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  1. Hrathen

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    One other thing you need to remember is to turn away early. If you head for your enemies jousters and then turn away they just shoot you in the side. Another thing you can think of is a sacrificial ship. Pick a ship that jousts well, and survives well. Hopefully what will happen is it will be dead, but it will also have done some considerable damage. But once it is dead your flankes / aces are behind the enemy and you have one the game. This is one of the Reason why pre-points change Redline was so good. Sure he died quick, but he shot of two torpedoes and dropped some bombs before than and now your Whisper and Soontir are behind you enemy. If you can set that up you will probably win.
  2. This isn’t a hate on FFg post. I love them. I am really excited about things they have done with another Star Wars game they should remain nameless, and at least impressed with the release schedule of another one. In retrospect I can see how with all of the energy (and $$$$) they spent on other Star Wars games, that the energy they had left to dedicate the Armada was monopolized by the SSD. And for all the gripe about the SSD, the community had been wanting almost since the beginning of the game. So I totally am sympathetic to why FFg has seemed to neglect us. That being said, they just have. Last time we got a release that included an actual new ship for both factions was when? The Assault Carrier and the Hammerhead? It has been so long I could be wrong. And I’m not complaining about the Chimera expansion, it really breathed more life into the Star Destroyer. And this lack of attention is real. I’m not asking for an apology because my feelings are hurt. I just want things to get better, and I just don’t see that happening until FFg admits they have neglected us and tells us that things are going to change.
  3. Hrathen

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    But it doesn't organize them
  4. I have 1.0.3 version and when I hit save, it doesn't do anything.
  5. Hrathen

    Bombers 2.0

    I played a list with 3 TIE Bombers (one Jonus) and Jendon. All the bombers were equipped with Barrage Rockets and Proton Torpedoes. I’ll just say they were very very good. I was never really able to make Jonus worth it in 1.0. Ordinance and TIE Bombers just weren’t good enough. Jendon also helped a ton. After the first alpha strike the Bombers focused most turns (often getting Lock or barel roll actions from Jendon) But just a focus and Jonus near by meant they fired their Barage Rockets almost fully modded. They didn’t have bombs, so I didn’t even get to try out bible bomber. I have another 5 bomber list I want to try out, With Jonus and each ship just having Barage Rockets and Proton Bombs. I think I will miss Jendon and the awesome alpha strike with the Proton Toros, but the Bombs may make up the difference.
  6. Hrathen

    What I learned about 2.0 last night

    Last night I went to a 2.0 launch party at a local store (Shout Out: Demolition Games). I flew a VADER, REDLINE, and SOONTIR list. This is what I learned. Vader is a Monster! He needs his Target Locks, but when he has them he hits like a truck. Redline is really good! His ability to have Lock + Focus on every shot is pretty awesome, my choice load out is Proton Torp, Proton Rocket, so he can shoot no matter the range. I don’t know why I didn’t even think about bombs or the trajectory simulator. (Maybe traumatic memory loss from 1.0) Soontir feels like a pocket Ace. He flys very much the way he did before Palp existed. My original list was Soontir + 4 Saber squadrons, but I didn’t have enough dials. I need to find some more Interceptor Dials to try this list out. I wasn’t organized yet, and flipping through giant stacks of cards for the card I needed and digging everything out took forever. Lastly, I really need to fly better. Over all had a ton of fun playing 2.0. Can’t wait to fly a bun
  7. Hrathen

    Wedge "The Destroyer of Fun" Antilles

    Wedge has always hit really hard, but his disadvantage has also always been how easy he is to kill. I still think he is pretty easy to kill.
  8. Hrathen

