    Random thoughts on 2.0

  13. Hrathen

    I don't really want to pay $40 for a Damage Deck

    @__underscore__ I can be pretty careful. All I need to do in is find the exact center on the two short edges and then draw a line. I might even use a metal ruler. I guess I am an expert craftsman.
  14. Hrathen

    I don't really want to pay $40 for a Damage Deck

    Really, is this the same precision engineering FFG that produced the Armada tournament prize range rulers?
  15. Hrathen

    I don't really want to pay $40 for a Damage Deck

    Can fix with a sharpie