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  1. I never specified how many; just that Living Saints were aboard the vessel. Even then I was thinking around the whole Adeptus Sororitas cadre with Living Saints on board. The idea being that an entire squad, platoon, whatever would sacrifice themselves to protect the living embodiment of the Emperors essence. I was simply trying to come up with something special to have reason behind the power. IMO if a Gm is going to make a power item that is forged by the gods, you need to have an unique base to correlate its formation. Inspiration came from Relics like WorldBreaker, Father of Blades, Black Blade of Angron, Black Mace, Sword of St. Aquitaine ....etc All of these items can never be reproduced. Let alone the circumstances that brought them into existence. Worldbreaker was allegedly forged by the Emporer. Father of Blades is rumored to be created by Nurgle's birth as a god.The killing of living Saints is huge, and in all likely hood not really cannon; sure I can see that. Yes they are Uber rare but 40k is all about things that shouldn't be cannon, as cannon. Look at Kaldor Draigo....so much impossible stuff that he does that is made cannon. But without the unique circumstances, you get just another item that is impressive but is not reality changing. I added the info from one of the 40k wikis for you also. I checked Lexicanum, and I was pleased to see that they listed some living saints. Sorry if this comes off as me being a jerk/arrogant. Not my intent! Living Saints of the Adepta Sororitas"Living Saints are those members of the Adepta Sororitas who are said to be so holy in mind, body and spirit that they somehow manifest something of the power of the Emperor himself. Living Saints are not beatified after their death, but rather are spontaneous manifestations of the Emperor's grace. Living Saints literally glow with power, and even the least faithful will have no choice but to collapse to his knees in her presence. A Living Saint will usually, though not always, manifest, from among the ranks of the Adepta Sororitas, of whom are all strictly female. Typically, the manifestation of a Living Saint will presage some great endeavour, in which countless millions of the faithful take up arms in the name of the Emperor and truly extraordinary feats are performed. Sadly, the phenomenon is often short lived, for it appears that the Living Saints are beacons of faith that burn blindingly bright, yet tragically brief. Before her death however, a Living Saint will have changed the course of history for the better. Living Saints are of great interest to the Thorian faction of the Inquisition, who regard them as vessels of the Emperor's power in the model of Sebastian Thor himself. This also makes them a target for the enemies of the faction, who have on several occasions, sought to capture a Living Saint and dissect her in order to discover the source of her powers."
  2. I must admit I am in the same boat. My players in my current group just fizzled and I am pretty bummed about it. That being said, I am certainly interested in playing. I live in Minnesota so Central time zone. I've played all the 40k lines except DH2. Send me a message and we can figure something out!
  3. No problem.. I'm interested to know how the situation turns out! If you do write down stats, I'd love to see them. Also I forgot to include the bonus of +10 WS from best quality weapons, just in case you missed it too.
  4. In my game the Pcs' are getting to end game status. The point now is to obtain favour from all 4 dark gods to run a true black crusade. Each god has a different item if the pc's are successful in the venture. The Blood god would gift this Archaroths hand Sword One-Handed Melee Ranged S/-/- 1d10+6 R; Pen 5*;Felling 4, Hellish Balanced, Tainted, Devastating 5, Proven 3 30M 1d10+10E Pen 6; Disintegrate Unique Hellish: Weapon adds the wielder's strength bonus to penetration The Blade is immune to the effects of a power field. The Weapon also acts as a Null rod Null:Any psychic power which includes the wielder of this weapon as a target suffers an additional –30 penalty on the Focus Power Test. Disintegrate:after inflicting zealous hatred, opponent makes a toughness check with a penalty equal to 10X degrees of success on the attack or be blasted into a cloud of ash and be destroyed. A blade created from the greatest pits of violence, it is rumored that the blade was forged from the heat emanating from the lord of skulls hate and detestation. Formed from Brass from the Mighty throne and the ground up bones of several Imperial psyker saints sorta fluff: The sword was crafted from saints of imperial space that were captured during one of Abbadons Black Crusades. A small fleet of traitor legion abandoned his quest for their own path of glory, only to happen upon a small cruiser class The Bright Dawn. Aboard this vessel were living saints making a pilgrimage to bless and oversee the religious formation of a new shrine world. Many of these Saints were prominent psykers who were gifted in the ways of telepathy and divination. The legion set upon the cruiser with unimaginable fury, many worshipers of Kohrne sought to slay these living stains. Seeking salvation the Saints fought but when all hope was lost, they enacted a ritual to transport themselves and their retinue to safety. It is believed that Kohrne himself altered the end destination. Instead of arriving safe within the Imperium, they're were transported to the Daemon planet Crucible.
