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  1. Ah man It's like FFG safeguards against total abuse. That's not fair at all.
  2. I will see your 9 dice and raise you to 10 (with three points to spare) Kylo Ren — Upsilon-class Shuttle 34S warm Leader3 Ship Total: 37 Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter12 Ship Total: 12 Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter12 Ship Total: 12 Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter12 Ship Total: 12 Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter12 Ship Total: 12 Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter12 Ship Total: 12 Range 1 (5 dice Kylo) + 5 from Swarm Leader That doesn't mean it is a good list
  3. I flew Glave+Preditor x2 Delta I basically got a focus, evade and 1 almost every turn. I liked the Glaves shooting later since I wanted them to use their focus on defense if they were going to need it and they are almost never 1-shotted. (the x7's are auto included so not listed)
  4. I just won black out, what's my prize?
  5. I agree so much, however, I do find discussions of the meta very useful especially as I prepare for tournaments. And Meta discussions and game state feed back discussions are like next door neighbors. I am not sure how we include the one, while shunting the other off into the subforums. To demonstrate the distinction: It is one thing to point out the Jumpmasters with Attanni Mindlink with unhinged astromech are really good how they are going to be a thing at your next tournament is a very different discussion than how Jumpmasters and Attannin Mindlink are broken and how they need to change and how my idea of how to do it is the right one.
  6. This is a really good list, but my starting point was the tacticians and slicer tools.
  7. The problem with the K-wing Bomber isn't that it is so good, but bombs are so much better for the K-wing than any other ship that Imperials and Scum can't play the bomb game. I think the fix for slam should be to give it to the TIE Bomber and or the Punisher.
  8. Ever since the Great Nerf I have been working on a list that I wanted to take to the next round of Store Championships. I had figured out that Stress was the counter to everything that had been nerfed, so I wanted to go with a stress list. This is what I came up with. Gand Findsman — G-1A Starfighter 25 Attanni Mindlink 1 Tactician 2 Black Market Slicer Tools 1 Ship Total: 29 Gand Findsman — G-1A Starfighter 25 Attanni Mindlink 1 Tactician 2 Black Market Slicer Tools 1 Ship Total: 29 Asajj Ventress — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft 37 Attanni Mindlink 1 Ketsu Onyo 1 Shadow Caster 3 Ship Total: 42 I was particularly proud of those Findsmen. I thought the ship looked cool, and have loved it since it came out. I thought it was perfect since it could carry Tactician and Black Market Slicer Tools. This list can seriously put a lot of stress on someone. I particularly liked using the tractor beam on Asajj to put enemy ships at range 2 of my Gands. I could seriously put on some stress, and then take advantage of it with my slicer tools. But after I played it more and my friend who I test my lists against got to know it, I found those Gands hard to fly. They don't have a great dial and they don't have any repositioning abilities. I started to look at what other ships could fit in their tactician role. I realized that a Contracted Scout cost exactly the same a Gand Findsman. For the added price of exactly zero points, you got one of the best (if not THE) dials in the game, an agility, a hull, a barrel-roll, and a 360 firing arc. You do lose one attack dice, bu come one. There is no way these two ships are balanced with each other. I was so proud of myself for coming up with a list that I felt could do well in (my local) meta while at the same time flying a ship that I literally had never seen at a tournament. Turns out there is a reason why Jumpmasters are so popular in the meta and have been part of the past two nerfs. I will keep looking, but in a game with point economies like X-wing has, good expendicutures of points are just good. I really think the Jumpmaster needs a whole new dial.
  9. It was my understanding that the DP-20 was slightly heavier armed than the CR-90, and the Hammerhead I'm guessing will be lighter than the CR-90. So while I'm not sure if we are going to see the DP-20, and small ships in general might be a little over crowded I wouldn't count the ship out all together. Remember FFG will hopefully be making ships for this game for years to come. But I don't expect it any time soon.
  10. Jar Jar, butt he's a ghost. You can take him as a crew upgrade and if Darth Vader in in play as a pilot or crew member that ship get's stressed every turn.
  11. I don't know how many times I have gotten on the FFG website today, just knowing I was going to get something cool for Armada posted. It's May the Fourth for Pete's sake. The only reason we haven't gotten any spoilers a week or two earlier is because they wanted to wait for this special day. But the Day is here. I am done waiting. And a Destiny article doesn't count. I don't play CCGs.
  12. Please not yet. I know it is inevitable, but I don't think it is really going to fix any problems. Then second edition will still have a meta and people will still find flaws in it. Second editins ions work better when you buy the models and the stats for the models separate.
  13. I just wanted to see an alternate art for Tycho, with Bruce Banner in the cockpit saying, "Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!"
  14. I have found Miranda is very vulnerable to stress. Especially if you can double stress her.
  15. Most unfunny thing for me is people complaining about he meta.