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  1. I love them with just a TRC, they fly really well with JJ so they make great support for ISDs and VSDs
  2. I have been playing around with squad builders, and I really like a couple (or maybe one ace) mangler cannon equipped star wing to fly with RAC (wiht kylo on board)
  3. Not enough points
  4. I had a list with a couple of the Gand Huntsman with tactician, mind link and slicer tools. I wsa going to make these ships good. But their dials are hard. And then I realized that I could just swap out my Gand Huntsman for Contracted scouts, I got way better ships for fewer points. Sure they only had 2 attack dice, but they also had 360 arc, more agility, and more health. Not to mention an amazing dial AND a white S-loop. The problem with the Myst hunter is that the Jumpmaster is just so much better at almost everything in every way.
  5. I am starting my regionals prep, and I am pretty sure that I will be flying RAC, with Preditor, Rebel captive, Isard, and either Vader or Kylo Ren (probably Kylo). I also will may or may not give him engine upgrade. My question is who to fly him with. I tried him with an expertise Rexler. I love Defenders, but it turn out so well. I have recently given Vader another try and found that even with his upgraded Targeting thing-a-ma-jig he just doesn't throw enough dice. I would like to try out Inquisitor or Quickdraw. But I wanted to ask you all what you think is best.
  6. I have been to dozens of GW tournaments. None of them have had mats. Legion is very much an "actual" terrain game like warhammer rather than "a play on a flat surface and pretend there is terrain" like Warmachine or Battletech. I think a mat might be useful to put underneath terrain, but I hope to play at stores with modeled tables.
  7. I'm not pre-ordering because I like to support my LGS, but I will get one of everything and two core sets.
  8. 501st elite Stormtroopers. Put them in cold weather gear to make them look different.
  9. I will admit that blast turret is totally terrible. And I also agree that the Sinct Turret is basically a better version of the blaster turret. But I just want to point out that I don't want more better turrets. The Last thing I want to happen in this game is for another turret to come out that makes people wonder if it might be a better choice for their TLT slot. I am one of those that thinks the TLT should get a second shot if it hits the first time. Yes, that would make it suck pretty bad, but for the game overall, I don't want good turrets.
  10. My first experience with the Jumpmaster in tournament setting was facing Dangaroo, before it got nerfed. Then I proceeded to face just about every single nasty Jumpmaster build and I just didn't enjoy them. (Mostly because they were taking me out behind the woodshed every time I fought them.) I tried to build a stress / Attani Mind Link / Slicer Tools list, but when I found out that there was no good reason not to switch my Gand Findsmen for Contracted Scouts the whole idea just lost all its appeal. Let's just say I had an emotional reaction to the Jumpmaster, I just didn't like them. Now they are on their 3rd (or 4th) Nerf and I really think they did it this time. And now that I don't think they are comparable to other ships in power level, I am drawn to Dengar. If he turns out to still need another nerf, I will probably not be able to maintain my interest. But now he just seems good and fun.
  11. I have been thinking of all the heroes in Star Wars and wondering what they would be like in Legion. And I find that many of them aren't really commanders. Sure technically Han is in command of the attack on the Endor bunker. But really, how much commanding does he really do? Then I realized that most of the real Iconic characters are more heroes than Commanders, especially on the rebel's side. I actually love how Legion makes your commander a commander and not just a really tuff single character, but What if I want Cassian, Jynn, and K5-SO. Or Han, Luke and Lea in my list. Surely they can't all be my commanders, but if their was a character slot different from the commander slot they wouldn't need to be.
  12. So most of the expansion cost about $25. The starter costs $90. So not counting Vader and Luke (since multiples won’t be useful) I think the starter will start with about $100 worth of minis. So not a great deal for multiples, but there is some savings as long as you want doubles of everything. But extra movement tools and range rulers is nice.
  13. I remember how annoying Armada was with just the starter box. You basically only had one real option for each side with a little variation.
  14. I'm sure there is a reason, but why does FFG limit the regionals? There was a store in my city that ran great regionals, I know they applied for it, but they didn't get it this year. What is the deciding factor?
  15. Yup, I really had to look hard to find it. Like almost 10 sec.