  5. In the Tome of Decay the section on Apothesis Starting on page 68. It covers the basic of how the fundamentals of the game change. You are apocalyptically powerful, your a rare sight even in the vortex. you are a herald and leader of your gods daemonic armies etc. Not super in depth but its helpful
  6. I agree. The book addresses that issue directly. Being a big bad creature of the warp you really limit your ability to RP with the other players. Your goals become different and mortals tend to be weak in comparison. The idea that your CP acts as a penalty to your Infamy is an interesting take.
  7. I am definitely going to use this!
  8. In the core book the also mention "A powerful and near immortal agent of the dark gods such as Kharne" at 140-149 infamy. just with how the game is made, it is easier to gain corruption just by "doing" what a character would do. Like the glorified acts; taking skulls of enemies, on the 7th one, you gain 1 Infamy and 2 CP. Unless you just hardcore it with the compacts and succeed a lot, your going to be a spawn. At least thats my take on the system. Coming back to RAW, I would think that Abbadon would be a chaos spawn by now; dude has run 13 black crusades...none of which have been That successful. He did gain a foothold in Imperial space on the 13th try though. In the grand scheme of things, unless they create more fluff saying that all of his 13 crusades were to do something minor that was successful and upon launching his 15th crusade all those minor things will factor together and will achieve the true hidden goal all along... That being said; perhaps a system where after reaching 100+ infamy, you no longer worry about your corruption score, so long as your infamy is marginally higher. Thoughts? Another Idea I had was saying that characters who gain 100 corruption do not instantly turn into a spawn. Instead, they gain new mutations from the core book, or maybe even the old Fantasy Warhammer rpg Tome of Corruption. using 1d000 mutations. Characters would test new mutations after every 10 CP past 100 and could not modify the roll based on infamy. In addition, they would lose 1d5 permanently to int, fel, or wp. Upon reaching 0 in a stat, they devolve into a spawn. I need to know how this unfolded. Too many Slanneshian advances?!
  9. So it dawned on me that BC really only has a few real endings. which is more to say then most of the 40K rpg lines; since they dont have end goals really laid out. This got me thinking; has anyone toyed with the idea of not making a character become a Daemon Prince or a chaos spawn? A new option could be along the line of becoming a legend within your own 40k cannon. A near immortal being whos patron God bestows immense power, wealth, influence. etc. I am talking about legends like Kharn the Betrayer, Fabious Bile, Lucious the Eternal, Abbadon the Despoiler, Ahriman...List goes on. Just curious if anyone else has toyed with this concept or if I am just going to write what I think would be balanced.
  10. He did the blade one also and yah... it would be warp, felling 5, Proven 6. It made most monsters a joke when combined with Echos of Malice( Using the correct version mind you)
  11. Having no knowledge of this person, I went to 40k Wiki. Here is my take on the items and its really just my thoughts. I am basing it on Eldar stuff in the RPG line but I dont have the books on me atm So here we go! Phoenix Armour - The legendary Phoenix Lords wear ancient, invaluable Aspect armour so finely wrought it is proof against almost any weapon.Best quality Aspect armour AP 9 All; Forceshield of 70 overload on 4 or less Mask of Jain Zar - The first and greatest of all Howling Banshee masks, this artefact has the power to turn its wearer's warcry into a devastating barrage that robs the mind of all those who hear it.Best quality Banshee Mask: as part of a charge action (or half action if not during a charge) All enemies within 5M suffer -20 WP test or count as surprised ( Ignores Rapid reaction Talent) and suffer 1 wound per degree of failure. This damage ignores armour and toughness (environmentally sealed with auto senses gains +10 Wp vs the attack) Zhai Morenn - Known as the "Blade of Destruction" in the Eldar Lexicon, this long and elegant polearm was made in the distant past, yet retains much of its original power. It is amongst the most potent of blades to survive from the time of the Fall, yet it is light and easy to wield with blurring speed.Best quality Power Halbred Can be used 1 or 2 handed 1 handed: 1d10+7E; Pen 7 Powerfield, Balanced, Razor Sharp, Swift Death* 2 Handed: 1d10+7E Pen 7 Powefield, Balanced, Razor Sharp, Proven 5, Swift Death* May make called shots with Weapon at no penalty *Swift Death: if the wielder succeeds on a weapon skill test with 3 or more degrees; the weapon gains the Felling (3) trait for all hits associated with the initial WS roll. Jainas Mor - Known as "Silent Death" in the Eldar Lexicon, this triple-bladed throwing weapon possesses sharpened edges that were forged in the anti-flame of the Warp. Black fire licks around its keen surfaces as the Silent Death describes an elegant loop through the air, leaving decapitated bodies in its wake before returning to its mistress.Best Quality Power Chakrum 1d10+8E Pen - Range 20M Powerfield, **Returning, Warp **Returning:On a successful Weapon/Ballistic skill test, the weapon returns to the thrower. This is negated if the opponent succeeds a parry maneuver with at least 5 degrees of success. Thrower may make an attack against all opponents equal to their perception bonus as a half action. Rolling to hit as normal against each opponent. This weapon ignores cover bonus AP. This weapon may use the Weilders Weapon skill or Balistic skill to attack; whichever is higher
