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  1. Play the Objective

    Table you opponent is hard. And it isn't like objective points lost can be made up by just killing lots of enemies (the way it is in most tabletop game) So I thought this was obvious.
  2. I will say that Armada (though not nearly as old as X-wing) does much better keeping the core Star Wars stuff in the game. But the starter pack is almost not worth buying for the ships that come in it. (At least for the Empire). Additionally I think the objective nature of this game means that one supper killy unit still might not be an auto-take if it makes it harder to achieve objectives.
  3. Regardless of what our speculations are, we are going to be getting lots more units. Be they, Dark Troopers, Beach Troopers or Bespin Guards, they are coming. And I am excited for them and I want all these new units to be cool. But as I look forward in time what I really want for this game is for these iconic units from the initial release to still be relevant. You may not be very familiar with X-wing, but if you go to an X-wing tournament you won't see any X-wings, or TIE fighters or much of any of the core (and early released) ships of Star Wars. I feel this way for two reasons , firstly for thematic reasons. This game just won't be telling the Star Wars stories that I want it to if there comes a time when Stormtroopers are a unit that no competitive player brings. Additionally I just spent ove $200 to get two starter sets and a couple of extra troop expansions so I could play this as a full game. It would be sad if when say DarkTroopers come out, I have to spend a lot more money to completely replace my Stormtroopers because they are now obsolete.
  4. Veers and Snowtrooper still "on the boat"

    That and I have so much stuff to paint and terrain to build. It will be a while before I am chomping at the bit for more releases to switch up the stale meta.
  5. Speeder Bike Instructions

    I didn't find them too hard. The Turbine was a bit tricky, but after the first build that was the only part that gave me trouble.
  6. Approaching the ATST

    @MasterShake2 T-47s and AT-RTs are the heavy hitters of the rebel army. If you dedicate two heavy hitters to killing it then yes, you can put an AT-ST down. A laser cannon AT-RT is 90 points. A T-47 is 175 points. Having an Ion blaster means you don't have the Z-6 rotary blaster in that unit. An AT-ST with a twin light blaster cannon is 220 points. So 265 points of rebels beats 220 points of imperial. I'm not sure this is a revelation. To answer the original post, yes, the Rebel have heavy hitters that can easily go toe to toe with a AT-ST. The question is do you want to dedicate the points it take to kill an AT-ST when those points may be more effective somewhere else. This is not a rhetorical question, its a tactical question. One you will have to ask yourself every time you build a list and play against an AT-ST. There are lots of answers, but no easy ones.
  7. Approaching the ATST

    You roll 11 critts in 2 turns of fire. Okay let's say 7 and then you roll lucky on damage roll. That is still 56 dice rolls before you can expect 7 crits.
  8. Approaching the ATST

    One thing I have found with other minis game is that if your opponent brings a really powerful (expensive unit) sometimes the best thing to do, is not engage it. Part of what you pay for with the AT-ST is its ability to take fire. IF you can avoid shooting at it and still win that can be a great boon. Remember you don't have to kill the AT-ST you just have to win the objective. Of course a good opponent will make ignoring the AT-ST a painful choice for you. But that is what makes tabletop games fun.
  9. Terrain

    Okay, I have my armies built. 2 core sets + both trooper expansions, an AT-ST and AirSpeeder. I have a few games under my belt. I have a ton of painting to do (basically all of it) but I think I need to make some terrain. I bought some buildings designed for Infinity, they work pretty well. It looks clearly sci-fi without grim-dark skulls, double headed eagles or just a crazy amount of spikes. At a little more than $20 a pop, they are a little expensive to fill my table with. So I think I'm going to make some hills and other natural features. Then I had to decide what battlefield to model my terrain after. Star Wars has so many but they can be very different. If I was a champion terrain builder with unlimited time and money I would totally do Theede, because that place is beautiful. Hoth and Endor are also some pretty obvious choices, but they seem pretty bland. So I have decided on Mustafar. Sure the Rebel's never attacked Mustafar in any cannon story, but tabletop gaming is always taking things past the cannon anyway. Mustafar lets me use buildings and natural features as well as Lava. Who doesn't want to play "don't touch the lava" on their tabletop game. It has the added benefit as site of Darth Vader Palace, so extra awesome. All that and my son specifically requested lava. What terrain are you planning on building? What planets will be your battlefield?
  10. Is Legion WYSIWYG?

    I don't think it will be a rule, but it is a courtesy. I just finished magnetising the weapons for my AT-RTs and I am glad I did. I have been playing with two lately (that is only a couple of games but) having different weapons actually on the model to help me remember which has the rotary blaster and which has the laser cannon is nice.
  11. Thoughts on the T-47?

    It has armor and cover so at first glance you might think it can tank a bit. But I wouldn't recommend it. Cover's effectiveness with armor is minimal. But the T-47 is a high mobility unit. If you use it like a tank it will die, use it like a speeder. It is more like a speeder bike on steroids than anything else, treat it accordingly.
  12. Activation advantage and unit counts

    In Armada having activation advantage means that you can always move last or your ship A after you opponents ship B. You can't do that in Legion as easily. Being able to move before you shoot means you don't need your opponent to move into range. And Legion has the standby action. All of these factors, I would say activation advantage isn't as big of a deal. But then the power level discrepancy be expensive and cheap units isn't as big of a deal. However having more units to activate does allow you to move something last if you give it an order. Of course moving it first the next round will be a bit harder. All in all the activation game in Legion is more complex that in Armada.
  13. AT RT with no guns?

    No It's better, because the AT-RT can leave melee combat with a move action and your enemy doesn't get to pile in to get as many melee attacks as possible.
  14. 3rd imperial commander/ special forces?

    So would a dewback count as a trooper or a vehicle, or do you think that FFG will take advantage of their living rulebook to create a cavalry type. It could include Tauntaun riders too.
  15. 3rd imperial commander/ special forces?

    @ninclouse2000 They are coming eventually. Actually I think we will get scout troopers next, but I would prefer Death Troopers.