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  1. Yes, it will. SOURCE: Sarah Booth - "Will the new expansion be compatible with the 1st edition?" Letters from Whitechapel - "Yes!"
  2. Tibs said: Well back to the topic at hand: Red Sign only works on monsters, not Ancient Ones (as they are not monsters). Besides, being able to strip away physical immunity from Shub would be way too powerful.Had this question today.
  3. So you can do both options when summoning the last figure of your Power on a region: 1- Place it in any region adjacent to the one just emptied by you; -OR- 2- Place it in any region adjacent to regions where you have figures or in regions where you have other figures (even if it's far away). New Questions: 1- Is this only applicable to when you remove the LAST of yout figures in an area, OR can you do this anytime you summon from the board? 2- When doing option 2 from above, do the regions have to make a "path" (be in touch with eacother) from the region being emptied to the region where you're about to put the figure? -Snak
  4. I didn't quite get it. That means I'm wrong, right?
  5. FifteenHours said: This also brings up my other question: If a player wishes to summon a unit that is already on the board to a different region, can that particular unit move only to regions adjacent to where that unit is, or to any region in or adjacent to other units of his? I would say the 2nd, but I'm not sure. I don't think being on the board affects the summoning rules. So you could move it to any region adjacent even though that reagion wasn't adjacent to the one where you had the figure you're summoning. Can anyone give a right answer?
  6. In my point of view: a) Even if you could win more movement points, your movement is over; b) you can. although, spend your extra movement points to use items such as tomes
  7. You're supposed to use it to add moves to your Investigator (move to extra areas around Arkham of maybe use some Tomes)
  8. Locutus Zero said: I've always played it that you can no longer move, but you still have movement points. This would mean tapping the motorcycle would give you movement points to use on tomes, or you could just use any left over movement on tombs after the combat (or before if you wanted). I'd love to have this confirmed though. This is exactly how I've always played. No more movement, but movement points remain. Don't know if they can be added later, though. Good question!
  9. Villain said: - Only new gates opening add Doom tokens (apart from a few Mythos cards).And Terror Level reaching 10
  10. So LiTaS is the answer, just like I would play it, and it makes sense. If something happened along the way, you wouldn't return to the other location, just because the card told you so. The exception would be if the card said, for example: "ignore any side effects if you fight a monster/get delayed, and always return to the location"
  11. KoalaOfDoom said: Maybe there's that stack of really devasting mythos cards just waiting.You bet there is!!
  12. weird situation, but I don't know the answer aswell
  13. exacly! Remember rush can only be used by goblin foot units, and it doesn't really affect green banner units, since they already move 2 hexes and battle. If you're rushing, you MUST attack the unit you're rushing into, that turn (except it it flees away and you can't reach it anymore). Just remember that when rushing, green/blue/red goblin foot units can move 2 hexes and have to attack.
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