  12. A big difference as stated is that it will never scale with the player. Crushing blow in theory could but that would be a gm rule. I'd personally say no since its a mechanical implant, not the characters innate ability to swing a sword in style. Starting out, that is an insane amount of damage but in all fairness, the Heretek would be very weak compared to a marine or even more so, a Warpsmith. Other players will eventually get items like chain fists which are probably the most powerful weapon IMO or the beloved Hellblade. Melta guns, Hellhammer lasgun etc. Let alone Daemon weapons or the accursed Legacy weapon. On that same note, he is a support character, meaning theyre not running into melee... at least they really shouldnt be. But still even if he is, he is only going to hit at most 2x. one for the normal attack and then a reaction for the claw. Killing 1 opponent is not a big deal. I have a player ( and this is pretty common) who is a CSM, who pushs the spell warp time and then sustains it all day. Meaning if he hits 1 opponent with lightening attack; they get struck 8 times. and 1d10+20 pen 6 force is next to impossible to survive. For this I've adopted minion rules like in Only war. They have 1 Wound and standard armour and toughness for their type. Meaning you can have a ton of them and not get bogged down like you do with hordes. just a thought.
  13. Heresy of the highest degree! Ultra heretical! As a devout sisters of battle player, there is no problem that cannot be solved with the use of more fire. If it hasn't gone away then you are not using enough of it and should add more. Fire solves all problems, period. Restistance (fire)- Terminator armor-mechanical assimilation and full nurgle allignedSee previous. Fire solves all problems, if not add more.Melta bombs, cyclone torpedos, supernova...all count as fire. We just need more of it. Do heretics burn better if you bless them first? ;-) Everything burns better when its blessed first
  14. Due to my work schedule, we haven't played in 2 weeks and its looking like it will be at least another week before we start up again. Losing a player due to his new hours at a second job and another player backed out on account of being an douchecanoe. So looks like it will be a while before I get to resolve anything. I've decded to take the story in a new direction; Pc's are all getting to start a new characters. Its the genetic engineering of one pc's ambition to create his own space marines, using the gene seeds from loyalists. It should be fun, taking a break from the absurd scale and bringing it back down to only slightly ridiculous for a while.
  15. Gotcha. Any particular reason why? I'm mostly just curious here. This came from many years ago when we played Dark Heresy. The bonus multiplier added to the DoS, although that system you needed 10 points over your roll to get 1 DoS! We started with that and moved through the product line keeping it. It just made more stats more viable outside of combat. Figure a CSM would add an additional 4 points of damage on a hit whereas a tech pries with Unnatural Intelligence 2 would only get +1Dos on a successful roll for tech use. Just didn't seem that worth while to have any unnatural stats that weren't combat oriented, although its not like you have to really earn those stats, can just requisition, infamy, acquisition test to get items. Oh Dark Heresy; buying items was so stupid but man did you feel like a badass when you could afford your big ticket item like a melta gun, or a best quality chain sword. "Yah I got a Godwynn Bolter, gonna mess some heretics up! but not too many...I only make 100 thrones a month so I can only fire half a clip...a month..." those were the days. Actually I think I will just give them the legendary Pc destroyers: Angry Marines Although the Lictor might be an issue for me! Excellent point, I'll be certain to play that out. Although I miss the original possession..you lose utter control of your character! Possession is ridiculous with TOD The Daemonic manifestations are well worth the sacrifice... realistically they would make for a disgusting melee character. Getting increases to Strength and toughness, additional damage in melee, dealing toxic damage or tainted..let alone felling and razor sharp. All tied to your corruption. Just sayin
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