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  1. The impression I got was that Unwerth was *possibly* descended from mixed Squat/human ancestry. He talks at one point about how his father or grandfather claimed they were descended from a race of diminutive abhumans, but that most modern Imperial scientists dismiss the very existence of the Squats. So, it's never out right stated that he is a Squat, he just might be descended from them.
  2. I might've mentioned it on here before, but Cordwainer Smith's "Instrumentality" / "The Rediscovery of Man" series seems to have had a lot of influence on 40k, directly or indirectly. We've got: dangerous faster than light travel populated by monstrous creatures, a secretive order of cyborgs willing to kill to protect their position in society, wide use of partially lobotomized cyber-slaves, an underclass of genetically impure humanoids, and finally the Instrumentality itself, a ruthless omnipresent organization that protects mankind's interests at all costs. The stories set just after the second dark age are particularly interesting and 40k ish, they might make good inspiration for how a world that has lost contact with the Imperium might look.
  3. Gurn


    On a similar topic, does anyone have any idea as to where I could find a good base for a female tech priest? Most of the GW models don't really seem suitable without heavy conversion.
  4. My Rogue Trader is an incompetent, galavanting moron. My gm convinced me to stop playing him as zany Darth Vader ( I was constantly threatening to execute half the crew, particularly when they managed to fail to detect Captain Fel's ship during the hunt for the Righteous Endeavor), so now he's just more on the zany side. He does still have a psychotic streak, given I had the npc who accidentally set us up for an ambush shot out the airlock, but most of the time he's too oblivious and incompetent to be a real menace. He's obsessed with his appearance, and looking glamorous while he does glamorous things. He's also surprisingly good at talking other people into ridiculous things, given his Fellowship of 60 and his intelligence in the 20's.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I did talk it over with my group, and they said they're more or less happy with what's been going on. I'm going to try and plan the next session a little better, as I realized not giving them a chance to scout out their opposition first (dudes in Carapace armor with bolt guns are a serious threat at any rank) was probably a major contributing factor to the two massive injuries the second time around. Now, on to my second question, which is related more specifically to my campaign: What do I do with the untouchable? At the end of last session, with 10 critical and a burned fate point, I had his barely alive carcass carted off to be turned over to the Culexus Temple. Now the problem here is that the player would like his character to return at some point, presumably when his new pc dies. Originally, I was going to just have the character go into semi-retirement as a noble family's retainer, but circumstances dictated it made more sense for him to be turned over to the Assassinorum. The problem here is that a Culexus assassin initiate would be horribly difficult to rp ("I stand in the room being horrifying. Ok, now I kill something. Now I stand there being horrifying"), and the character was slowly coming to the conclusion that he had to try and find a "cure" for his condition. I'm trying to come up with some possible plot threads to bring him back, and I'd like everyone's input on them, as well as any other suggestions you might have: 1) Bring him back as an assassin initiate, but have his mental conditioning slowly break down and his personality return. He gets oodles of insanity points, as well as a fear rating. I am operating off the assumption that most officio operative receive some degree of mind cleansing, in order to destroy personal biases and attachments. 2) Wacky fun involving cloning! The cell's partially revealed arch-nemesis is aligned with hereteks, chaos renegades, the Phaenonites themselves and worse. Hoping to harness the pariah gene for his own nefarious experimentation, the nemesis captures the untouchable's body before it can be turned over to the Assassins. He then proceeds to clone and experiment with pariah tissue, hoping to uncover exactly what makes a psychic negative on the genetic level. Later on, the cell discovers a farmer on a backwater world who looks exactly like their old associate, but lacks any memory of them, as well as the horrific aura he used to possess. Eventually, his memories start returning, but the big reveal would be that he is a clone, while the original has gone to a darker fate....or maybe he is the original. 3) Have the badly injured untouchable escape after a botched attempt to rescue him. Horrifically scarred, he crash lands on an agriworld, and survives miraculously in the wilderness, eventually meeting the cell again through a twist of fate. What do you think? Which one should I go with? As you might be able to tell, I'm inclined towards the middle one, but I'm apprehensive about switching a player's character on him.
