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  1. After looking the PG for the career abilities, I can see where this would be close to breaking the gameexpect the career abilities only add positives (except maybe the re-rolling of the dice pool and keeping the results from the gambler). I was seeing traits as small ways of detailing the character beyond just Reul's a gambler, for example. More like, Reul's an Atldorf streetwise orphan that uses his luck as a gambler. Using a misfortune/fortune die addition to certain die rolls (Reul's attitude and upbringing gets him into conflicts with nobility, but those less law-abiding citizens can sense a kindred spirit in Reul when he's looking for information.) to allow players feel that their choices beyond [race]+[career] add meaning to their characters actions. (Pathfinder traits add more to the flavor of the character with small bonuses to set die rolls; also allowing players to better describe their characters background {like Reul is an orphaned youth from Magnamar and gets a bonus it stealth checks in urban environments}. I feel characters in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay get more from play as with each experience point they gain an advance, whereas in Pathfinder characters have to wait until the experience meter turns over for the next level to gain meaningful bonuses or increase their skills.)
  2. All the .pdf insert says is "12 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay dice". Those with the Vault, can you say which 12 you've received?
  3. Hello. I'm just trying to get some feedback as to what other gamemasters think about using campaign traits a la Pathfinder. My gaming group has been playing Pathfinder for over a year and we all like how traits help customize our characters with small perks at the start of a campaign. Hopefully soon, we'll be moving into a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game, with myself as the GM. I was wondering if it would break the game if I were to write up traits in the same vein as Pathfinder traits? I was thinking originally of having the trait offer an expertise die bonus for some rolls and a misfortune die for another, diametrically different roll (e.g.: an expertise roll for sneaking in city streets, but a misfortune for social rolls against nobility to reflect a character's youth spent on the streets). I then thought that might break the game or lessen the uses of advances used to gain the expert die. Would just a bonus fortune die vs. a misfortune die be a better use of traits or am I over thinking it? Thanks for the input.
  4. For those that have received their copy: what number did you end up getting? Mine's 169.
  5. Hoogrr said: I would LOVE to see a Cadwallon based RPG system. I'll add my voice for a "Yes, please."
  6. I concur. FFG save these great lines. (Cadwallon: City of Thieves is a step in a good direction for this IPs. I just wouldn't want a AT-43 board game, I'd want my miniature war game intact.)
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