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  1. Out of interest what is the cost including shipping to the uk ? My flgs has them in for around £7 which is about what the uk online retailers have them for. Is it much of a saving?
  2. Tomba said: Just picked up my copy from my FLGS in Newcastle (UK) today. First impressions: very nice. Anybody want to know anything? I've go to go out in a few minutes but I'll be back later and will try to answer any queries folks have, if any. Tomba which store did you hit FP or TM? ><
  3. theres a great discussion/post on this over at bgg http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/643193/thoughts-on-the-need-of-buying-multiple-copies-of
  4. ffgfan said: Esdevium Games - European distributor of FFG games has just made the list of released titles for the next week that they will be sending to stores. And LOTR LCG ist there, so there's hope that I will have it before Easter. I will keep my fingers crossed for that, I wish to spend Easter with this game in my hands. http://www.esdeviumgames.com/wp-content/uploads/Esdevium-New-Releases-18th-April.pdf page 2
  5. uk release confirmed w/c 18th www.esdevium.com rest of europe should be close too - whoop
  6. k7e9 said: On the back of the box it says that there should be 4 wound cards, I only have 3 - Fade to Black 2, 3 and 4 - I'm guessing that I'm missing Fade to Black 1 (or maybe 5?). Is this correct? Me too - uk based here anyone had a response from ffg?
  7. think it may be just the creature guide and vaul for me at the mo with xmas so close hopefully someone will do a comparison on the players and GMs guides vs the other books to see if they're worth picking up
  8. esdevium are the main distributer in the uk. In 3 years I have yet to see them wrong. Suprised no announcement on the main page tbh
  9. title says all cant wait to see some reviews on these source http://www.esdeviumgames.com/newreleasesheets/December6th2010web.pdf Don
  10. we use 2 piles- players choice which you draw from.
  11. 42! said: The Acrobatic Strike action card (from the toolkit) has a 2 boon effect on the conservative side that allows the character to disarm his foe. The action is based on Coordination and has 2 misfortune dice. Not sure how it'd handle it as a "perform a stunt" action as you never want it to be too easy for players to disarm (or be disarmed) as that quickly becomes the primary tactic then. I dont have the card to hand but is it vs target defence? I would suggest an opposed roll instead for the stunt. Perhaps agility (co-ordination) roll vs. Strength (WS) roll. That puts the base difficulty up to 2 purple dice where the foe has the same strength, (or 3 if the foe has higher) which makes it more difficult , plus black dice for specialisation or skill in WS.
  12. I've ran the first adventure last week and we're about half way through. The first session was relatively simple and I used everything from the TOA. I will however be dropping the henchmen rules. Tomorrow sees the second half and perhaps some of Borganhafen. The back half of the adventure is mostly "soldier" types from the TOA. Rather then use carbon cut outs Im going to try the guidelines above. I've copied the pages I need from the adventure and marked up the stats (tweaking as necessary). Generally I'm keeping ST and T the same but using WS as a guideline as to whether i should put in yellow/ white dice. For the "named" NPCs I ve also selected a few actions cards to try to liven things up. For the bar fight I've given him improved dodge and one of the unarmed moves (dont have the cards to hand but its "you punch, kick headbutt etc). For the final fight I've decided to gear the main NPC to more of a range attacker given the boat and our melee heavy group. I've given him the "knockback Shot" card for some added fun on the boat (one of the Players made the mistake of saying his PC was invincible last session - so will have to nip a bud in that line of thinking - this is WFRP after all) Should prove interesting.
  13. or as its known in england "English" lol
  14. me too! Dwarf pit fighter (regrettably as 2D as they come) Human Messenger
  15. Ran our first session last night and have a few questions re npcs. As I understand it henchmen are divided into groups the same size as the players, with wounds equal to T*number in group. They gain a bonus fortune dice to hits equal to the number of them in the group. I'm running a very small game with two players. One is playing a pit fighter (str5, greataxe wielding combat monster who seems to deal and average of 14+ damage pre soak) and the other is playing a messenger (pretty balanced). Last night I threw two packs of henchmen each of 2 mutants at them: Is it correct that both packs share the same pool of A/C/E regardless of the numbers and the amount is what is liisted in the monster entry. This seems pretty weak. The pitfighter dispatched his "pack" in one swing and even the messenger, who has little by way of combat manouvres, cut through them like they are paper. Is there something I am missing? It just seems waaaaay to easy to chew through henchmen (which i suppose is the point but takes away the gritty nature of combat and makes it more high fantasy???) . Should i be increasing the numbers of them or using them as individual combatants with their full wound quota? I also understand that they all share the same pool of active defences (dodge parry etc) and special attack actions. Is this correct or is it each "pack" of henchmen has it's own pool of moves. If not should i be removing one recharge token per pack? I'm trying to keep combat as gritty as possible and its likely I have misunderstood something in the rules so any clarficiation would be appreciated. Failing that advice would also be welcomed. Thanks in advance Don
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