  6. Kadri and Havelocke, kindly stay out of this thread. Or I'll kill you. Again. I'm going to give the background of my question first, those of you not interested in the specifics of my campaign can skip to my question at the end. I've been running Dark Heresy for about a year, though my sessions have been pretty infrequent with school/work/one player living on the opposite coast of the country. Until recently, I haven't killed a single pc, I hadn't even managed to cause more than a point or two of critical until the session before last, nor was a single point of fate burned. The only fatality we had was the resident evil-insane psyker going Daemonhost, which I had hoped would be a crazy hard boss fight, but he was dead within two rounds of his arrival. The cell consists of an untouchable metallican gunslinger, a forge-world assassin, an intellectual, combat-ineffective tech priest, a feral world guardsman/mutant, and a schola progenia arbitrator, all around 4,000 xp. Most of the gunfights I sent against the pcs were quick, bloody affairs, with the Metallican gunslinger and sniper-assassin blowing away all opposition in under half a minute. That all changed recently. After a fight with a Goleph in a sewer complex, the gunslinger was at something like 7 critical. They killed the Goleph, most definitely, but had to abandon their larger investigation to help the gunslinger. Then, last session I had 3 fate point burnings in rapid succession. First, the pcs were breaking into the private shuttle of an Interrogator aligned with another Inquisitor. I had two bolter-armed Oathsworn body guards stationed there, one of whom managed to nastily frag the feral-world guardsman before buying it. The Feral worlder had to burn a fate point to survive, though since he's also a necrophage he was back on his feet fairly quickly. Then, the group wound up in a fight with 5 Oathsworn, plus a sollex-energy blade wielding noble. They managed to injure or incapacitate most of the Oathsworn fairly quickly, but then three pcs decided to gang up on the noble. Once they had slaughtered him, one of the Oathsworn fired a burst at them... killing all but one. Everyone burned fate points to avoid actual death, and some npc deus-ex-machina later all of the remaining baddies are dead. While the forgeworld assassin has been cyber-resurrected, the untouchable gunslinger is basically out of it. His body has been torn apart twice in a row now, and I've officially had his barely living carcass turned over to the Assassinorum, to see if they can salvage him/turn him into a culexus assassin. While the player who was running the gunslinger is happy to switch to a pc who can actually talk to people, he has expressed the desire to get his old character back at some point in the future, which will be kind of impossible if he does become a full-blown culexus assassin. I've got a few outs (his body being stolen by the heretek they've been trying to track down, wackiness involving clones and mind-cleansing, all sorts of other stuff), but currently I'm a little worried by how often I've been slaughtering pcs. Basically, this is a very long winded post asking for advice on how to kill characters properly. When is it inappropriate to kill a pc? When is it inappropriate to let them live? Should pc deaths always be something worked out before hand? What's your take?
  7. @OP: While the Machinator Array is one of the main attractions of becoming a Secutor, it is by no means the only benefit of becoming one. Cheap and wide ranging weapons training is a huge bonus, not to mention the fun fluff of being a Secutor and the doors it opens. The only real problem is that depending on the rank at which you become Secutor, you can miss out on some awesome talents (Maglev Grace). So, really, it's entirely possible to become a Secutor without going all the way to being a walking weapons platform. @amertes: Generally speaking, where Tech Priests dominate is high technology, mundane repairs can be handled by ordinary technicians. Anything big and complicated, like a factory complex, star ship, advanced weapons manufactorium, large data vault etc, will have at least a small team of Tech Priest overseeing things. I also see them as being common fixtures of star ports and any sort of place that involves orbit-surface shipping, or just where a lot of loading servitors might be used. Gun smiths, auto-mechanics and the like probably have some form of mild tech priest sanctioning (probably no more than a stamp on some papers and a stern talking to about not trying to build a nuclear reactor in their back yard) but oversight wouldn't be too intense on most worlds.
  8. Personally, I absolutely loved it. It's an excellent book with some fantastic plot hooks, particularly the details on the Phaenonites, good art, and fun equipment for both PCs and villains. My only real issues with it are that I had already basically given my party a lot of the things detailed in the more mundane sections of the equipment part of the book, the lack of the saboteur career, and the fact that most of the alternate ranks are just ways to get sorcery. On the other hand, all of the alternate ranks are very, very flavorful (Mortiurge, Sin-Eaters and Maletek Stalkers are my favorites), and make for very fun ways to differentiate your PCs from the crowd.
  9. Gurn


    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I've been looking through my copy of the Radical's Handbook and found that on page 41, in the box that summarizes alternate career ranks, something called a "Saboteur" is listed. However, I can't find any other descriptions of what this alternate rank is. Was it left out? Cleverly hidden so that only the true disciples of Chaos can find it? Or am I just missing something?
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