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  1. “And last, the gold of Winterfell.” From the third chest came yellow turnips, round and hard and big as a man’s head. They landed amidst the pebbles and the pinecones. Asha stabbed one with her dirk. “Harmund Sharp,” she shouted, “your son Harrag died at Winterfell, for this.” She pulled the turnip off her blade and tossed it to him. “You have other sons, I think. If you’d trade their lives for turnips, shout my nuncle’s name!” .
  2. Appears to be Asha and her turnip from the Queensmoot.
  3. There is currently a very good interview with a Producer from FFG of AGoT: The Board Game 2nd Edition and Designer of the ADWD Variant Jason Walden up at The Podcast of Ice and Fire. http://podcastoficeandfire.com/
  4. Fair enough. Thanks for the response.
  5. Very well written and thoughtful review Von Falkenheyn. I especially like that you admit you are uncertain as to how some elements will eventually end up as pros or cons. To much certitude from people who have not played the game at all or not enough to draw meaningful conclusions yet. One question. If the game did not have the Battlelore logo on it, do you think that FFG would be open to criticism for having pushed out a new version of Battlelore without acknowledging that this game draws heavily on Battlelore? It seems to me they are "damned if they do and damned if they don't" here. I will be picking the game up soon and share the same apprehensions as you regarding the miniatures/bases and future expansions.
  6. Just text. Patchface is ( I believe) the only card to specify Strength, Text and Icons.
  7. I appreciate the response and do not necessarily disagree but why is "Immediately" used on some House Cards if not to differentiate that text from other House Cards?
  8. Sorry if I missed this somewhere but, does "Immeadiately" (eg. The Reader ACoK) come: before, in Fiefdoms order or after "Ignore" (eg. The Blackfish ACoK). Thanks!
  9. Can ships support other ships in an adjacent sea area? If so can you point me to where this is stated in the rules/faq. Example: Baratheon has a ship with a Support+1 in Blackwater Bay. Can this ship be used to support Baratheon ships in Shipbreaker Bay if they are attacked? Thanks!
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