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    Tisis got a reaction from Robin Graves in My players have pissed of the Eldar   
    Having no knowledge of this person, I went to 40k Wiki.  Here is my take on the items and its really just my thoughts. I am basing it on Eldar stuff in the RPG line but I dont have the books on me atm So here we go!
    Phoenix Armour - The legendary Phoenix Lords wear ancient, invaluable Aspect armour so finely wrought it is proof against almost any weapon. Best quality Aspect armour AP 9 All; Forceshield of 70 overload on 4 or less
    Mask of Jain Zar - The first and greatest of all Howling Banshee masks, this artefact has the power to turn its wearer's warcry into a devastating barrage that robs the mind of all those who hear it. Best quality Banshee Mask: as part of a charge action (or half action if not during a charge) All enemies within 5M suffer -20 WP test or count as surprised ( Ignores Rapid reaction Talent) and suffer 1 wound per degree of failure. This damage ignores armour and toughness  (environmentally sealed with auto senses gains +10 Wp vs the attack)
    Zhai Morenn - Known as the "Blade of Destruction" in the Eldar Lexicon, this long and elegant polearm was made in the distant past, yet retains much of its original power. It is amongst the most potent of blades to survive from the time of the Fall, yet it is light and easy to wield with blurring speed. Best quality Power Halbred Can be used 1 or 2 handed  
    1 handed: 1d10+7E; Pen 7 Powerfield, Balanced, Razor Sharp, Swift Death*
    2 Handed: 1d10+7E Pen 7 Powefield, Balanced, Razor Sharp, Proven 5, Swift Death*
       May make called shots with Weapon at no penalty
       *Swift Death: if the wielder succeeds on a weapon skill test with 3 or more degrees; the weapon gains the Felling (3) trait for all hits associated with the initial WS roll. 
    Jainas Mor - Known as "Silent Death" in the Eldar Lexicon, this triple-bladed throwing weapon possesses sharpened edges that were forged in the anti-flame of the Warp. Black fire licks around its keen surfaces as the Silent Death describes an elegant loop through the air, leaving decapitated bodies in its wake before returning to its mistress. Best Quality Power Chakrum 
    1d10+8E Pen -  Range 20M Powerfield, **Returning, Warp
       **Returning:On a successful Weapon/Ballistic skill test, the weapon returns to the thrower. This is negated if the opponent succeeds a parry maneuver with at least 5 degrees of success.
       Thrower may make an attack against all opponents equal to their perception bonus as a half action. Rolling to hit as normal against each opponent. This weapon ignores cover bonus AP. 
       This weapon may use the Weilders Weapon skill or Balistic skill to attack; whichever is higher
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    Tisis reacted to Kamikazzijoe in Beyond Broken Pc's   
    I did have a house rule in place that i called warp churn
    Every roll on the phenomenon table added +5 to future rolls in the area cumulative.  That really helped keeps the players from pushing too often even though mathematically it didn't do much.
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    Tisis reacted to Kamikazzijoe in Concept: Legendary Immortality   
    my player as a thousand son had the epic destiny of undoing the rubric.  It was going really well until he accidentally became a demon prince of slaneesh.
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    Tisis reacted to Robin Graves in Black Crusade Sector Generator Thread   
    Aw yeah Chaos Rockerboys!
    All of a sudden, there shined a slaaneshi demon... in the middle... of the road.
    And she said:
    "Play the best song in the world, or I'll eat your soul." (soul)
    Well me and Eidolon, we looked at each other,
    and we each said... "Okay."
    And we played the first thing that came to our heads,
    Just so happened to be,
    The Best Song in the warp, it was The Best Song in the warp.

    Look into my eyes and it's easy to see
    One and one make two, two and one make three,
    It was destiny.
    Once every hundred-thousand years or so,
    When the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow
    And the grass doth grow...

    Needless to say, the beast was stunned.
    Whip-crack went his Whoopy tail,
    And the beast was done.
    She asked us: "(snort) Be you angels?"
    And we said, "Nay. We are marines."
    Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh-ah-ah,
    Ohhh, whoah, ah-whoah-oh!

    This is not The Greatest Song in the warp, no.
    This is just a tribute.
    Couldn't remember The Greatest Song in the warp, no, no.
    This is a tribute, oh, to The Greatest Song in the warp,
    All right! It was The Greatest Song in the warp,
    All right! It was the best muthafuckin' song the greatest song in the world.
    [2-part skat]
    And the peculiar thing is this my friends:
    the song we sang on that fateful night it didn't actually sound
    anything like this song.
    This is just a tribute! You gotta believe it!
    And I wish you were there! Just a matter of opinion.
    Ah, ****! Good God, God lovin',
    So surprised to find you can't stop it.
    All right! All right!
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    Tisis reacted to SCKoNi in My players have pissed of the Eldar   
    Its the classic foolishness of the Eldar, they just don't get how good they got it sometimes. <Sigh>... well you know how it is cousin, entropy comes for all. They'll understand, don't you worry. <Gently pats on giant, heaving, pustule-covered shoulder>
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    Tisis reacted to Kamikazzijoe in My players have pissed of the Eldar   
    I would just go with whatever khorne lord you'd make, then subtract the frenzy and add in unnatural agility
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    Tisis reacted to AxeSpanna in Beyond Broken Pc's   
    Try "Sororitas Sanctified Smackdown"! Remembering that Pure Faith gives immunity to demonic presence, and Holy damage can't be regenerated, only healed naturally, also ignores demonic boost to TB. A squad of SoB seraphim, with a good mix of faith powers for mutual benefits plus damage buffs from Emperor's Wrath, backed by a horde of Frateris Milita or Redemptionist fanatics...
    Edit: Forgot to state the obvious, build them using DH:BoM !
    Edit2: Meant that demons can't regenerate/psychic heal Holy damage ...
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    Tisis reacted to Sgt Goon in Beyond Broken Pc's   
    I feel for you Tisis. 
    But rather than fighting fire with fire (i.e. meeting his OP character with OP enemies), I'd suggest a different tack. Don't look for solutions in the rules - look for solutions in the story. 
    Change the nature of play to make this nob's character useless. He might be a unstoppable min-maxed cheese tornado in combat; but I'll wager that's all he can do. Good. Spend a few sessions in roleplay-heavy non-combat. Engineer situations where your other players have a chance to shine. Engineer situations where the other players inadvertently screw with his powers/plans. 
    All of these things are possible. He will eventually either decide that:
    1. You suck as a GM. He's going to go join a game where he's allowed to indulge all of his powergaming, rules-lawyering dweebishness; or
    2. Yeah. OK. That character's kinda stupid. Maybe he'll tone it down a bit. 
    Both are wins. 
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