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  1. I would double check, but I think a GW space marine is about 35 mm tall. If they are too small try a Primaris Marine. They are supposed to represent huge warriors in their "heroic" scale games. You can pick up a single Primaris figure for like $5 with the new rules (the rules are also downloadable as free, hence why they are so cheap) I think you can pick up a cheap space marine in one of Games Workshop's paint sets.
  2. I would love this, but I think I would need to get a GoFundMe account.
  3. Salt Lake Area, Utah - As the nerdiest state in the Union, I thought there would be more of us.
  4. I know some people think they are just Stormtroopers in cold weather gear, but I love the Snow Troopers. I like how they represented Vader's personal crack troops. I don't remember what they called the unit, but I would love those guys. There are ton of Stormtroopers in the EU, but I always like seeing the things that show up in the movies first. So I want Elite Storm Troopers (use the snowtrooper mold)
  5. There is so much Star Wars stuff that is coming out either the end of this year or the beginning of next. I think this is how I would put them in order. Star Wars: Legion Star Wars: Armada (Thrawn and Radus expansions) Star Wars: Movie The Last Jedi Star Wars: X-wing, Rebel Bomber and TIE Silencer Looks like FFG will be getting lots of my money.
  6. The Nerf is that it cost $30 for a small base ship.
  7. Pluss if you ever set up a table in an unfair way and then just hoped to get the random deployment you wanted, everyone walking by at the game store is going to call you on it.
  8. I am pretty sure the issue of terrain balance (you don't want the side to favor one side more than the other) is addressed by the fact that when you put on the terrain you don't know where the deplyment zones are going to be, let alone which will be your deployment zone. The encourages people build tables that feel balanced. This is basically the same way that GW handles it, since one player will randomly get to choose which side they want, and since you can't be sure you will get to choose you try to be fair with terrain.
  9. I have been playing X-wing all the way since the beginning and I remember when the meta was Howelrunner and a TIE Swarm. Howelrunner's reroll to everything in range 1 is a classic example of what is called a force multiplier. Basically Howelrunner makes everyone better (to a degree). And the more ships you have the more Howelrunner helps you. This inspired people to bring lots of cheaper ships. Over the past few months I have felt like the basic dog fighting in X-wing seems to be sliding. That is not entirely true since you still see high PS arc dodging aces. What you don't see is low PS swarms. Quality be it that expensive 7 point TLT or even more expensive 360 degree primary-weapon-firing ship, or a highly upgraded high PS ace seem to be really common. Few better ships be they bombers or turret carriers is the Meta almost everywhere. When you get few ships, upgrades become less of a hard choice. I flew Nym at a tournament last weekend with seven upgrades, and I didn't really even notice until I had to find a place for all the cards on the table. I think Force Multiplier ship abilities can bring the more-ships-is-better archetype. All we really need is for the new ships coming out to have these pilot abilities or new EPTs. I don't know what it would have to be, but there has been a bit of talk about making outmaneuver just a universal rule, what if someone basically gave outmaneuver to all ships of the same type in range 1 (or 2) of it. I don't know if this would bring back lists with 4 X-wings, in them, but it might.
  10. I disagree. VI lets you boost you PS above other pilots and the pilots that usually rely heavily on their PS to get things done are the ones at the top. If you are worried about a Fenn (for example) and want to combat that by giving someone VI so they can move after him, I totally think you should do that. Why should whisper be allowed to buy his PS up to 9 and then someone else not be allowed to buy it up to 10 or 11 to combat that. If anything I think VI is good for the meta because it makes face hard choices (with no one right answer) in your ship building. Nerfing VI would simply reduce that and make PS 9 ship more powerful.
  11. I think the problem is simply ships that don't have anything special about how they attack. Ships that just shoot primary weapons out of the standard primary firing arc are getting pretty rare. This by itself isn't a problem except that at its core X-wing is a dog-fighting game. The greatness of the game is how well this is played out in the rules. And I have no problem with other kinds of attacks existing in the game, but they are now so dominant that we don't see much actual dogfighting.
  12. I don't pretend to have any great new ideas that the implementation of such will "fix" X-Wing or the Meta, but I feel like the primary weapon fired out of the front arc seems to be under represented in this game. I'm not one of those that thinks that Fat Turrets, or TLTs or Sabine Bombs, any other type of attack has ruined he game. But I do thing that taken all together, the standard primary weapon shooting out of the front arc doesn't feel like it is he primary way to do damage any more. Sure lots of ships still attack out their front arcs, but as a dog fighting game, I just feel like it should be more. I loved bombs, when they were this surprise thing you could throw in your list and catch people off guard with. Or just something extra you could do. I was fine with primary weapons that fired all around the ship, when it was super expensive to invest in a ship that could reliably attack and do considerable damage in a 360 arc. I like turrets, and extra arcs, and bombs and every other kind of ordinance, but as extra things. I like primary weapons to be the primary way to do damage. It just feels more thematic to me, but more than that it makes the game about dog fighting. I would like to see some buff (I have no idea what is should be) to primary weapons fired out of front arcs, or maybe some sort of defense against attacks that aren't primary weapons fired out of the front arc. To be clear, I am not saying that the game or the Meta is bad or broken. But this is just a dirrection I would like to see the meta shift.
  13. If you are going to reprint the card, just give them 4 attack dice.
  14. I think any high PS ship that doesn't rely on Auto-thrusters or Lightweight Frame that can take a cruise missile and Guidance Chips for great effect. High PS actually makes most TR-required ordnance easier to get off, since it is so much easier to the TL you need. And the Cruise missile+guidance chips is such a cost effective combo. On Miranda 6 attack dice, with a TL and the aid of guidance chips. That is nasty. My very quick calculations put that at about 5.5 expected hits. Add etra munitions and do that twice. It is of course not a sure thing. Of course the ships that have a missile slot and don't pretty much demand a different modification on the rebel list, pretty much is K-Wing, Nym, and the Z-95. Of course you can do something similar with plasmas torpedoes, but they are quite as good.
  15. Ozzel is the cheapest commander. I haven't flowing him yet. but I have built a number of lists that use him simply for the points. In particular, I have been toying around with multiple ISDs (since we have new cheaper ones coming) but you really need to make every point count if you want multiple ISDs in your list.