    Funny names for the SSD

    Try to kill this in just 6 turns
  9. Hrathen

    Funny names for the SSD

    But Epic ships can’t be used in standard games, SSD can be.
  10. Hrathen

    2nd Edition Pilots - Winners & Losers: Imperial Edition

    Soontir Fell is pretty cheap as an an ace. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the cheapest Initiative 6 ship. He is the only I 6 ship in the game that can double reposition boot and barrel roll. Sure he can't boost barrel roll and focus every round now, but that is keeping up with bringing down action stacking across the board.
  11. I’m not going to go through the time line of the “Something Big” announcement and the next year of nothing, except for the smallest wave including one new ship, one repaint and the most unplayable fighters squadrons in the game. I prefer to dwell on hope. And I hope like many of you that we are getting something really big, something cool, something FFG didn’t want to compete with their announcements for Legion and X-wing 2.0 So what might it be? And what would be worth this wait? A new wave? This just wouldn’t excite me that much. We could have this anounced earlier. A giant ship like a SSD? Again, I know lots of people want this, and Armada has a sliding scale so the model could be released at a playable size, or it come come with a new epic-like format the way FFG did with X-wing Epic ships, but I Armada already takes a long time to play. This just istn’t that exciting for me. A new faction? Frankly it would probably be First Order and Resistance, and this would give more variety to our game, but I pretty much only play the Empire now, I’m not sure that this would be something all that cool to me. A new Addition? This has been amazing for X-wing, but that game had really gotten away from its core game mechanic and had an increasingly broken meta. Armada just doesn’t have that problem. I’m worried that any new addition might alienate as many people as it attracted. I really am looking forward to the “big thing” that I hope will be anounced at Gen Con. But I really wonde3r what it could be that would really be that cool, or cool enough to justify the stagnation that we have felt in Armada for the past six months. Honestly I hope they do anounce something really really cool that makes me just wonder how I am going to find the money to throw at FFG, but I am at a loss as to what they will be doing. (If I had my choice it would be a massive reworking of the rules to make the game go much faster, but I am pretty sure that this would likely alienate other Armada players.)
  12. Hrathen

    If there's no Gencon update...

    Last Gencon we were promised something big, and then we got the Chimera and Radus expansions, but then we were told that it wasn't the big thing we should have expected. I have a couple of theories. First we are getting something really really cool and it is hoped that it will draw more people into the game, but the bigwigs and FFG didn't want it to distract from the Legion release of the announcement of X-wing 2.0. Whether or not you play these games, All three games are targeted at the table top gaming market. It is a sad fact that table top gaming companies can be their own competition. I know I save up a bunch of money for Legion, and then got super excited for X-wing 2.0. The problem is I can only maintain excitement for so many games. While FFG is drawing my attention to Legion and X-wing they are not giving me anything to keep my attention on Armada. I love Armada, but with my recent purchase of Legion I am looking for a place to cut my gaming budget both in money and time. I am really really worried that even if FFG does announce something at Gencon, it might not be enough to draw me back in. Here are some speculations for Armada 1 - A really big cool wave: How cool can it really be. Sure it might be meta warping, and people who want to keep playing, that might actually push me the other way. 2 - Giant Dreadnought style ships and epic-like play. Honestly, I love Armada, but its biggest draw back is that its games take so long. We already have a format for giant battles from CC, and thought they are fun they are terribly exhausting and I can only do one or two a year. So I am not really excited for a Armada format that makes everything take even longer. 3 - Another Campaign. Honestly CC was the coolest thing to ever happen to Armada and a more involved better new campaign (it would probably have to include new ships) is probably the best thing they could do, but all it would really do is replace the stale CC that I have now play three through three times. 4 - A new addition. In some ways this might be the only thing big enough, IMO, to justify such a long wait for its announcement. If you have been paying attention to the X-wing 2.0 stuff it is awesome. But X-wing was broken by its own meta in a way that Armada just isn't. I don't here anyone calling out for a second addition. I have thought a lot about this, and I have wondered what second additions changes could make this game better. Honestly, if I were is charge, i would try to make some major changes to make these games faster so people could play in less time. But any changes I can think of to do this would essentially be changing the game to another game still themed about star wars capital ships. I would like to see this game play more like x-wing, but I think I am in the minority here. Armada fans like the game mechanics as well as the theme. I think if they did change Armada to make it more x-wing-like it would anger some of their current fan base. After all, if they liked the X-wing mechanics better than the Armada mechanics, why wouldn't they just play X-wing. Sure there are reasons, but I know a lot of Armada players who really like the Armada game play better than the x-wing game play. In conclusion, I honestly think of anything that could be announced at GenCon that would justify this long delay and reenergize me about Armada the delay + distractors from other games has just been sooooo strong. I'm not saying I'm done. I love Armada, but it isn't my only love. I have had a ton of fun with this game, and would be sad to see it go. I will still probably play it from time to time, but It has been my number one game for a few years, and I just don't see how FFG can restore it back to that position. PS After saying all of this, my deepest hope is that they do something I just didn't anticipate and blows me away. Part of my still sort of believes this is what will happen.
  13. Hrathen

    Is the MC-75 any good?

    As an imperial player it is the single ship that I find most dangerous.
  14. Hrathen

    Any Methods Necessary - Firespray 2e article

    Is it just me or is the Firespray in the picture of the box look very plain, almost like the whole picture is cg or something. I hope the real Firespray will look better than that.
  15. Hrathen

    So has anyone tried out 5 X-wings yet.

    I think the most popular build would be with Flight Assist, however, I don’t know if I know anyone who has five of them.