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  1. What happend to FFG?? in general.. regarding MCH, why the icon of this game had disappeared and it is not possible to add it to the top5 anymore?? extending this question, WHY do FFG use to ban some of their previous titles??.. (has the content been deleted or moved??) what a mess.. ( ..my apologies if this question has been already answered.. while I don;t follow some 'logic' of FFG and this page do miss some too, I don't dig here for infos enough.. Thanks for any replies. j.
  2. hmm..how weird that no one else is interested in this grand issue.. 'cause I really am!! (..and how comes there's no response, not a note, nothing from FFG.. ) I went through all topics in MCH, this is the only relevant thread, so I'll try to add my voice right here and hopefully some response would appear. Q: Light and dark wild tokens.. what's that all about please... I guess it's related to new rules about items/tokens in 'locked' expansions..is it possible to put out more please? many thanks!!
  3. Hi! I've heard only the best about this expansion.. even I do not own that yet, right today I'm going to try it with some friends. The tricky part is, that some of them didnt play WK before, so I'm not sure, if the full potential would be 'shown';) ..anyway, it's on my wishlist and BD is knocking;) must have it!! WK is at the moment my top game..
  4. Hello world.. ..following the topic I must say I'm a huge fan of this game..one of the best card-game I've ever had..and for sure it's in my top5 of all games, I still play that for couple of years, after massive amount of plays I just don't have enough..doesn't happen too much to me:D Also I gladly found this game just great in two players!! It's a bit more tactical, but still 'uncountable', funny and 'revengeful' ) ... (:I must admit I have never tried in full 5players..strange, isn't it? BTW, right these days CA came out in language mutation (of country, where I live now) and also in a new layout - new graphics/artwork from local artist ..BUT only in 'old' version (8 characters) with a 'promise of expansion'...that was kind of disappointment for me ..anyway I place a secret bet, that I'll just have to have it in a case of completion (I hope this post is not too large, it's my very first one..registered only today..and also my English is hopefully excusable HAHA Blessing spellchecker in this text editor! ...So U can put me on the list as numero uno fan! cheers!
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